Onward VR PS4 – Experience Virtual Warfare

If you list the most prominent FPS titles in VR, the onward VR PS4 will gain any position in the top 3 list.

It is a tactical multiplayer FPS game that is designed to be played for head-mounted VR displays.

With many features such as limited respawns, no HUDs, changing weather effects, multiple environments, no crosshairs, and many more, a gamer will immerse himself/herself in a firefight.

In this article, we will discuss everything that a gamer needs to know about the game Onward VR PS4.

Onward VR PS4 Gameplay

Onward VR PS4 Gameplay

The developer puts all their efforts into making it one of the best VR games in the world. With its excellent gameplay, the game already gained much popularity among many gamers.

The game really immerses the nails.

A player needs to do many things to survive in this game. A gamer has to crawl down with his/her team into a dense jungle environment, horizon scanning, and strain their eyes looking for any movement in the jungle.

You will feel like the virtual world is perceptible, and guns will give you a feeling that they are genuine and authentic. This game will give you an immersive all-rounder experience.

The game based on the world war 2 era will provide a truly unique to the community, but they should wait for the VR base to expand.

Like other FPS games, the Onward VR PS4 is a bit different because you don’t need to point and shoot here. The VR gamer needs to operate a handgun and a rifle. Using a motion controller, you have to control the game.

You may find the game hard since it forces you to notice the gun’s optical sights; it is much more robust because both your hands are floating up in space. Using a magnified optic is also a challenging part of this game. That is why many Onward VR PS4 gamers use purpose-built rigs to mount their controllers on fundamentally mock rifles with variable buttstocks.

The game has 30 different weapons in its arsenal. With the help of these weapons, you will be able to battle easily with enemies and survive in the game. Moreover, it is a tactical game, too, where you must understand your enemies’ tactics to kill them effortlessly.

To be the best player in the Onward VR PS4, you have no choice except to practice before starting the game, practicing with the weapon, and building up muscle to win intense situations.

You will need to know how fast you can change your weapon’s magazine. If you take much time to alter the magazine during a fire, you will surely be a dead man.

Another best thing in this game is – teamwork. This is the thing that will assist you in winning any battle. The fact is, without teamwork and great tactics, you can’t win anything. Don’t forget to read another article Pavlov VR Oculus Quest

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is Onward VR?

Answer: Onward is one of the best Mil-Sim paced tactical multiplayer shooters, developed and published for virtual reality head-mounted displays. Players must accomplish objectives by coordinating, communicating, and using marksmanship skills in online infantry combat.

Question: What is better, Pavlov or Onward?

Answer: Picking the “better” is not the question. Both games are unique from one another and better than other shooting games.

It just relies on what you’re searching for in a shooter.
Onward will give you a more realistic feeling while playing the game and is more of a war simulation game.

On the other hand, Pavlov is best for looking for fast/intense gameplay. In this game, the gamer will need to be more tactical.

Question: How can I purchase onward?

Answer: Onward is now available in online retailers like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and iTunes. You have to pay $19.99 to purchase the onward. The free Disney+ trial also gives you enough time to cancel after watching Onward.

Question: Can I have some game list that will give me experience like onward?

Answer: Find the short description below of a few games similar to Onward. And you will get the same feeling while playing these games.

Eve: Valkyrie

It is one of the first virtual multiplayer games to grace the oculus rift platform. The server of the game supports cross-platform play. Once you start playing the Eve: Valkyrie game, you can play with the other four platforms player.

Eagle Flight

The publisher and developer of this game are Ubisoft. It is a first-person flight simulation dogfight game. But you must perform as a bird of prey instead of a flying fighter jet or spacecraft. This game is in the Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, and HTC Vive.

Werewolves Within

The gameplay of this game is straightforward. Werewolves are terrorizing a village, and the responsibility of the citizens is to find out the innocent and the guilty persons. Also, every character plays different roles, like The Watcher, The Gossip, The Werewolf, etc., and they have unique skills and knowledge.

Pavlov VS Onward – A VR FPS Comparison


Onward VR PS4 is a great game that will give you much fun, and you will be more tactical than before while doing any task. Games assist us in refreshing our minds, helping us to make fun, and release relief from life.

Play the game with your friends and spend quality time.

Thanks for reading this article.

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