Pavlov VR is Available in Oculus Quest

According to the developer, David Villa’s Twitter status on 22 May 2019, Pavlov VR is going to be available in Oculus Quest by the end of 2019. In continuation of his status, it is now available for Quest owners to sideload onto their headsets.

Although many Pavlov VR users are excited about that news, unfortunately, until now, they don’t know how to install the game.

This article will give you a clear idea of the term Pavlov VR Oculus Quest and answer other necessary questions. Also, in the end, you will get a guide for new players.

So without making a delay, let’s get to work.

What is Pavlov VR Oculus Quest

What is Pavlov VR Oculus Quest?

As you may know, whenever the discussion comes about as a first-person multiplayer shooter, Pavlov VR receives the highest attention. The game is free in the Oculus Quest. Currently, it is available in the Oculus quest store.

The quest version of the game is Pavlov Shack. Initially, it was known as Pavlov Lite. However, it was supposed to release in December 2019. But due to some unavoidable reasons, the delivery date pushed back to early 2020.

Until now, the download link for the game is available on Google. However, now it has been made more comfortable with making the game available directly through SideQuest.

Are you familiar with Pavlov VR SideQuest and Side Loading? Also, looking to download the game by yourself? Well, no worries, since I will cover everything about the game in this article.


There are a few specific reasons behind the popularity of the game.

  • The gunplay is fantastic.
  • Different types of game modes are available.
  • Committed servers.
  • Unique and definite gun design.
  • Vast and always dynamic online community.

Installation Process of Pavlov VR on Oculus Quest

The installation process is pretty straightforward.

  • Setup Side Quest.
  • Download Pavlov VR through Side Quest.
  • Enjoy Pavlov VR on Oculus Quest.

That is the installation process of Pavlov VR on Oculus Quest. Isn’t it simple?

No doubt playing the game will be a great experience. However, compared to the PC version, the quest version is downgraded. Side Quest is compatible to work with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

While playing the games, you will feel the effects of firearms as they are in your perception, which brings about the activity of weapons that are harmful to you. See the fear of shooting your shot to play through the many game modes that Pavlov VR offers. Playing games with a VR will give you a completely different experience compared to playing shooter games on PC or PlayStation.

In VR, you can count the bullets, whereas playing on a PC or console will not give you the feeling of adrenaline flowing to your heart. We feel that the intensity and the adrenaline turning yourself around, feeling the adrenaline rush when the arms start to discharge, is something you need to face on your own.

A variety of game modes, practice mode to hone your skill, bots, a server that is devoted are all the features of Pavlov VR.

A Guide for New Player

Pavlov VR Oculus Quest a guide for new player

You will find a few cheat codes of Pavlov VR in this section. This section is especially for new players.

  • First of all, the most important thing is to download Subscribed Maps in the Pavlov VR. Generally, while playing the game, it downloads necessary map files during a gaming session. This way, a lot of time is taking, which is a waste of time. So, if you download the subscribed map, you can undoubtedly save time. However, the Subscribed Map file is big, 6 – 7GB. But don’t you think saving time is much more essential than downloading a big file?
  • The second most important thing is practicing gripping, shooting, reloading, throwing, and gripping with 2 hands and un-gripping weapons. The practice is a must before starting the game because you will not get much time to practice it. Also, practice for aiming and reloading is similarly essential. Are you thinking, why did I say “most important?” It is because to avoid confusion about throwing a grenade or smokes or flashbangs during a gaming session. As a result, you can enjoy the zest of the game.
  • All weapons don’t get reloaded following a similar procedure. Such as, while reloading the P90 gun, you will need to pull out the magazine manually, and then a new magazine can be added. Also, some weapons are available that you will need to reload one shell at a time. Such types of weapons are AK74U, Kar98. On the other hand, the M249 requires a 5 step reloading process:
      1. An opening cover placed at the top,
      2. Replacing ammo box
      3. Pulling the ammo belt from the box to the middle of the gun (make sure it stays in place)
      4. A closing cover placed at the top
      5. Load the weapon (placed on the right-hand side).
  • Don’t worry if you run out of Ammo in close combat. Look at the right hip area, you will find a spare pistol there. Additionally, some game modes are available where you need to start your mission with a pathetic weapon. Moreover, don’t forget that you do dual-wield. This is a killing procedure of scavenging a new gun since reloading weapons may take much time. Once you receive a new weapon, your bell will adjust to the firearm in your hand without losing much time and provide you with the right mag/ammo.

These cheat codes are much useful in Pavlov VR. Following these codes, you can save time during a gaming session. Also, your contenders will surprise with your performance for sure.

Pavlov VR Belong on Oculus Quest

Last Words

Many gamers were eagerly waiting for the announcement of the Pavlov VR Oculus Quest, and once they got the announcement, they became the happiest person in the world for that time.

However, make sure to do practice before starting the game. As a result, you will be able to complete all the challenges that come in the game.

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