VR Games for Android Without Controller – 5 Fun-To-Try

To have the most fun out of it, there’s no denial of the fact that additional hardware such as controllers and headsets make a huge difference when it comes to VR gaming. Surely VR games for android with a controller gives you another level of adventure. However today, there has been a lot of innovation thanks to Daydream and Good Cardboard’s entry. And so, you can enjoy the fun with only the headset.

Yes, of course, you will miss some part of interactivity lacking in this way. However, it surely provides enough thrill for sessions even without that little lacking.

So, today, let’s talk about your options available when you want to try VR games for android without a controller. Let’s Go!

More About VR Games for Android Without Controller.

There are plenty of choices, to be honest. But let’s keep the popular ones on this list. Here are 5 games you must try!

VR Street Jump – Back to The Childhood Days of Frogger!

The first game to try using a VR headset without a controller is this finest Frogger-style one. It’s about going through the traffic using head movements. Once you get hit, the game goes back to its reset form. And you’ll play the level again.

Frogger was a pretty simple game. But the VR street is different from a mission that could feel jarring. Since you need to focus on pitch-perfect movement.

It is also known to be a bit scarier than the 2d counterpart. Why? Because the realism is too on point to not panic. Make sure to use a good-quality VR headset. HTC Vive is a good option. Or you can try Oculus. These are good to play with button presses. Since there are movements involved.

Snow Strike – Snow Fight Without Snow!

If you don’t want to try android VR games with controller support, then Snow Strike can be an option too. All you need is an Android or Oculus. I know how sometimes living in a warm climate triggers that sudden wish of playing with snow. It might not be happening in reality but you can always calm yourself down by giving half experience. There’s no need for any controller, just pure excitement.

You have your own tower in the game that needs defending. Enemies are trying hard to put your castle down and you fight back to protect it. Sounds fun right? Also, there’s a 180-degree view that makes the fun double. Simply move your head around, locate the enemies, and press that one button to shoot them all. Dodging incoming attacks is also required.

Darknet – Become an Imaginary Virtual Hiker Without Messing with Law!

Mr. Robot has many fanatics wanting to spend the cool side of Elliot Anderson but then messing with the law is not an option. If you fall into the category, then this game is a must-try for you. With savors of cyberpunk movies, it makes an intuitive puzzle-like game mood that feels so right.

You aim to go after various websites by infiltrating them using viruses and worms. Your goal is to get some data stolen and that too by tricking the eyes of authorities. The timed game counts every second to decide your victory.

A headset with buttons is all you need to play this amazing game. The buttons will help to interact with hacking notes and other items. Android, Oculus, PC (Steam), and PlayStation have the game on and you can find the right billing platform without any trouble. You are also looking for the best virtual reality stocks.

VR X-Racer – The Closer to Real Racing Mood!

Playing on Xbox One and VR PS4 has become boring for many racing fanatics. And so, they need something even more real feel to get the right fun. Well, the VR X-Racer is all you need to get covered. It certainly isn’t the finest graphics pick such as Need for Speed. But it surely gives an aesthetic 3D layered visual fun.

You are facing off several Al-driven cars that are usually very challenging and competitive. The intensity surely makes a racer go wild on this game. You also have some general items on the map that will keep your attention grabbed.

It needs the head tilting movement to control your car. And the maneuvering is super simple in most directions. You can simply pull your head back whenever there’s a need for pressing brake. Don’t forget to check our other content about Oculus Tray Tool.

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VR Racer Highway Traffic 360 – The Illegal Street Racing Without Ending Up in Jail!

Just because street racing is illegal in your area, keeping your desires locked upon does not need to be necessary these days. Especially when you have a wholesome game like BR Racer Highway Traffic 60 waiting for you.

Your phone and a Virtual Reality  (VR) headset are all you need. And then choose your favorite car from the huge variety available upgrading various items is also an option. You grab them during the gameplay.

There are no disturbing frame drops or technical issues. It’s popular for being absolutely polished as a VR game. With that reputation, you also get the chance to use only the gyro of your phone. This means there’s no need to depend on buttons.

Usually, the controls are accurate and easy. Menu navigation is also super simple. Just look at the right side and hold for a few seconds. And the menu item will get highlighted after a while.


And these were my 5 picks on VR games for android without a controller that you can have a lot of fun playing. Maybe the fun won’t be as thrilling as using a nice controller. But that does not mean you should sit back only because there’s a situation to hold you from buying a VR controller.

You can always have fun with what’s available. And so, well done taking the time for searching on this topic. See You Soon on Some Other Matter!

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