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If you are a game lover, you have heard about Pavlov VR. However, if you are unfamiliar with Pavlov VR, no worries; this article will cover video game information about Pavlov VR.

It is an Action-adventure based multi-player video game that emphasizes virtual reality elements. Davevillz is the person who developed and published this Pavlov VR game for Microsoft Windows.

In this article, we will discuss a few games compatible with different gaming consoles, and you will get a similar experience as Pavlov VR ps4.

So, without making a delay, let’s go to the discussion.

Top 10 Games Like Pavlov VR PS4

The Pavlov VR game takes place in a detailed environment, and a player needs to perform as a protagonist who is a soldier who aims to remove terrorists from the world to save the inhabitants. In this game, a shooter must show his/her skill in handling different weapons to kill the terrorists.

A few features like voice chat options with other players during the gameplay, excellent graphics, and many other features increased the popularity of this game among many game lovers.

Find below 4 games that will give you a similar shooting experience that a Pavlov VR can provide.

1. Human Element

It is a first-person shooting game that got released for different gaming platforms. Robotoski is the developer of this game. Human Element is available in multi-player game mode, and the gameplay is exclusively exciting.

The focal point of the game is the survivors instead of the zombies. The game starts after 35 years of a zombie apocalypse. While creating the avatar, a gamer can pick 3 attributes: class, persona, and identity. Identification choices are offered to single adults, and a player can choose the difficulty level as per the gamer’s requirement. Simultaneously, the class provides actions, stealth, and intelligence, each with different characteristics. And Persona attributes the gender and race of the gamer.

Once you finish creating the avatar from a first-person perspective, the gamer will discover the environment, face other players in the game, and battle against enemies to earn points.

A noticeable environment like Open Environment, First-person Action, Multiple Character Classes, and more are available in the Human Element game.

Install the game on your gaming console and enjoy it with your friends.

2. Arizona Sunshine

The best thing about the Arizona Sunshine game is – it is a multiplayer and single-player first-shooter video game. Vertigo Games develops and publishes the game compatible with different gaming consoles.

The gamer will start to play the game during the zombie apocalypse, and using a motion controller; the gamer needs to play the game. To explore the virtual firearms, interacting with the player and environment inventory is all you need to do with the motion controller. The gamer will carry 2 weapons in each hand, and another 2 will be in the holstered positions. It offers a campaign that allows players to navigate the environment to find the tools they need to move forward.

The game is available in 2 different modes – Easy and Hard. In the Hard mode, the player needs to survive fighting against many zombies. And the great thing is a gamer can play both modes in multiplayer and single-player mode.

Real-life Weapon Handling, Campaign, Free Exploration, Co-op Multiplayer, VR Realism, and more are all prominent features of Arizona Sunshine.

3. Gun Club VR

The developer and publisher of the Gun Club VR game are The Binary Mill. The game is developed for PC only and is a single-player shooter game.

The game environment is 3D-based, where you will get whole real-world experience in the challenges you should be able to overcome. The game comes with a gun customization feature, allowing you to modify the weapon’s appearance to make the weapon much more robust against your targets. You will earn points once you destroy your enemies. Also, the game has a wide range of weapon collections, from pistols to sniper rifles.

Your shooting ability will be tested in this game with many challenging levels. After accomplishing one level, advanced levels will be explored. Unparalleled Realism, Massive Weapon Variety, Upgrades and Customization, and more are all impressive features of the Gun Club Virtual Reality.

If you want a game that can enhance your aiming skills, look no further, and choose the Gun Cub VR.

4. Earth-fall

Action, adventure, suspense – these 3 words will go perfectly with the Earth-fall game. It is a single-player and multiplayer game published and developed by Holospark. Don’t worry if you own a PC because this game is designed for all gaming consoles.

The gamer has to play as a commander in this game who has to lead a team to save humanity. And he and his team have to fight a terrorist group that has invaded the world and is doing cruel things.

This shoot-em-up game will test your nerve because the terrorist group will try to destroy your whole team following different methods, and your responsibility is to save your team members. The team is a combination of 4 players, and they own different unique techniques.

Aliens and violent masters play for the enemy side, and limitless shooting is insufficient to survive. So, you have to be tactical enough if you want to survive in this game. The best feature of the game is that you can reply to the game for unlimited time to enhance your skill.

Games like pavlov vr ps4- VR immersion 101


If you want an experience like the Pavlov VR PS4, you can choose any 1 game from the above-listed games. All these games come with great graphics, features, and adventures that will give you a suspenseful experience on every screen.

Enjoy your gaming period with these games, and have fun!

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