Oculus Tray Tool – Configuring Computer Setting

Till now, the appeal of Oculus Rift is not yet reduced. You need to be at least a little aware of the top-end PC requirements and software still technically in beta.

However, in this article, we will discuss the Oculus Tray Tool.

What is the Oculus Tray Tool?

In recent times, the Oculus tray tool has become a part of Oculus Rift VR Headset Technology. It is a headset that contains computer components in cases you don’t know are advanced developments in technologies such as PC and PlayStation consoles. It a very fast and physically compact but does something different technology has been created.

The Oculus Tray tool probably means a visual display similar to the Microsoft Windows icons; at this point, the viewing screen will appear in a tray size.

Virtual Reality is an advancement of earlier technologies like – force-feedback joystick, click-controllers, toys of a video game, and the tray tool device probably resembles a unique (more updated type of thing) function associated with similar clicks, tools, etc. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset comes with.

VR usually means you can use specific games, demos, and environments, etc. but not always purchased at extra cost, which is downloaded or entered into the device (depending on how the method works) to create a specific visual experience, features like music and games only work when you are wearing the headset.

While wearing a VR, your body stays in the physical world, and if you are not careful, you can throw things.

The responsibility of the Oculus Tray Tool is to make your rift perform better.

Configuring Computer Setting to Get the Benefits of Oculus Tray Tool

Oculus Tray Tool

Since the Advanced Rifters have been released, they are tweaking, from driver fixes to hacking and upgrading the graphics. But most of this stuff still needs to work with confusing developer tools. Reddit user AppleionVR combines all the best tweets and fixes to use the recently released Oculus Tray Tool, it is entirely free of cost.

One essential thing you will need to keep in mind, to enjoy these features, is to have admin access on your computer.

Power Options

Oculus Tray Tool power

One of the features that may annoy you, when the Rift is not in use, automatically shut things off. Oculus rift sensors also may get shut down. It may happen sometime when you are in the middle of any process. In the case of the tray tool’s power options, you want to keep your power plan high functionality and disable USB selective suspension.

If you have one of the intake USB cards like Oculus, you may want to select Fresco Registry Tweaks. Intake cards have a habit of resetting USB power options whenever you start Windows, it is the responsibility of Fresco Registry Tweaks to fix it.

Oculus Tray Tool Supersampling

There is no confusion that supersampling is excellent. Do you ever imagine why you see pixels when you play 3D games on a 1080p screen whereas you do not see anything of pixels while watching in 3D Pixar? It is because SS (supersampling) techniques are used, which merges all the pixels.

The relatively low resolution of the small screen has a more dramatic effect on VR. This can make the screen door more noticeable when the game’s pixel lines up with the screen pixel. Everything gets smooth and nice, and melted down the screen makes everything much more natural.

Oculus Tray Tool Supersampling

You can’t run a high level of SS on all computers. It depends on the configuration of the computer. In fact, without a stable Framerate in your computer, you will not be able to run a VR. If you try to do so, the frame will start losing just after you push the settings such as Supersampling to high.

Besides, motion sickness will start. Based on your hardware, every game has a separate limit. The range of SS should be 1.8 – 2.0 if you would like to play GTX 1080. On the other hand, the most popular game GTX 970, requires only 1.2 SS range.

It would be best if you start playing a game keeping the SS range somewhere in 1.5. In these settings, you will be able to adjust the oculus tray tool, close the game, or make a change on the fly merely by giving a voice command. If you don’t feel any sickness and seems like 1.5 is quite perfect, you can increase the range up to 0.2 more (maximum). On the flip side, if you start feeling sick, don’t hesitate to drop down the range.

The great thing about the tray tool is, you can set a profile for each game. Thus, changing settings is unnecessary when you are playing a different game.

Oculus tray tool ASW


The abbreviation of ASW is Asynchronous Space Warp. Using this feature of the Oculus Tray tool, a person can run virtual reality on a better or slower computer. The feature ASW will allow you to run a game on your computer if any problem is there.

ASW helps the game get kicked in automatically, and the missing frames will also get filled up smoothly so that you don’t face any motion sickness. Due to the missing frames, some funny warping or jumping may happen in the game. Even it may turn on without any reason. With the Oculus Tray Tool’s help, it remains turned off, but it is advisable to use this feature if you are facing a problem or own a high-end computer.

Other Settings

The Oculus tray tool’s different settings are straightforward. You will love the voice command settings because of its excellent features. Tweaking things without getting out from the VR is possible with the help of voice command settings. At this point, you will need to change the command phase as per your requirement.

Spoof CPUID is another excellent feature that tries to make Oculus think if you get a better CPU when it comes to the message, “your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirement.” And the feature Visual HUD helps its user to look at the settings of ASW and SS on the Virtual Reality Screen.

Frequently Asked Question


Question: I am facing a hard time to run a VR; why is that?

Answer: In fact, without a very high frame rate, a VR is unable to run. And to make the VR good, high resolution is also mandatory. At a low end, the resolution of a running VR is a minimum of 160 x 1200 at 90Hz. This is the reason; VR requires a high-end computer to run. You might be interested in Pavlov VR PS4.

Question: How can I get the best performance from my Oculus?

Answer: Following a few essential things, you will be able to get the best performance from your Oculus.

  • Cleaning out the Oculus case.
  • Updating the Operating System.
  • Updating the graphics card drivers.
  • Turning on Trim on the SSD.
  • Changing in the power plan.
  • Virtual memory page file changing.


If you would like to get the best VR experience, the Oculus Tray tool is a must. With many features, OTT will allow you to switch audio and microphone automatically, taking control over the voice commands, icons replacement, and many other features.

Moreover, by creating a profile in the VR applications and games, you can take more control over the game you are playing.


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