How to Merge Multiple Pages into One Page in Word? A Complete Guide

The long list of pages in Word is often disturbing when you’ve to finish a project or assignment within time. What if you suddenly drop any pages from the Word? It sounds hazardous. Let’s make it handy for you with some interesting methods. Below I listed all the possible ways, tips with a guide on merging multiple pages into one page in Word, aligning them vertically, and many more.

I struggle to memorize those different file names saved on a word while I need to combine them into one page, which kills my valuable time. To eliminate keeping different pages on a different Word file, merging them into one page is a hattrick solution. In Microsoft docs, there are options “title bar” or “side-by-side” option. Both help merge one or two pages into a single page. Some tools are also manufactured to solve this.

Scroll down to check more details about the step-by-step guide on merging multiple pages in one.

What is the Normal Layout of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft pages generally show one page at a time with a 100% zoom level. Although it is a normal specimen of Microsoft Word, it allows the user to create different layouts. I love trying them out since working only on a single page seems boring.

By clicking on “views,” you can create a side-by-side or double-page layout on MS docs. Correspondingly, you may ask if you should change the layout view effect while printing them. Not at all. They won’t affect you when you tap on “printing.”

How to Merge Multiple Pages into One Page in Word?

Merging one page in Word combined with many pages can be done within 2–3 seconds. Although you can merge multiple pages, it allows the user to add more than 2 pages. Collecting all the documents and gathering them in one doc is crucial for the students and office goers. Therefore, I might advise you to follow the steps one by one:

Step 1: Search Microsoft Word from Windows Bar

Go and open the browser. Crack on to the Windows search bar for Microsoft Word. Open it, and then the Word window will appear.

Windows search
  • Select New to open blank documents/select create to open blank documents.
blank documents

Step 2: Make Two Pages by Clicking Title Bar

Your next task is to combine two pages in one big file format. So, right-click from your mouse and select “title bar.” Click on the “view” option > select “two pages” > side-by-side options.

blank documents

Step 3: Select the “Full-Screen Reading” Option

You will be able to witness many options in this section. Check out the top left corner of the screen, and click on it. The Microsoft words are ready to show the merged pages when you select them.

merged pages

Your Microsoft docs files are now merged. You can print those pages if necessary. Click on the File and tap on the print option.

merged pages

How to Merge Word Documents and Keep Formatting?

There are multiple ways of merging word documents and formatting on Microsoft Word. You will get them one after one by the following methods:

Method 1: Merge Multiple Documents Through File Functions

One of the common ways to merge multiple documents into one document is using Text from file functions. After this method, you’ll learn how to merge two pages in Word 2010. Therefore, keep doing the following steps gradually.

Step 1: Create New Documents

First, create a new document on Microsoft Word and then do this process: insert> object> Text from the File.

Step 2: Insert File Dialog Box

Now, select the open option. Then, insert the File dialog box. Go to the folder and open it that you want to merge. Select the documents > click on the “Insert” button.

Notes: By following simple tricks, you can still select multiple documents. Just click on the documents one by one. Hold the Shift key and then select multiple adjacent documents. Lastly, click the first and last documents frequently.

Step 3: Repeat the Process If the Documents are Saved in Different Files

Most folks used to save their documents in different files. It could be an issue and counteract the entire process.

Sometimes, a user fails to resolve the concerns for this. And they often fall to the vagueness of handling how to merge word documents and keep formatting correctly. If you have one, repeat steps 1-2 according to your need.

Method 2: Merge Multiple Documents With VBA

VBA is an alternative to uniting multiple word documents in one. The process is simple and requires only 2–3 steps to be done fruitfully.

Step 1: Move All File Documents to the Same Folder

First, move all the Word documents to the same folder. Find them that you wish to merge and gather them all in one.

Step 2: Rename All Files

Secondly, rename all the files with a series of sequence names. Right-click on the documents. After that, select “Rename”> type a new name> repeat to rename other files.

Up next, do the following processes simultaneously.

Step 3: Double Click to Open the Documents

Your next approach is to open the documents. For this, double-click on the File. Open the documents you’ll place at the beginning of the merged File.

Step 4: Press Onto “Alt+F11” Keys

Afterward, click on the “Alt+F11” keys altogether. You will then see Microsoft visual basics for Applications in windows. Now, move on to the last and final steps to confirm the process.

Step 5: Paste A Special VBA Code

Click on the insert options and then, Module. After that, paste the below VBA code to achieve the new Module of Windows Word.


Sub MergeDocuments()


MyPath = ActiveDocument.Path

MyName = Dir (MyPath & “\” & “*.docx”)

i = 0

Do While MyName <> ” “

If MyName <> ActiveDocument.Name Then

Set wb = Documents. Open (MyPath & “\” & MyName )

Selection. WholeStory


Windows (1). Activate

Selection. EndKey Unit: = wdLine

Selection. TypeParagraph

Selection. Paste

i = i + 1

wb. Close False

End If

MyName = Dir


Application. ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

Notes: VBA method is only applicable for docx. User. The user must have replaced docx in the code, including My Name = Dir (My Path & “\” & “*.docx”) to the doc.

Step 6: Run Button or Press F5 Key

Lastly, click on the Run button or press the F5 key. It will convert the simple document file into VBA.

Method 3: Merge the Multiple Documents with Kutools

Apps can be found on various websites. One of them is Kutools, which offers fantastic additional benefits. It helps users to merge a lot of documents quickly from many folders.

The process to follow:

  • Install the Kutools app.
  • Open the app and press “Kutools Plus” > Merge.
  • From there, find out the merge documents dialog box. Add the documents that you select to merge.
  • Again, click on the “Add Files” button.
  • Open up the folder containing the documents you’ll merge.
  • Press and hold Ctrl or Shift key buttons to select documents.
  • Finally, tap on the Ok button.
Important Notes: If you want to merge the documents saved in different folders, then repeat the following steps one after one:
  • First, add all the documents in one. Bulk them through the “Add to folder” buttons.
  • Now, come back to the Merge documents dialog box.
  • Swipe the documents File using the Move Up and Down buttons.
  • Next, specify a break between documents from the “Break between Document” file folders.
  • Then, click on the Merge button.

Congrats! You can now specify all word document files combined into a new one. Check to open the documents first. Now, merge those files by manually copying and pasting.

Final Words

The task of writing, editing, and proofreading several documents at once isn’t expected of anyone. People find it disgusting and accidentally drop the necessary one. Why should you bear this when Word has this sort of fantastic feature?

Merging one or two files in one is helpful because it saves time and energy. Therefore, considering these important things, I brief each step on how to merge multiple pages into one page in Word. Follow them all and keep trying until you excel at it.

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