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The Oculus Go, an individual, wireless headset that has made it conceivable for most people to revel in a premium quality VR understanding than ever before, is compatible with SteamVR. That is true; content commonly enjoyed on PC-based VR systems such as WMR (Windows Mixed Reality), Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive can be ported to the Oculus Go for a wireless VR experience.

In this article, I will share the procedure of setting up everything following step by step. Put your special attention to the alvr oculus quest installation.

SteamVR Games Requirement on Oculus Go?

Thanks to an open-source project called Alvr (Air Light VR), which plays SteamVR games on your Oculus Go headset. It is downloadable from GitHub, and you will not require to pay anything for that. Moreover, you can use it with different Samsung Gear VR and phones like Galaxy S8+ or S8.

With a VR headset, you will also require a high-end gaming PC that comes with Windows 10 Operating system, graphics card from NVIDIA, and the graphics card has to support NVENC technology. Are you not confirmed if you have the right NVIDIA graphics card or not? Firstly, you will have to know the actual GPU (NVIDIA Graphic Card) name, visit the NVIDIA Wikipedia page. If you find that the GPU code name starts with GK, GM, or GP, it tells you to have the actual GPU. Moreover, NVIDIA 6 and 7 GPU series and anything from the latest version, will not be a problem.

An internet connection without wire is also necessary for video streaming in Oculus Go. A wired internet connection to the PC will get the top performance.

In conclusion, your OC should have installed SteamVR.

The expectation from the Alvr

Oculus Go headset allowed VR content streaming with the help of Alvr. Although Oculus GO Speed will perform in most cases, a controller of 6 degrees of freedom (6dOF) is unnecessary for most VR experiences.

There are some games available that can be played using a pad for the game or don’t require 6dOF, but they will work quite flawlessly.

If you are so inclined, you must also perform with rift competitions played on SteamVR via reviving with Alvr.

Installing Alvr Oculus Quest on Computer

First of all, make sure that you already have everything on your computer to make the installation process of Alvr Oculus Quest easy on your PC.

In the first set of steps, on your PC, < accurate C++ redistributable is installed.

Now, follow step by step instructions below.

Step 01: Visit the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 download page at the Microsoft download center.

Step 02: Click on the Download option.

Step 03: Now select vc_redist.x64.exe.


Step 04: Then choose Next and Run, respectively.

Next and Run

Step 05: Similar to all other downloading options, you have to agree on the License agreement option. For this, click, “I agree to the license terms and conditions.”

Step 06: After clicking on the Install problem, if you find that you are facing any problem, it means it is already installed on your PC.

installed on your PC

Now downloading and installation is required of alvr oculus quest. Let’s learn it from below

Step 01: Visit GitHub and navigate to the Alvr oculus quest releases page.

Step 02: You have to download the latest version of the Alvr oculus quest. For this, click on the ALVR-vX.X ZIP file.

Step 03: Now select Save.


Step 04: Once the download is complete, choose the Open Folder option.

Step 05: Now select “Extract.”


Step 06: Remember to select “Extract All” because the folder needs to be extracted from its compressed state.

Step 07: Choose “Extract.”

Choose “Extract

Step 08: Hover your cursor over the Alvr folder and double-click on it.

Alvr application

Step 09: In order to launch the Alvr application, again double-click on it.

Step by Step Streaming Process of StremVR Content to Oculus Go

Once you finish installing Alvr client’s process on your computer and Oculus Go, starting streaming content will not be an issue now. If you face any problem streaming Alvr on Oculus go, follow the below steps.

Step 01: Click Start Server.

Step 02: Inside your Oculus Go headset, launch the Alvr client.

Step 03: Click on Connect.

Click on Connect.

Within a few seconds, a connection will be made. And inside the Oculus Go, SteamVR Home will appear.

Remember that, unavailability of streaming sound will be there. However, connect another device to your computer to get the output sound.

In fact, SteamVR Home Oculus GO doesn’t exactly cooperate with the speed controller. It would be best if you launch VR games directly from your computer game.

Fixing Few Common Bugs

Are you experiencing freeze pictures or seeing any visual artifacts? If this is the case, your headset is connected to a 5GHz Wi-Fi. If it is possible, fix the channel width to 40 GHz.

fix the channel width

The fact is, some routers use similar SSIP for both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, and this might create an issue. Quest is 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi featured, and the best solution to solve this problem is to split the name of the network.

Alvr Oculus Quest network

By Default, the Fios router will not allow you to do so. You have to Turn Off the “Self-Organizing Network Enabled” option, which you will find under Wireless Settings > Advanced Security Settings > Other Advanced Wireless Options. Now you can split the network.

Once the Quest is connected to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi option, looking at the other network settings is unnecessary. We will have a smoother experience with the current network settings for sure.

If the problem is still persisting, you may require to do the below things.

  1. Restart the Alvr.
  2. Reduce the bit rate.
  3. Reduce the resolution of the video settings.
  4. Increase the bit rate.

If you also face a problem with the desktop audio. You can use a USB cable and voice meter for advanced audio routing. And it is significantly essential to switch the output device to the right one manually. Then restart everything: SteamVR, Alvr as well as the game.

How to GET FREE WIRELESS PCVR Oculus Quest 2 – ALVR – NO Virtual Desktop Needed

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Will the Oculus Link enhance graphics?

Answer: The truth is that enhancing the performance of one thing will not impact the overall graphics of Oculus Link. Check, the Oculus Link is still not using the full speed of USB 3.1, which is twice that of the USB 3.0 speaker. This allows 3.1 bandwidth through the Oculus debug tool and before the update of the Carmack.

Question: How much good Oculus Link is?

Answer: Oculus Link is excellent. It is an excellent experience for anyone who likes to feel the vastness of the Virtual Reality content universe and can’t afford two headsets.

Last Words

For Oculus Go and Gear VR, Alvr is one of the best open-source VR remote displays. With the help of it, you will be able to play SteamVR games on your individual headset.


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