How Do I Cast Tube TV to my tv without Chromecast?

Looking for a way to cast Tube TV to your TV without a Chromecast? Whether you are looking for the easiest way or have a specific device in mind, we have got you covered! You’ll find all the information you need to cast on Tube TV in the guide below.

Casting has increased more than ever before. It’s made it possible to stream content from one device (e.g., your laptop) onto another (e.g. your TV).

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive how-to guide to casting your Tube TV to your TV without a Chromecast. What devices can you release with? Which ones aren’t so great? We’ll explain more. Read on.

How to Cast Tube TV Without Chromecast – An Overview

Chromecast is a great device, but it’s often quite expensive. On top of that, it has limited functionality compared to what you can already achieve with a standard set of audio and video cables. Good old-fashioned cables can do much more than Chromecast, and they are also cheaper (if you got the right ones).

Using a Chromecast is not necessary to cast Tube TV to your TV. Follow these steps to get started:

1. HDMI Cable: It is necessary to have an HDMI cable. This will be used to connect your TV to your PC/Mac. You might need a new HDMI cable.

HDMI Cable

This will be used to connect your TV to your PC/Mac. You might need a new HDMI cable. You’ll also require an audio RCA cable. This will be used to connect your speakers and sound system to your computer. Again, check this article for more information.

2. Smartview: The first option that you have is to use Smart View by downloading it from the Samsung App Store. The Smart View app offers a great functionality of streaming content on your phone to any smart TV, regardless of its brand. Android and Apple devices are both supported.


Here is how it works: after you install the app on your device, open Smart View and select the streaming mode by tapping “Cast screen/audio” for screen mirroring, or “Cast audio”. The second option will only let you send the audio to the TV, not the video.

Connect your phone with your smart TV via Wi-Fi, and if necessary enter the password of your Wi-Fi network. You can also check if the connection is working by looking at the list of devices displayed; you should see your TV there. If it is not, tap on “Search for Device” and scan again. The connection should work now.

Now you can view all of your device’s content on the TV screen.

3. Screen Mirroring: Screen mirroring (or casting) is a great way to watch videos or listen to music without a Chromecast or any other special streaming device. Smart View app is running on your TV and you have connected successfully to it via Wi-Fi.

Screen Mirroring

After that, you can choose the content to stream. We recommend using YouTube. It will show you a list of your subscriptions and playlists that you can cast easily. If there is anything you want to watch, you can find it using the search bar. Movies and TV shows can be viewed using the screen mirroring method, but there are not many other options.

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4. Screencast: You can cast your mobile screen to your TV with Screencast, a built-in function of your Android smartphone. To be more precise, the option is seen on YouTube and Netflix. After you install the latest version of the YouTube app on your phone, you can get all of your videos in the cloud and watch them on any compatible device (e.g., laptops and tablets).

There is an option that lets you connect devices through Wi-Fi when viewing a particular video. If your TV is a smart TV and you have installed the YouTube app on it, you will see your phone listed in the list of devices under Screencasting. Your TV screen will be filled with the video when you tap on it.

How to Cast Tube TV Without Chromecast – Summary

Chromecast is an excellent device that has made it possible for many people to stream their content onto another device (e.g. TV). However, when it comes to the best ways of doing that, there are some cheaper alternatives to using a Chromecast.

Smart View and Screencast are two other great options that are both available for Android and iOS devices. They offer similar functionality as Chromecast but at a much lower price.


As you can see, there are many options out there that offer you a cheaper option to cast your mobile screen to your TV, even if your TV is not a Chromecast-enabled device.

Take a look at the list of best media streaming devices available for you to stream your content on a TV without Chromecast.

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