Can I Have Multiple Quest 2 Headsets on 1 Account

In some cases, you might be in the necessity to share the same contents in two different Quests. It will make your dream come true of enjoying the desired content with your friends and family. So, it might make you deeply think about can I have multiple Quest 2 headsets on 1 account, and how you can achieve it.

Yes, you can add not only two but also four Quest 2 headsets on the same account. By doing so, you will be able to play multiplayer and various battle royale games with your friends. Not only that, it will also open the door for watching the media content with someone you want.

Quest 2 Headsets on 1 Account
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Necessities of Using Multiple Quest Headsets on the Same Account

You might want to play multiplayer or battle royale games with your friends with VR experience. Or you want to have the experience of watching a Netflix or Amazon Prime show with your family or friends through VR. All of these are now very much possible because of the capability of adding multiple Quests on one account.

Because of it, you will have a fantastic gaming experience that will give you a real vibe like never before. In addition, the media content-watching experience will be much more enthusiastic as you watch it with friends and family. These wouldn’t be possible if there weren’t any system for adding multiple Quest headsets on the same account.

Can I Have Multiple Quest 2 Headsets on 1 Account – How to Add the Second Oculus

Quest 2 Headsets
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Adding the second Oculus to your account after the primary one is not a gimmick anymore. It is very much possible to add the secondary Oculus Quest 2 on the same account as the primary Oculus. And not only two, but you can also add four Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets under the same account.

Under any circumstances, adding a secondary Oculus 2 headset might be necessary on your account. Here are the steps you will have to follow to make this happen, along with answering your question can 2 oculus quest 2 play together:

Step-1: Check the Account

The first task for you in this matter of adding a secondary headset to your account is to check the account. You need to check correctly whether there is another account set up as the primary account or not. If not, there is no issue at all, and you can directly start adding the secondary headset.

But if there is any account set up there as the primary account, then you need to go through some basic tasks. At first, you will have to factory reset both the headsets from the app which you are controlling from your computer. You will be logged out instantly by doing so, and it will direct you to the log-in page.

From there, you will just have to log in with the relevant account by providing accurate information. 

Step-2: Navigate to the Left Side of the Universal Menu

After logging in instantly, you will be directed to the dashboard of your account. In this window, there will be a universal menu which you will have to locate first. So the next task for you is to navigate to the left side of that newly discovered universal menu, hovering over the clock.

Step-3: Access the Settings Section and Navigate to the Accounts Tab

In the next phase, you will have to locate the section name “Settings” from the universal menu bar. It will most possibly remain in the lower part of the menu bar, and you will have to press on it. Right after doing so, you will be directed to the “Settings” section of your Oculus account.

In this section, there will be various options located on the left of the window. These options are for multiple changes to your account, which you can perform whenever you feel the necessity. Now, as you are up to adding a secondary headset to your account, you need to locate the “Accounts” tab.

Most likely, it is situated in the lower-middle section of the options bar from the “Settings” section.

Step-4: Enable App Sharing from the Accounts Tab

As you enter the Accounts tab, you will find all the account-related contents there. Scroll down to this section a bit, and there will be an option named “App Sharing” in the lower section of that tab. Besides that option, you will find a toggle switch which will be gray when you first see it as it is turned off.

You must enable this option to add the secondary Oculus Quest 2 headset to your account. Next, tap the gray toggle switch or slider to enable the “App Sharing” function. When you tap on it, the toggle switch will turn green; thus, you can understand that the option is enabled.

Step-5: Add Sub-Accounts

Then in the top-right corner of the Accounts tab, you see a green option named “Add Account.” As you have added a primary account before, all the accounts added afterward will be the sub-accounts. So click on that option to add the sub-account and it will connect both the Oculus Quest 2 on the same account.

Then you can hand the newly added VR headset to the person you want to play games with or share the media content. Through those two Oculus Quest 2, you will be able to watch content and play multiplayer or battle royale games together.

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Final Thoughts

Adding two VR headsets to the same account has always been the dream for VR enthusiasts. Whether playing games or watching movies, sharing with another person makes those even more enjoyable. So now the question of can I have multiple Quest 2 headsets on 1 account has been answered in an affirmative way.

Following some easy steps, you can add a secondary VR headset under the same account. Not only two, but you can also even add four Oculus Quests on the same account to make things even more interesting.

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