How to Stream on Discord Mobile

Streaming on Discord through mobile devices wasn’t possible even some days ago. In February 2021, an update came from Discord, which made the stream on mobile devices possible. When you stream on Discord via mobile devices, you can add up to 50 audiences in a single channel.

As mobile streaming is not that much popular yet, many people don’t know how to stream on Discord mobile. Streaming in front of audiences has become a lot easier because of this update on the Discord mobile version. Besides streaming, features like voice calls, video calls, and chatting are also available on Discord mobile.

How to Stream on Discord Mobile

The Ways of Streaming on Discord Mobile

The update of mobile streaming on Discord just arrived some months ago. Before that, people used to stream their phone’s screen on Discord via laptop or desktop. So, there two ways of streaming your mobile on Discord, and those are:

  • Stream on Discord mobile via Discord mobile app
  • Stream on Discord mobile via computer or laptop

How to Stream on Discord Mobile – Via Mobile App

With the last update of the Discord mobile app on February 2021, it’s very much doable to stream on Discord mobile. The processes of streaming on Discord mobile via the mobile app are:

Step-1: Download and Open Discord App

First, you need to download the Discord mobile app on your mobile phone, as you will find it in Google Play Store. Install the app after downloading, and create your Discord account through it. Then open this Discord mobile app on your phone.

Step-2: Create Your Voice Channel

To share your screen in front of the audience, you need to create your voice channel first. After entering the Discord page, you will see various options all over the page. You will find the “Voice Channel” option with the “+” icon at its right in the middle of the screen. Click on that “+” icon to create a new voice channel of yours.

voice channel

Step-3: Channel Entering

You can name the channel of yours as you want. At the bottom of where the “Voice Channel” option was situated, you will see the channel name. And you need to click on that channel name that you created just a while ago.

channel name

As you will click to enter your channel, a new tab will pop up. That tab will contain the “Join Voice” option, and you need to press it for entering.

Join voice

Step-4: Member Adding

As you will click the “Join Voice” option, you will enter your created channel. After entering the channel, you need to add members there. When you enter that channel, a new page will appear before you on the mobile screen. It will contain the option of “Invite Friends,” and you need to click on that to add audiences to your mobile stream.

Member adding

You can invite members to your server in two different ways. One of these is directly adding members from your friend list, and the other is via an invitation link. You can add up to 50 audiences to your channel.

Step-5: Screen Sharing

When all the desired members are connected to your channel, you can start screen sharing in front of them. There will be some icons at the bottom of the member’s list for doing various actions. The second icon will be like a mobile-shaped sign with a right-indicating arrow in middle.

mobile shaped

Click on that icon to start the streaming process in front of the audience. Before the final step of streaming, the Discord app will require your confirmation. There will be two options named “Cancel” and “Start Now” on the newly opened notification tab. Choose the “Start Now” option to start the streaming procedure finally.

You may face a Discord mobile streaming not working issue at some point in your usage. Then you need to close the app and then enter it again to start streaming. Hopefully, you will be able to stream on Discord mobile without facing any difficulties.

Streaming on Discord Mobile – Via Laptop or Computer

Before the Discord mobile app arrived, people used to stream mobile screens via laptop or desktop. The processes for that are:

Step-1: Preparation of Phone and PC

Install a third-party software named “Lonely Screen” on both your mobile and PC and make pair between those devices.

Step-2: Import Phone’s Screen on Computer

Open the application you want to stream, and then swipe down or up to enter the menu bar. There, you will see an option named “Screen Mirror,” and clicking there will bring another option named “Lonely Screen.” Select it, and it will start to transmit your mobile screen to your laptop or desktop.

Step-3: Streaming Phone’s Screen

After transmitting your phone’s screen, you need to open Discord on your computer. The computer will detect your phone’s screen right after you open Discord. As you will select the phone’s screen from the Discord page, a confirmation window will pop up.

It will contain “Cancel” and “Go Live” options, and you need to click on the second one to stream your phone’s screen.


Why should I choose Discord mobile to stream?

Discord mobile version added the streaming function some months ago in February 2021. It comes with an easy and straightforward function, and a simple procedure to stream on Discord mobile. Along with that, user security and satisfaction are the most crucial aspect for Discord authority.

Is there any audio issue while streaming on Discord mobile?

Most probably, you won’t face any audio issues while streaming on Discord mobile. If you encounter an issue, just re-connect your earphone or update the Discord app. While sharing your screen in front of the audience, you can also add the live audio along with it.


Streaming on Discord mobile is not impossible with the new update. The Discord mobile app is available on Google Play Store and you can update it from there as well. Screen sharing is not complex if you understand the whole process of how to stream on Discord mobile. If you follow the step-by-step process, it will become much easier.

Because of this, you can stream your gameplay or other stuff on Discord without owning a computer. Easy and straightforward functions have made this app usable for everyone. You can use Discord mobile streaming for both professional and casual purposes.

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