How to Screen Share on Discord Mobile, Chromebook & PC

Nowadays, people love to text, voice, and audio chat with their friends and relatives. But, how about doing these all under an umbrella? Yes, you can do all of these on discord, and another surprising thing is, you can screen share on this platform. It is becoming a very popular platform for developers, gamers, and influencers.

When you can share your screen, the visual information will reach your partners. If you are a gamer, you can stream your gameplay and audio if you know how to screen share on discord. It is a great platform to deliver your work and performance to others as it is a great communication process.

The Reasons Why You Should Use Discord to Screen Share

Why You Should Use Discord to Screen Share

Screen sharing is pretty important if you are willing to share the visual information with your partners and fans. It is a phenomenal way of delivering your work and performance to others.

When you can share the screen with live audio, it is even helpful for the teachers and the students in online classes. But there are several screen-sharing platforms available in this era; among all of them, why you should choose discord for screen sharing.

It is very simple, as the reasons why you should take service from this platform are:

  • The easiest way of sharing the visual information with your students, teachers, partners, fans, followers, and many more
  • You will have the opportunity of doing text, voice, and video chat along with screen sharing under the same platform
  • The facility of live audio at the same time sharing your screen
  • You can even do the live streaming of your gameplay or any other performances by using this platform
  • The safest platform of screen sharing as there is no risk of your account and information getting hacked
  • Before purchasing any package from this platform, you can test the demo and then decide
  • There is the opportunity of taking screenshot and screen recording through this platform
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The Ways and Processes of How to Screen Share on Discord from Your Device

Screen sharing on discord is not a tough job, but you can do it all by yourself once you learn the way. All the people don’t use the same devices, as devices model and type vary person to person.

The screen sharing process on discord varies as well based on the user’s device type and model. You may use a desktop or iPad and use a different kind of browser for screen sharing. The processes of screen sharing on these browsers and devices using discord are:

How to Screen Share on Computer by Using Discord

Step-1: Install and Open Discord on Your Computer

The first thing you need to do is install discord on your desktop or laptop and then open it.


Step-2: Room Selecting and Channel Entering

You need to select first whether you will stream in a private room or a public room. To start the screen sharing, you will have to enter a voice channel on a server, and you will be all set to go.

Before starting the screen-sharing process, keep the gameplay or application open on your computer. After opening your screen-sharing content, go back to the Discord page.

Step-3: Beginning of the Streaming Process

When you are back to Discord, you will find all the tabs and applications you opened on your computer. All of these will appear in there one after another. It will happen as Discord can detect all the opened tabs and applications on your laptop or desktop.

The icons and tabs will appear at the bottom-left part of Discord’s page. Where the application’s icons were located, you will see a “stream” button on the right side of it. You will find it on the bottom-left corner from your side of the screen. Click on there to start the streaming process.

Step-4: Screen Sharing and Going Live

The channel list will be on the screen in front of you. Select the channel you want to stream to and make sure to do it carefully to avoid any fumble. If the application is not the one you wanted, you can change it as well.

To do so, click on the “Change” option and select the desired one from the opened applications of your computer. After that, there will be a window popping up on your screen having the options of “cancel” and “Go Live.”

Click on the second option to make your screen, audio, and content to go live to your partners and the audiences. You can do another thing as well, that is sharing one of the tabs, applications, or display screens directly.

Step-5: Streaming in Private Call

You can even stream on the private call. When you are on any confidential call, you will see the icon of screen sharing. Click on there to start the streaming process without leaving that call. You can even begin streaming before entering into that call.

When you click the call icon, you will find the screen sharing button in the call menu. All you need to do is clicking there to begin screen-share in the private call.

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Share Screen On Discord – EASY process

How to Discord Screen Share PC from Mobile

It wasn’t possible to directly stream your phone screen on discord some months ago. But now it is very much doable. Before this came, people used to stream their phone screen on discord via a desktop or a laptop. It may take any third-party app or software to complete the job.

Step-1: Preparing the Phone and Computer

At first, install a third-party software both in your phone and computer named lonely screen. Make a pair between your computer and phone through this lonely screen.

Step-2: Opening on Phone

The next thing you need to do is, open that software both on your phone and on the computer. Start the application that you want to stream on your phone, and stay on that tab or application. Then, go to the menu bar of your phone by swiping up or down as it will vary from phone to phone.

You will see a menu named Screen Mirror, which will help import your screen on the computer.

Step-3: Importing Phone’s Screen on Computer

When you will find the Screen Mirror option, click on it. Once you click in there, another option will open up named lonely screen. Then select it by clicking on the option. A tick sign beside the option will clarify your correct option selection.

By doing so, it will automatically share your phone’s screen on your computer tab with the help of the lonely screen.

Step-4: Streaming Phone’s Screen

Open the Discord on your computer, and as usual, it will detect the application and tabs running on your computer. All the tabs and applications will appear on the screen on the page of Discord along with the content on your phone screen. There will be options of both streamings on the public calls and in the private calls.

Just select the application or the tab having your mobile screen. There will be a window popping up on your screen having the options of “Cancel” and “Go Live”. Click on the second option to make your mobile screen, audio, and content to go live to your partners and the audiences.

How to Screen Share on Discord iPad and iOS

How to Screen Share on Discord iPad and iOS

It is even possible to use Discord on your iOS and iPad, and share your screen with the new update. The steps are:

Step-1: Install the Discord App

Install the Discord app on your iPad or iOS devices as you will find it in the App Store.

Step-2: Open Discord

In the direct iPad or iOS discord, you can only share your screen on private calls. To do so, open the Discord app, and go to chat to start the conversation to share your screen with.

On the bottom of your screen, you will find four icons, and the second one will be for screen-sharing. Click here to share your screen, but there may show some errors as the version is new.

Step-3: Screen Sharing on Discord iPad

If you face this problem, don’t worry as there is another way. Minimize the Discord app, and swipe down to get to the menu bar. There will be a screen recording button, and you need to press that. By clicking there, you will have a window open with the option of Discord with others.

Select it and press “Start Broadcast”, and you will be sharing your screen in the private call with the people or peoples you want.

In Android phones, you may face problems with direct streaming on the Discord app as it is new. You can then share your mobile screen on Discord via a laptop or a desktop.

How to Screen Share Chromebook on Discord

How to Screen Share Chromebook on Discord

Chromebook is a laptop that is produced by Google. In these laptops, you can’t use the Discord Software, as the Google OS doesn’t support it. But you can use it through the Discord website. The steps to follow for this are:

Step-1: Create an Account

At first, open the browser on your Chromebook laptop, and visit the website of Discord. To use Discord on your Chromebook through the website, create an account using your email.

Step-2: Screen-Sharing through Private Call

Through the Discord website, you can’t make public calls. At first, you will have to make friends in Discord, and call any of your friends to share your screen. You can add other friends to the call as well.

You will have the screen-sharing icon and press there to share your screen with the people in the call. Before doing so, always make sure, you have kept your desired tab or application open. After sharing the screen, go on the desired tab, and the call participants will see the content you are sharing.

Thus, you can share your screen on your Chromebook through Discord. You can also install another operating system that supports Discord software on your Chromebook.



Is it possible to do screen-sharing on discord mobile?

There wasn’t the opportunity of direct screen sharing through mobile. But with the new update of last February, it became possible. As the app is new, you can see some errors during screen sharing. But don’t worry, because you can share your screen on Discord via your laptop or desktop with the help of any third-party app.

Why should I choose Discord for screen-sharing?

Discord is the safest platform for screen-sharing and streaming your screen. Besides, you will have the opportunity of texting, voice call, and video chat under the same platform. You can also take screenshots and do screen recordings from Discord.

Can I do live stream my gameplay on Discord?

Yes, you can do live-stream your gameplay through Discord. Open the Discord software on your laptop or desktop, and don’t forget to create an account. Open the tab of your gameplay on the computer. Then follow all the instructions for live streaming your screen in front of the audience.

Is it possible to add live audio in Discord with screen-sharing?

While screen-sharing, you can add your live audio by permitting your microphone. Thus, it will be easier for your partners in the call and the audiences to understand your content. It will help the teachers and students during online classes as well.


Discord is getting the attention of gamers and streamers nowadays. You can do both public calls and private calls by using Discord on your laptop or desktop. Recently, Discord was launched for mobile and iOS, and iPad devices. But as it is new, there may be fumbles using these versions.

To share your content with others, knowing how to screen share on Discord will help. It will help to reach your content to your partners and audiences. Besides, this platform is safe and secure to use, as there are no risks of getting hacked.

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