Discord Go Live Not Appearing

Discord is a prevalent social networking application. You may use it to connect to various servers, conduct voice conversations, send messages, and transfer a variety of multimedia items. The “Go Live” function, which allows users to stream gaming activities to buddies on the same channel, released a few months ago.

This feature is excellent; however, it is not as terrific as you may believe. This is owing to the premise that it will undoubtedly face challenges at times. Because these flaws prohibit it from operating, they must be addressed as quickly as possible. This article will go over most of the solutions for Discord Go Live Not Appearing.

Process of Fixing Discord Go Live Not Appearing

Here are a few things you may try if you’re one of the many individuals having troubles getting Discord’s Go Live functionality to operate.

Method-1: Allow Permissions

It is heavily advised that you look over the Discord configuration before you begin debugging and working hard to figure out what’s causing the issue. In a lot of situations, the Go Live option isn’t really turned on for accounts. Because the functionality must first be personally activated, it’s valid for the vast majority of users. If you try to utilize it when it is deactivated, it will clearly not work.

The first step is to navigate to your Server Settings and activate the Go Live function if it is deactivated on your device. The only difficulty is that you won’t be permitted to do this unless you own a server since only the server owner decides who can broadcast on it.

Method-2: Upgrade Your Windows Operating System

It’s very conceivable that Go Live isn’t operating on your computer because it just can’t. To be more explicit, it’s possible that your computer isn’t capable of using the function. Live streaming puts a lot of load on computers, and those that aren’t powerful enough won’t be able to handle it well, if at all. Ensure your PC is capable of running the function by conducting some internet research depending on your PC’s specs. After you’ve determined that your PC’s inadequacy is the cause of the Discord Go Live feature’s failure, you’ll need to perform some amendments if you want to live stream your gaming. To update your system, complete the actions below:

Step-1: Select Settings from the Start menu by right-clicking it.

Step-2: Choose Update & Security from the Settings tab.

Step-3: To check whether there is any latest update, go to the Windows Update tab and hit the Check for updates option. After that, Windows will look for any available upgrades. To complete the procedure, simply complete the on-screen directions.


Reboot your PC after installing the newest Windows updates to see whether the “Discord Go Live not appearing” problem has been resolved.

Method-3: Install Discord Again

When you attempt to utilize Discord functions without upgrading the program, many of them don’t operate effectively or at all. This is a frequent issue with almost any network-enabled program that has to be upgraded. The answer is relatively straightforward: simply go over to the official webpage and download the most recent Discord edition available. Another approach is to uninstall the entire software and afterwards install it again. If none of the previous approaches work, reinstall Discord using the steps below:

Step-1: To launch the Run box, hit Windows + R.

Step-2: To access the Programs and Features panel, type appwiz.cpl and press OK.


Step 3: To uninstall Discord, select it and hit the Uninstall option.

Step 4: In the Run box, type %AppData% and click Enter. To erase any associated data from your system, hit Delete after right-clicking on the Discord folder.

Step 5: Download the newest edition of Discord from the official web page and follow the installation directions.

After that, verify if the “Discord Go Live not appearing” error has been resolved by launching the freshly installed Discord.

View Multiple Live Streams on Discord

Discord now allows users to view live streams using the application. We get channels with URLs, which we click to start a live broadcast! On Discord, pressing on the grid icon in the upper right is a preferred way to view several broadcasts. We may get a Grid View of the live feeds by tapping on the upper right edge. We can observe an eye symbol in the frame panel as the live feeds continue (near Watch Stream). Using this eye symbol, you may view several streams. We begin viewing numerous live broadcasts at the same time by clicking the symbol.

Discord Live Stream Not Loading

Discord Live Stream Not Loading

There is no one-size-fits-all explanation for why you’re having this problem. Some people believe it’s because of the software or the application you’re utilizing. However, some typical causes of the stream not loading include outdated Discord software, damaged system files on your computer system, a prior session that was not properly terminated, internet difficulties, and so on.

You must first ensure that your internet connection is safe and free of network issues since your live broadcast will not load if your internet connection is not safe. Even if the network connection is alright, the program may be having issues. Check whether your app has been updated. If not, update the app and restart it. You may also restart your PC and reopen the program before loading your feed to avoid any problems. Check out if any prior live sessions have been closed.


Discord has been a wonderful medium for communication amongst gamers all around the world, allowing them to share and discuss their gaming experiences. With the addition of the live streaming feature, you may now play the game live while also communicating with your server members while they watch you play. However, you may have issues with this function; therefore, this article addressed the remedies to the issue Discord Go Live Not Appearing.

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