How do I leave a discord channel without leaving the server?

You might be using Discord as your screen-sharing, texting, audio calling, or video calling platform. For doing all these, you will need to join a server on Discord software whether you are using a mobile or computer. When your necessity is completed, you may need to leave that Discord server you entered.

But, while doing so, you might face some problems or fumbles. In this case, learning how to leave a Discord server PC, iOS & Android Mobile will help you. As you will have proper knowledge and information in this sector, you won’t need anyone’s help. Leaving Discord servers from any devices won’t ever seem a tough job for you because of this.

How to Leave a Discord Server

The Reasons Why You May Need to Leave a Discord Server

To make a call or share your screen through Discord, you will need to join one of its servers. You can enter any chat or call through a link, or you can create a conversation or call all by yourself.

You may join Discord for screen sharing with friends on the call or live streaming or for a meeting. There can be a time when you may feel the necessity of leaving that server. It can happen because of different reasons. You may think the server leaving process is challenging or complex, but it is not like that.

We will look forward to it in the later part, but first, take a look at the reasons why you may need to leave the Discord server. The reasons are:

  • Maybe the conversation is happening in a way you don’t want, or it is not fulfilling your necessity
  • You may not feel a pleasing or attractive vibe towards the content and the participants of the server
  • The conversation and contents of the server may feel boring
  • If any participant of the server is using vulgar languages,
  • The contents may feel inappropriate and irritating for you, and you may feel leaving that server immediately

When you leave the Discord server, your name will be removed from the server’s list. There will be a role for you in the server when being in the call or the conversation. Leaving from the server will disable your name from the role list, and no messages or notifications will come from there.

How to Leave a Discord Server – In Detail Discussion

The procedure of leaving from any Discord server will vary from device to device. You will see one type of procedure on the desktop, and for a mobile Discord server, you will face another. The step-by-step processes for leaving a Discord server are:

How to Leave from a Discord Server on PC

The operating system of Discord will not be different in the computers compared to the other devices. Now, let’s talk about the step-wise process of leaving a Discord server on your computer:

Step-1: Open and Log in to the Discord

The first thing you need to do is open the Discord software on your laptop or desktop. Then wait for some time for the software to run correctly, and log in to the software.

Step-2: Server Entry

Before making any call or creating any conversation, you will have to join any server. When you share your screen through this, the same entering process is necessary. There will be a host of the server, and most likely, it’s the person who starts the call or the conversation.

Step-3: Locating the Server You Want to Leave

When you are in the middle of any call or conversation, you will be under any Discord server. For many reasons, you may need to leave the meeting or the call. The server list will be on the left side of your computer screen, from where you can easily find it.

There will be a desktop sign on the upper-right corner of the server icon, which you will be using at that moment. Thus, you can locate your current server quickly without any hassle.

Step-4: Leaving the Discord Server

Take your mouse pointer or arrow on the server you want to leave. Click the right button of your mouse or the touchpad of your computer, and a menu bar will appear. With some other options above, the last option of that menu bar will be “Leave Server.”

leave server

Click here, and a small window will pop up on the screen requiring your permission to leave the server. Press “Leave Server” again to make it confirm that you will leave the server.

leave server button

How to Leave from a Discord Server on Android Mobile

Discord recently launched the mobile version of their software, and it is still under testing. So, you may face fumbles while using the Discord app on your Android mobile phone. When you can enter in a call or conversation through a Discord server, there is surely a way to leave it. The processes for that are:

Step-1: Open and Log in to the Discord Mobile

Unlock your mobile phone, and open the Discord app on your Android mobile phone. Before you use Discord, you need to log in first by using your username and password.

Step-2: Server Entering

Whether you will join a call or conversation, you need to enter the Discord server.

Step-3: Locate the Server Position

At some point, you may need to leave the server, and you can do it easily. The server list will be on the left side of your phone screen and locate the server. Go into the server, as you will find it on the screen with a desktop sign on its icon.

The icon will be most probably roundish, and click on that icon to start the leaving process.

Step-4: Leaving the Discord Server on Mobile Phone

Swipe to the right of your phone’s screen after going into the server. Your swiping will reveal a menu bar on the mobile screen. You will see a three dots option beside the Server’s name on the top right corner of the menu bar.

Click on the three dots, and another menu bar will appear with having “Leave Server” on the bottom of the bar.

having “Leave Server”

The app will require your confirmation to leave the server with again “Leave Server” option popping up by clicking there. Click here for confirmation, you will leave the Discord server. That server you left will not appear on the server list of the menu bar of your screen.

How to Leave from a Discord Server on iOS

You may be a user of any iOS device, and you may even use the Discord app on it. The discord app is available in the app store for iOS devices. When you use Discord on iOS, at some point, you will need to take leave from there. You can follow the below steps to leave the Discord server on your iOS devices:

Step-1: Log in to Your Discord Account

Open the Discord app on your iPhone or iPad, and log into your Discord account using your password and username. You need to provide the correct username or email along with using the right password.

Step-2: Choose the Server

When you enter a call, conversation, or screen-sharing, you will need to do it through any Discord server. There may come a time when you have to leave the server that you have joined. To do so, at first, locate the server icon, as you will find it on the left side of the screen.

Step-3: Leaving the Server

Tap on the server icon, and a window will appear on the screen of your iOS device. You will see a sign of three dots beside the Server’s name on the top-bottom corner of that newly opened window. By clicking on that three dots sign, another menu bar will come in front.

You will see some options with “Leave Server” at the bottom.

Press there, and another small window will pop up with two options of “Yes” and “No”. Click on the first option, and you will leave the Discord server immediately.

leave server massage

Thus, you will learn how to leave a text channel in Discord on iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices as well.

How to Leave Your Own Discord Server!

How to Leave the Discord Server You Made

When you will be under a Discord server, either you will make it or join the server made by someone else. Now let’s see the processes of how you can leave from the Discord server that you made:

Step-1: Open the Discord and Create a Server

Open the Discord software on your desktop, laptop, or other devices. Then log in to your Discord account. After doing so, create a server on your own to start a call or meeting with others.

Step-2: Locating the Server Settings

At some point, you will need to end the meeting, and as the creator of the server, you will have to delete it. You will see a dropdown icon by tapping the icon of your server. Tap on that dropdown icon, and the dropdown menu will appear.

Locating the Server Settings

You will see an option named “Server Settings” at the top part of that dropdown menu bar.

server setting

Step-3: Server Deleting

Click on that Server Settings option, and another window will come out. You will see some options with the “Delete Server” option at the bottom, and you need to click there.

delete server

After you press that option, a small window will pop up requiring your confirmation for permanent deletion. Press “Delete Server” again to confirm your Discord Server deleting process.

Delete Server

How to Leave a Discord Server Without Deleting it

Not always you can delete the Discord server that you created. Sometimes, you may need to leave the meeting, but the meeting needs to go on, and you are the host. Then, you will have to transfer your ownership to anyone from the other members of the meeting, and the processes are:

Step-1: Go to the Dropdown Menu Bar and Server Settings

In this case, you are the host of the server, but you can’t delete it as the meeting needs to keep going. Find the dropdown icon at the upper right part of your device’s screen. Tap there, and the dropdown menu bar will appear before you with having the “Server Settings” option.

server setting

Step-2: Member Choosing

You will see the option named “Members” on the bar’s bottom because of your clicking. Click here, and the list of all the members will come out. Select the member’s id whom you want to transfer the ownership of the server.

Member discord

Step-3: Ownership Transferring

Press the three dots beside the selected member’s name, and you will see a window with some options. The bottom option will be named “Transfer Ownership”, and click there to make that member the host and owner of the meeting.

Ownership Transferring

How to Leave a Discord Server on Mobile


Is there any way of leaving my own server?

Yes, you can leave the server that you created to make calls or conversations, and there are two different ways of it. You can delete the whole Discord server from the “Server Settings” option. The other thing you can do is transfer the server’s ownership to one of the members through the “Server Settings” option.

Can I leave the Discord server without letting anyone notice?

Unfortunately, it is not possible on Discord. Whenever you will leave the meeting or the server, the other members will know. All the members of the server will get a notification or a message regarding your leave.

How Can I delete my Discord server?

You can delete your Discord server through the dropdown menu bar. On that menu bar, you will see “Server Settings”. Click here to find the “Delete Server” option, and you will see it at the bottom of that window. Press there to delete the server, and the meeting will end instantly.

What will be my role when I leave the Discord server?

Every member of the meeting and server holds their role there. You will also have one, but when you leave the server, it will be no more. The role of every member ends as they leave from the server and the meeting.


Can’t leave the Discord server or facing any issues with the leaving process from the Discord server? Not anymore, as you can do it all by yourself by knowing how to leave a Discord server. The process is not tricky, though it may vary from device to device.

Either you are a general member of the server or the server owner, it is possible to leave the server. In both cases, the processes are not that tough with having the basic knowledge. Most possibly, you won’t leave the server accidentally as the Discord will want confirmation twice.

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