Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Mac [FIXED]

Discord is now one of the most used texting, audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing platforms. You can use Discord on every kind of device with a different operating system. The Mac is not different as it comes with the macOS in it, with which you can use Discord.

You can send text, do audio calling, video calling, and share your screen on Discord through Mac. But while doing so, you may have faced the problem of Discord screen share audio not working Mac. This problem with audio can occur because of some error or glitches with the Discord software or the device itself.

How To Fix Screen Share Audio Not Working Discord

What Can cause Discord Mac screen share audio not working

Facing problems with the audio while sharing your screen on Discord is not any situation when you get tensed. It is a casual situation that can occur because of various reasons. Glitches or fumbles on the Discord software and your device can make this problem appear. The possible reasons why you can face this problem are:

  • If you use the older version of Discord on Mac, the audio may stop working correctly during the screen-sharing time
  • The older and non-updated audio driver can also cause audio-related problems on your Mac
  • If the Discord cache is too much in amount, they can also be responsible for not working audio during screen share
  • The antivirus installed on your Mac can block the audio system of the device for use on Discord
  • The voice settings option of your Mac may not be proper, and that can also be responsible for audio not working
  • No admin access is another reason which can bring this problematic situation

What to do when Discord screen share audio not working Mac

When you are facing audio-related problems on your Mac, most probably, it’s not a serious issue to worry about. Following some basic steps and doing some minor changes and updates can solve this problem. While sharing your screen on Discord through Mac, audio-related issues may occur.

Whoever used Discord on Mac has faced the audio not working problem at some point. The things you can do to get rid of this problem are:

Method-1: Restarting Your Mac

Suppose you are sharing your Mac’s screen on Discord, and suddenly audio stops working. It can happen because of the programs running in the background, which may be conflicting with Discord. For this case, the audio system will face errors and stop working. The thing you can do is, restart your Mac and then open Discord on your device again.

When you do so, hopefully, the audio system should start working as you share your screen.

Method-2: Update the Discord software to the Latest Version

When you are not using the latest Discord version on your Mac, it can bring many problems. Not working the audio while you are sharing your screen is one of those problems. So, you need to update Discord to fix the bugs or other issues regularly. The updating processes are:

Step-1: Access to the file location of Discord, as you will find it in the system section. When you are doing this, make sure your internet connection is working smoothly.

Step-2: Then double-click the mouse to enter into the Discord files. You will see some other files related to the Discord software. If any update on Discord is available, you will probably see it at the bottom named update.exe.

Step-3: Double click on there to start the updating process and wait until the update completes. Then, restart your Mac, re-launch the Discord software, and hopefully, the audio not working issue will be solved.

Method-3: Clearing the Cached Data

If the audio is still not working at the screen-sharing time, the next thing you need to do is delete the cache data. A large number of cached data can prevent the audio system from working. That’s the main reason why you need to clear this cached data.

At first, close the Discord app, and keep the Finder window open. Press Shift-Command-G, you will see a search box, enter ~/Library/Caches in that box, and press “Go.” It will bring up all the cached data on your Mac, including the cached data from Discord.

Delete the Discord folder from there, restart your device, and the sound not working during the screen share issue will be alright.

Method-4: Audio Driver Updating

While your Mac faces audio issues during screen-sharing, it is a high chance that the faulty audio driver is responsible. The faulty or missing audio drivers are highly capable of stopping audio while you are screen sharing on Discord.

At first, you need to detect the problem of your Mac’s audio driver and Driver Pack or Driver Easy to get the job done. After detecting the problem, you can update the audio driver with just a click. There shouldn’t remain any problems left with the audio settings when you do so.

Method-5: Antivirus Disabling

You may have the antivirus installed on your Mac, and it can prevent audio from working right from the word go. Antivirus can have conflicting issues with permission, and audio can be one of them. So, you should disable the antivirus temporarily; the audio should start working while you are screen-sharing on Discord through Mac.

Method-6: Re-Installing Discord

If any of the above methods don’t solve the audio issue, you can try re-installing the Discord software.

Step-1: Open “Control Panel” on your Mac, and you will see many options there. Press “Uninstall a Program” and find the Discord file name and location from there.

Step-2: Take the mouse cursor over the Discord file and right-click the mouse. A window will pop up having the “Uninstall” option in the middle, and press there to uninstall the program from your Mac.

Step-3: Then Download the Discord software from the Discord website, and install it. Hopefully, when you will open the Discord and share your screen, the audio system will work properly.

How To Fix Screen Share Audio Not Working Discord


Can Mac share audio on Discord?

If you are using a Mac to run Discord, don’t worry about sharing the audio. You can share your screen with others while in a call, meeting, conversation, or even streaming live. Simultaneously, as sharing live video of the screen, the Mac is also capable of sharing audio on Discord.

What should I do when audio is not working during screen-sharing?

When the audio is not working on Discord through Mac, first check whether the earphone is connected correctly or not. If that’s OK, restart your Mac, update the latest Discord version, or delete cache data to solve the problem.

You can also update the audio driver, disable antivirus, and at last re-install Discord. One of these processes should make the audio system work again.

How to share audio on discord


Facing audio issues with a computer, laptop, or mobile is generally a normal issue. But when the audio stops working while you are screen sharing, it may give tension to you. Don’t thick excessively when you face this Discord screen share audio not working Mac, as it is easily solvable.

There are various methods to get rid of this problematic situation, and all of these are pretty simple. When you follow and complete the methods perfectly, the audio should start working. If one way is unsuccessful, use another, and hopefully, any one of these will be the cure of your problem.

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