How to Spoiler on Discord Mobile

Gamers, Redditors, and Patreon developers utilize Discord to communicate and exchange media. After listening to user input, Discord’s developers have started introducing new features. The most recent is the introduction of “Spoilers.” Spoilers are texts that are concealed until they are clicked on.

Users typically use them to communicate anything without spoiling the joy or anticipation for others in the chat. For instance, a movie’s ending, a book’s cliffhanger, and so on. Users may now include spoilers in their Discord chats, according to a recent upgrade. This article will go through how to Spoiler on Discord Mobile.

How to Spoiler on Discord Mobile

Spoiler in Discord Mobile Messages: How to Apply It

Spoiler tags may be added to texts sent on a Discord server in a variety of ways. The methods below can be followed on any platform, including smartphone apps for Android or Apple. 

  • Enter “/spoiler” at the beginning of a text to attach a spoiler tag. In a Discord server, issuing the command “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” will conceal the text unless the receivers want to read it
  • You may also insert two vertical bars at the beginning and end of your text. “||this is a spoiler message||” is an example of a spoiler

Click or tap a spoiler text in a Discord server to see it. With a gray background surrounding it, the text will appear prominent

Add Spoiler on Discord Desktop App

You can use the Discord Android or iOS app to add spoilers, but you can also utilize your PC, laptop, or any other device to do so. Adding spoilers to the Discord Desktop application is a straightforward procedure.

  • Highlight the section of the message you wish to designate as a spoiler in a conversation.
  • Choose “Mark as spoiler” from the options by right-clicking on it.
  • Deliver the text message. A black box will automatically hide the spoiler content.

You may also use the methods described above to add a spoiler tag on Discord Desktop App.

How to Add Spoiler to Images

How to Add Spoiler to Images

Spoiler labels can also be added to photos or other files sent to a Discord server. For this type of media, the procedures described above will not function, but you can designate files and photos as spoilers before uploading them.

Because this functionality isn’t enabled in the mobile applications, you can only apply spoiler tags to pictures or files sent via the Discord webpage or the Discord application for Windows or Mac.

Drag and drop your document into the server conversation in the Discord desktop application or on the webpage, or click the addition symbol (+) next to the chatbox.

Before your corresponding file is transmitted in the conversation, you’ll see a preview of it. To conceal the picture or file after it’s received, tick the “Mark as Spoiler” option, then hit “Upload.”

The picture or attachment will display on Discord beneath spoiler tags after it has been submitted. To ignore the spoiler view and study the file, press “Spoiler.”

The spoiler label is removed, and the picture or document is shown normally.

Although the Discord mobile applications do not have a dedicated feature for adding spoilers to files or pictures, it may be done manually. To designate an image/video a spoiler on your smartphone, rename it and include the term “SPOILER_” (not with the quotes) before the file’s name.

For instance, if a picture or video’s title is “Big ED,” you’ll need to modify it to “SPOILER_Big ED.”

If you share the image/video on Discord, it will be blurred and marked as a spoiler. To rename a picture or video on your smartphone, navigate to your file manager, then locate the image/video.

How to control Spoiler on your Discord Server

You may regulate the spoiler messages and select whether or not to expose the spoiler texts that any of the other users may have tagged if you are in command of the server. This could disrupt the thrill of the spoiler for your server’s members, but you may have some fun with it.

To do so, simply launch the Discord app and navigate to User Settings.

Next, select Texts &Images. There you will find three options.

If you select the On Click option, members of your server will be able to disclose the spoiler by clicking the spoiler marks inside the content. Then, by choosing On servers I moderate, you’ll be able to manage all of the Tags on any server you’re in charge of. If you wish to turn off the discord spoiler tag, simply choose Always.

Now you’ve learned the ways above and know how to send someone a Discord spoiler and wreck their surprise.


  1. How can I make a Discord spoiler channel?

Answer- To form a spoiler channel, simply do the following: –

  • spoiler>channel include the channel you’d want to utilize as a spoiler.
  • spoiler>subject [topic] to change the channel’s topic. This command can be used to modify the subject again.
  • In Discord, how can I black out a message?

Answer- Cover the text in two railings (this thing: |) to do this. It can be activated by typing || Spoiler! || in Discord; of course, “Spoiler!” is the phrase you wish to be blacked out, and note that the text may be replaced with any content.

  • Is it possible to alter the colour of the text in Discord?

Answer- It is absolutely viable to modify the colour of your text. There are no built-in features or special instructions. To alter the colour of your text, you must use certain colour codes. Red, orange, yellow, dark green, light green, and blue are some of the colours you may choose from.


Knowing how to spoiler on Discord Mobile can allow you and other members of your server to keep information about a film, book, or show from people who haven’t viewed it yet. This feature will allow you to discuss the spoilers with other users while avoiding revealing too much about the plot.

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