Discord Mobile Mic Not Working

The issue of Discord Mic not working has now become a frequent occurrence for all Discord app users, in which the program fails to identify your voice because the mic has stopped working (according to the discord app). People on the other end of the line typically can’t hear you, even if you can. This microphone malfunction appears to affect mostly the desktop versions of Discord, although it appears that some mobile users are also affected. In this article, we’ll explore how to fix Discord Mobile Mic Not Working.

Discord Mobile Mic Not Working

Process of Fixing Discord Mobile Mic Malfunction

The following are a few options for resolving the microphone malfunction on the Discord Mobile app. You should be able to solve the problem if you follow the steps exactly.

Step-1: Make sure that your device’s microphone is working. This problem could occur if the mic of your mobile, or the headphone you are using is not working. You may test your device’s mic by recording voice notes on your phone.  If the output audio is clear and noise-free, your headphones or mobile microphone are operating properly; nevertheless, if there is any noise or interruption in that voice note, it might be the root of the problem. In that case, you need to change your headphones and or fix the microphone problem of your mobile. Something else might be causing an issue if the device mic is operating properly. 

Step-2: If the microphone on your devices is working properly, try restarting it. Restarting your phone will often fix problems with apps that aren’t working.

Step-3: If restarting your phone does not solve the problem, navigate to the app settings. After that, go to Discord and clear the app data and cache. This might be a way to address the issue.

Step-4: Try the traditional re-installation technique if none of the preceding procedures work. Most of the time, reinstalling applications fixes the problem.

Step-5: When nothing else seems to work, try the steps below to fix your phone’s mic problem. Go to the Voice and Video section of the options menu. Low Latency Hardware Acceleration is available under Voice and Video. Choose “Force calls to use OpenSL ES” from the drop-down menu. After that, force shut Discord and restart it.

The mic issue on Discord on any Android or iOS smartphone may be resolved by trying the solutions above. You may also increase your voice quality by enabling Voice Sensitivity in Voice Settings.

Discord Voice Not Working

Discord Voice/Mic not working problem appears to be most prevalent with the desktop version for PC users, and less so with the mobile application. Mic difficulties happen to everyone; hence a detailed tutorial is given below to fix it.

Traditional Ways to fix the Mic Issue

  • Shut down Discord completely and restart it. This may cure the problem in certain situations, but may not always be the case.
  • Try unplugging and replugging your audio/mic jack or USB along with the step mentioned above, then restarting Discord.
  • If nothing of the above methods worked, a thorough restart of your computer should restore your microphone’s functionality.
  • Log out and then log in again.
  • Close the application down and “Run as Administrator” by right clicking the Discord icon.

If none of the prior options are working, try the alternative ways given below to address the mic problem.

Discord Mobile App Quiet Or No Sound In Voice Chat

Upgrading Audio Driver

An out-of-date driver or a damaged file might sometimes be the source of the problem. You can easily solve this by manually upgrading your audio driver.

Ensuring Correct Mic is Used by Discord

Wrong devices can be selected sometimes which is why it may result in no mic being detected. Follow the instructions below to assure Discord is using the right microphone:


Near the bottom of the application besides the headphone icon, navigate to ‘User Settings’.



Then, choose ‘Voice & Video’ from the drop-down menu beneath the ‘App Settings’ heading.



A box labeled ‘Input Device’ may be found towards the top. Select your device from the drop down menu.



Lastly, please ensure the ‘Input Volume’ lever beneath this drop-down is set to its maximum level.

Input Volume for voice not working on Discord

Reset Voice Settings

The issue of the voice not working on Discord can also be resolved by resetting the voice settings on your Discord app. To do so, head to User Settings and then to App Settings, where you’ll find Voice and Video. After that, scroll down to “Reset Voice Settings” in a red, separate box under the Voice and Video settings.


Finally, click ‘Okay’ and restart app to check if its working.

Automatic Input Sensitivity

If the ‘Automatic Input Sensitivity’ option is turned off, the microphone on Discord may cease working. This prevents Discord from automatically recognizing microphone input, and it’s extremely easy to modify.


Go to ‘User Settings’ , then select ‘Voice & Video’ beneath ‘App Settings.


A dual-color bar with the header ‘Input Sensitivity’ should appear. Turn on the switch to have it detect input automatically. 


Push to Talk Setting

Another alternate voice activation setting that might assist in repairing the mic issue is Push to talk. When you wish to communicate in the app, you’ll have to hit the button you selected.


Locate the User Settings icon, and find Voice and Video underneath App Settings.


Select the “Push to Talk” option from Input Mode.

push to talk


You will observe the “Input Sensitivity” bar turn to a “Shortcut” box.



You will be allowed to click on “Edit Keybind” from this box.


When it will show “Start Recording”, you can select the mouse or any keyboard button you wish to use as a push to talk key.


The process will terminate after you press” Stop Recording”.

If none of these methods have solved your bug, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Discord app on your PC. Finally, if a complete reinstall doesn’t work, contact Discord directly, who would be delighted to assist you further.


Mic not working when using Discord on your phone or PC is a really frustrating issue since it prevents you from properly communicating with your friends. The methods given to solve Discord mobile mic not working should suffice along with fixing the mic issue on your PC.

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