Discord Server Widget – What Is A Widget

Discord is a popular medium for keeping connected. You can use this for various purposes. You can easily host your discord server into a website using a small application named “Discord Server Widget.” It is very much easy to use.

But it can make your connection easier and the server stronger. Here you will learn briefly about a widget, discord server widget, usage of it, etc. If you follow this article carefully, it will help you increase the number of members of your server without inviting them.

Let’s know about the discord server widget and more.


What Is A Widget

Widget is a kind of tiny application hosted on the web page, and you can use that on other websites. You can easily create your widget according to your requirement. Using the widget, you can share news or information from one region to another easily.

The widget works to allow the content to be updated automatically. If the user has a proper data connection, he/she will get more than 80% playlist automatically for the widget. Discord server widget works in the same process.

You may ask,” What is a Discord Server Widget, and how it works?” You will learn practically about the working process of the discord server article following this article.

What is a Discord server Widget?

It’s very much easy to invite people to join your server, providing the invitation link on the website using a discord server widget. The widget can help you in various ways. For example, you can welcome visitors to your website using the device.

It will also allow you to check the member’s status online, offline, or playing any game. Logging in to Discord is not necessary to do this. You can easily embed the discord server on your website.

Another excellent site of Discord widget is you can use this for the recruitment process. Visitors can check the activity of your Discord group quickly on the website. And they can join your server/group/channel without any invitation.

How to Enable the Discord widget

If you want to use Discord Server Widget, then you should enable this first. You cannot embed your group on the website without doing this. In this part, we are briefing you on how to enable the server Widget on Discord. Let’s learn the process step by step.

Step-1: Start the Discord app on Desktop

Step-2: From the left, go to your server


Step-3: On the top of the channel list, click the title of your server.

Step-4: Click on the Drop-Down menu to get the Server Settings option. Click on that.


There you will find an option named “Turn on Ember Widget in Discord 1.”

Step-5: Find out Server Settings from the sidebar, then click the Widget option.

You will find like this: “Turn on Ember Widget in Discord 2.”

Step-6: Here, you will get an option named “Turn on Ember Widget in Discord 3”. Click on this option. It will enable the server widget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I get more Android widgets?

You don’t need to face hassles to get more widgets for your Android device. You can easily find out your desired gadgets using the Play Store app. Open the app and type “widgets” on the search bar.

How to use Discord without the app?

Though the Discord app is available in the app store, you can use it without the app. For this, open the Chrome browser of your phone. Then enable the “Desktop” mode from the menu. After that, you can enter into Discord to use it.

How to use Discord on Android?

You can easily use Discord on your Android device. Open the Play Store app, then type Discord on the search bar. You will get the Discord app there. Tap on install to get the app on your phone. Open it once installed. Then click on “Log In” if you already have an account. Else, you have to choose the “Sign Up”. It will take you to the account creation option.

Discord server widget – How to Embed into Website

Final Words

Discord is a renowned app for keep connecting with friends and others easily. Mostly, Esports players use this much to get connected. Discord Server Widget is another exciting feature of it. As it’s a versatile application, that’s why; it can be used for many purposes easily.

We have described the Discord Server Widget briefly here. You can quickly learn about this and how to enable it. We hope this article will help you use the Discord Server Widget easily and help you keep connected with more people.

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