Discord Account Disabled – Reason & Fixing Steps to Follow

For chatting, calling, and screen sharing on Discord, you need to create your Discord account first. But that account of yours can get disabled if you violate any terms and regulations. You can also disable your account if you feel the necessity of doing so. But, getting the account disabled and getting banned is not the same.

Getting your Discord account disabled can bring folds of thought on your forehead. If you face this problem, you should remain calm, inform the Discord authority, and take the other necessary steps. If you personally disable your account on Discord, you will have a 14-days deadline for restoring your account.

What are the Reasons of Discord Account Getting Disabled

What are the Reasons of Discord Account Getting Disabled

When you create your Discord account, you need to agree with all the terms and conditions of Discord. There are several rules and regulations on Discord that you need to maintain to keep your account alive. Violating any of those rules, terms, or conditions can disable your account.

At the same time, any Discord user can also disable his/her personal Discord account for various reasons. The significant causes of the Discord account getting disabled are:

  • If you write your email id or username wrong several times continuously
  • Writing the wrong password can be another reason behind disabling your account
  • When you join on multiple servers and send multiple messages at the same time
  • If the Discord algorithm detects you as a spam user
  • Harassing other peoples on Discord via messaging
  • Faulty detection of Discord algorithm about your rules violation can disable your Discord account
  • You can also disable your own account if you want so
Discord Account Getting Disabled

What Should I Do When my Discord Account Disabled

What Should I Do When my Discord Account Disabled

Violating the Discord rules and regulations is the main reason for disabling your Discord account. But some users even faced the problem of Discord account disabled for no reason. It happens because of the false detection by the Discord algorithm.

But the main task you need to focus on is how to bring back your Discord account. Let’s see how can you restore your Discord account when it gets disabled, and when you disable your own account:

The Fixing Steps to Follow When your Discord Account Gets Disabled Unfortunately

The Fixing Steps to Follow When your Discord Account Gets Disabled Unfortunately

Step-1: Check the Disabled Confirmation

When the authority disables your Discord account, you will receive a message from Discord regard to that. You may not log into your account for various reasons, so you shouldn’t assume anything before checking. When failed to log in, you will see a notification from the Discord authority containing the message “Your Account Has Been Disabled.”

It will also come with the reason why your account has been disabled. Most of the time, it happens because of violating the Discord terms and regulations and making unlawful acts by the user. But in some cases, it can happen, unfortunately, because of the error in the Discord algorithm.


Step-2: Go to Email Section

After becoming sure about your Discord account getting disabled, you need to take proper action against it. You need to inform Discord authority when your account gets disabled by mistake. To inform them, you need to send a mail to the Discord authority regarding that and request fixing your account.

Access to your Gmail first to start the proceedings of Discord account disabled appeal.

Step-3: Send Request for Un-Disable Your Account

Then you need to write an Email to Discord authority and carefully put the receiver’s name as “Discord.” Don’t forget to put the mail subject correctly by writing “My Account Has Been Disabled on Discord.” After placing the subject of the mail correctly, you need to focus on the body of the mail.

Describe that you haven’t made any fault or broken any terms and conditions. But, if you have done something wrong, describe that too and write that you will never do such things again. One thing you must remain careful about is that your account has been disabled, not banned.

So, properly present the scenario and don’t mess up the Discord account disabled vs banned. After completing, send the mail.

send the mail

Step-4: Wait for the Feedback and Reply

As you will appeal your Discord account getting disabled, the Discord authority will inspect this matter. After reviewing, you will get feedback from their side within a week. If you make no mistakes, the authority will instantly fix your account and apologize.

The feedback mail will contain a message about which fault you have knowingly or unknowingly done if the mistake is yours. On that message, they will also warn you not to repeat the same error. Then you will need to reply that you will never commit the same mistake and always maintain the community rule.

Wait for the Feedback and Reply

Discord Account Disabled Fixing Methods

The Steps to Follow for Restoring When You Knowingly Disable Your Discord Account

Step-1: Log Into Your Discord Account

You must have disabled your Discord account for some particular reason. When you want to restore your account, you need to log into the account first by providing the correct email and password. As you will log into your account, you will see a window appearing with a dialog box.

You will be notified about your disabled account on that dialog box, and also about it is pending deletion.

Log Into Your Discord Account

Step-2: Restoring The Account

At the below part of that dialog box, you will find an option named “Restore Account.” All you need to do is clicking on that option to restore your account as it was before. But one thing is a must to remember that when you disable your account, you will have a deadline to restore it.

Within fourteen days, you need to restore your Discord account; otherwise, the account will be deleted permanently. Once it’s done, you will never be able to restore your Discord account, so stay careful about that deadline.

restore your Discord account


What are the reasons behind the Discord account getting Disabled?

The primary reason for getting your Discord account disabled is for violating the terms and rules of Discord. Providing the wrong email id and passwords continuously several times is another reason behind this problem. But, because of some Discord algorithm errors, your account can get disabled as well. On both occasions, you will have the opportunity to restore the account.

What will happen when a Discord account gets disabled?

Getting disabled means that a particular Discord account will remain inactive during the disabled period. But it will exist on different servers and on the friend lists of other Discord users connected with that disabled account. When the account gets disabled by the authority, you need to appeal against it for fixing.

If you disable your account by yourself, you will have a fourteen-day deadline to restore it. Otherwise, your Discord account will be wiped off entirely.


There are various reasons behind getting your Discord account disabled. Violation of the Discord terms and rules is the major reason for causing this problem. In some cases, the Discord account gets disabled for no reason. This situation can cause severe headaches to the user.

But you shouldn’t panic, remain calm, and appeal to Discord authority to fix your account. After an inspection, hopefully, Discord authority will restore your Discord account. If you disable your own account, you can restore it all by yourself within fourteen days.

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