Rainbow Six Siege Discord – The Step-by-Step Processes

Rainbow six siege is a first-person online tactical shooter video game that many gamers play and stream. If you play this game, you can stream it online with your friends, fans, and other audiences through Discord. When you want to join any rainbow six siege Discord server, you can find many teams from Reddit or other social platforms.

Many bots are available to add to your Discord server while playing the rainbow six siege. All you need to do is add the bots on your channel, share your screen, and stream your gameplay in front of the audience. The whole process is pretty basic, and you shouldn’t face any hassle related to that.

Rainbow Six Siege Discord

The Necessary things to Stream Rainbow Six Siege on Discord

If you want to play rainbow six siege and stream it online, you will need some basic materials. It is mainly a computer-based first-person online tactical shooter video game. This online video game can be played both with a team and single, but most players prefer it to play with a team.

The list of the necessary things for the whole process of streaming rainbow six sieges on a Discord server are:

  • A desktop or a laptop with higher RAM and ROM capacity
  • Purchase and download the rainbow six siege and install it on your computer
  • Download Discord on your PC, and stream the rainbow six siege gameplay through it

The Step-by-step Processes of Streaming Rainbow Six Siege Discord

To stream your rainbow six siege gameplay, you will have to enter a channel or a server first. For that, you need to either create a server or join a server created by others. It is not hard to stream your gameplay on Discord if you follow the basic step-by-step processes.

This thing is just like sharing your screen and keeping the gaming tab open. Still, there is a unique process for the whole thing, and let’s see it step-by-step:

Step-1: Install Discord on your Computer and Open It

First thing first, downloads Discord and install the software on your computer. Then, create your account following the correct way of providing an email id and setting a strong password. After all these processes are completed, log in to your Discord account.

Step-2: Entering A Discord Channel

To share your screen on Discord, you will have to enter in a Discord server first. You will have to create a server on your own or join a server through an invitation link. You can join the server created by your friend or participate in any server from social media platforms.

Find A Team In Rainbow Six Siege – New R6 Discord Server

Step-3: Install and Open Rainbow Six Siege

After joining any server, your next step should be downloading the rainbow six siege game. Then, install that first-person computer shooting game, and open it on your laptop or desktop. You can play either single, or you can form up a team with your friends or other players.

It is possible to find teammates from different social media platforms. On Reddit, you will find many teams linked with descriptions, and you can use it as your rainbow six siege discord team finder. From the description, you will get to know either they are streaming on Discord or not.

You may also hear the term of OCE servers on rainbow six sieges. This term stands for the oceanic players, and these servers are generally for the players from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji/etc. You can find the rainbow six siege Discord OCE servers from Reddit or other social platforms as well.

After that, get a Discord server link, and join the server using that invitation link. Your current server will contain a monitor sign on the top-right corner of the server’s profile image.

Step-4: Streaming the Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay on Discord

Before the streaming of your gameplay, make sure you have kept the gaming tab open. Then enter the server from the server image on the left side of the screen. After entering the server, you will have to take permission from the server host for streaming.

But if you are the server host, then you can directly share your screen. In both cases, you will see the “Stream” option with its icon at the bottom-left corner of your computer’s screen.

Streaming the Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay on Discord

Click here, and all the tabs opened on your computer will be on the Discord’s page, along with the game tab. From there, select the rainbow six siege game option, and a notification window will pop up. The tiny new window will contain “Go Live” and “Cancel” options, and you need to click on the first option.

the rainbow six siege game

Step-5: Audio Permission

When you press for going live, there will be another notification bar appearing on your screen. It will be on the top left corner of your screen and will require your audio permission while you stream.

Audio Permission

After you give the permission and press “Allow,” the stream of your rainbow six siege gameplay will start. You can also add the rainbow six siege Discord bot on your server by first installing it. After that, assign a role for the bot and then add it to your server. When you are streaming your screen, it will look like this:

stream Rainbow six siege on Discord


Can I stream Rainbow six siege on Discord?

Yes, you can, and you will have to install and open both Discord and Rainbow six siege on your computer. Then, enter a server by either creating one or joining one through an invitation link. Allow all the permissions from Discord, open the game tab on your computer, and select it from the Discord page.

After doing so, you will be all set to go live with your rainbow six siege gameplay.

How can I add audio while streaming rainbow six sieges on Discord?

You can add your audio at the time of streaming your rainbow six siege gameplay. When you press the option of going live, a notification bar will appear at the top-left corner of your screen. Press “Allow” from there, and your live audio will be added with your live streaming.


Rainbow six siege is a well-known computer-based tactical shooting game. Many gamers use Discord to live stream this game and their gameplay. If you are a player who also streams, enter a team and their server to stream your gameplay. You can play single and stream gameplay as well, but you need to create a server for that.

Entering these types of servers will require you to create one or join one with the invitation link. Adding your live audio with live screen-sharing is also possible. There is also the opportunity to add bots on this rainbow six siege Discord server and assign roles to them.

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