How to Connect Oculus Quest 2 to PS4 & PS5

Despite the fact that the Oculus Quest 2 is now the most popular virtual reality gameplay headgear in the business, some may argue that it doesn’t have the ability to run some of the best games available on the segment today. A growing number of gamers are considering the prospect of linking their PlayStation 5 system to an Oculus Quest 2 to enjoy PlayStation videogames. This article will detail how to connect Oculus Quest 2 to PS4 & PS5.

Oculus Quest 2 to PS4 & PS5

Please accept our sincere apologies if you had hoped that Oculus Quest 2 would immediately connect to PlayStation 5. Expect the unusual. An approved technique to link the two devices does not exist, and there is little reason to anticipate anything otherwise. Sony, after all, possesses its unique PSVR system, and the company is now developing a PSVR 2 platform.

In light of this, Sony’s decision to promote the usage of a computing device on their platform makes no rationale. If they had their way, users would only be allowed to utilize PlayStation VR. Not only that, but it’s built for a PC, not consoles, so plugging it in won’t do much of anything at all! In spite of all this, there might still be a method for you to enjoy PS4 and PS5 videogames with your Quest 2 headgear.

Process of Linking OQ2 to PS4 OR PS5

It’s possible to use third-party programs like SideQuest to deploy programs like PS Remote Play or Chiaki on the Quest and then remotely control the PlayStation from the Quest because Oculus and Sony don’t formally integrate with each other.

Step-1: SideQuest Installation

Using SideQuest, you may add Quest 2 with other applications that you’ve acquired elsewhere. Since there is no authorized Oculus store, you may use SideQuest to check out hundreds of unique games and applications, both free and premium, but we’ll focus on the possibility of downloading APKs straight to Quest now. Acquire the appropriate version of SideQuest for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the SideQuest Download Portal.

Simply hit Next & Install till you’re finished with the wizard setup procedure.

Step-2: Activate Developer Mode

It is necessary to activate developer mode in Quest after SideQuest has been set up on your PC. The Oculus Quest’s developer mode allows you to import APK packages to the virtual reality headset from your PC. And now that developer mode has been activated, let’s get rolling.

To activate Developer Mode, you first have to register your Oculus account as a business or organization. Navigate to, type in any username, and then select “Submit” as seen in the illustration below.

Oculus account

Oculus now recognizes your Oculus profile as one that belongs to a developer, and you may submit APKs to your Quest account.

Step-3: APKs to Install

It’s now time to get the APKs you require after initiating developer mode on your device. For your purposes, there are two applications that accomplish the same thing:

With Sony’s PS Remote Play for Android, you can use your Android smartphone to manage and enjoy a PlayStation 4 or 5 console. With Oculus Quest, this is possible as well. However, some individuals are having issues with the newer versions of the applications. As a result, we present an alternative solution to the issue.

The alternative option is Chiaki, a freemium and open software that performs the same thing as PlayStation Remote Play. No difficulties with PS Remote Play were reported by consumers who have had troubles with Chiaki.

The final one is Google Chrome, which allows you to connect to your PlayStation Network account via your browser. The Oculus browser does not support this, and as a result, Google Chrome is a necessity.

So, now that you know the differences in the applications, here is the list of ones you should consider downloading:

  • Obtain the Chiaki APK as a replacement to the PS Remote Play APK
  • Install Google Chrome using the APK file.

Proceed to the subsequent process by saving the files in a location you can recall.

Upon downloading the SideQuest program and enabling developer mode, it’s required to submit and run the APKs. Mounting the Oculus Quest headgear to the PC is the initial step in the procedure.

Step-4: Build SideLoad

Select the “Currently installed apps” option in the menu bar on the SideQuest home screen – see the image below, on the red highlighted portion:

Build SideLoad

Using this window, you can access and control all of the programs on your Quest headgear. Click and dump the APKs onto this window now, and you’ll be all set. The applications will be downloaded and set up automatically on your Oculus Quest.

Then return to your Oculus Quest headgear and check out the Applications:

Oculus Quest headgear

Step-5: Set up a connection to the PS4/PS5

You may activate remote play by accessing Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings on the PS 5/4 menu. Once you’ve returned to Quest, launch the PS Remote Play application.

Whenever you launch the application, it will request you to check in to your PSN profile, which is necessary to access the URL using Google Chrome. On the PlayStation, log in with the exact PSN account.

Next, pick either PS4 or PS5 in the application. The program searches your console, and it then connects. You’ll be able to view the PS4/PS5 interface window on your Oculus Quest after it’s been connected. You may now use Remote Play to play your favorite games.

PS5 & PSVR VS Oculus Quest 2 – Is This Even A Match?


It’s no surprise that the Oculus Quest’s demand is soaring, thanks to its ability to provide a wide range of immersive gaming experiences. Sadly, it does not support PlayStation games, which might significantly disappoint gamers. This guide on how to connect Oculus Quest 2 to PS4 & PS5 should let you appreciate gameplay on both systems.

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