How do I find my Oculus PIN?

The Virtual Reality headset succeeded in ascending up the rankings by being the most given technological item throughout the Christmas season of 2021. You may have many questions about the Oculus Quest 2 PIN Code if you are a first-time consumer who has never used the device before. The most often asked issue about how do I find my Oculus PIN is addressed in this post to assist you in that endeavor.

Oculus Account

Oculus, a subsidiary of Facebook Inc., manufactures VR headgear primarily for gaming. It stands to reason for your Facebook profile to be required to check in to the VR helmet. Until 2020, Oculus Quest headsets, which will eventually be called Meta Quest Headsets, would not need users to have a Facebook profile. The prerequisite grew in tandem with the introduction of Quest 2.

Since the update, users of VR Headsets may now only register or log in using their Facebook profiles. This sparked a stir among Oculus VR headgear consumers since many disliked signing in with Facebook. Some customers were also kicked out of their Quest VR devices due to the update.


Certain data is exchanged throughout the service as part of the upgrading. The goal of the development was to encourage greater contact between users and their social circles, resulting in the formation of a networking site for participants. If you don’t want specific bits of data exchanged in VR, you may create distinct user accounts and friends lists.

You must complete the instructions below to create an Oculus account until you are no longer required to utilize your Facebook profile. This account will be used to generate your PIN.

On a supported smartphone device, launch the Oculus application. The Oculus application is downloadable on the App Store and Google Play.

There is a sign-up button near the lower part of the display.

Input the name you utilize in everyday life whenever you establish a Facebook profile. In VR, you’ll have the option of displaying that username to outsiders.

You will be enabled to build a distinct VR portfolio after establishing a Facebook profile. You may also alter your privacy configurations during the primary setup, such as whether or not others can view your Facebook username on Oculus. In the Oculus application, you may always adjust your privacy controls. 

Oculus PIN

The Oculus PIN is a five-digit code used to recognize and safeguard you as a consumer. The PIN code you entered protects all of your private information, transactions, and account configurations. This will be the most crucial aspect in validating your purchases and modifying the features of your profile in the long term.

How to Locate Oculus PIN

How to Locate Oculus PIN

Regardless if you are previously signed into the application or the webpage, none of the main security applications, webpages, or functionalities will tell you what your PIN is. As a result, the only method to locate and retrieve your PIN is to use the authorized webpage or application to change it.

Here’s how to update and reset your Oculus PIN instantly:

Visit the Oculus website. Please connect to your profile. Pick “Security” within the left column. “PIN” is located here. Select “Edit” from the menu. Next, choose “Forgot PIN.” Then choose “Request PIN Reset” from the list of selections. A message will be sent to your associated email address. It might end up in your “Spam” section. So, while you’re waiting, have a bite and go through the folder. To change your Oculus PIN, execute the instructions in your email.

If you remember your PIN and wish to update it, follow the steps below.

Modify Oculus PIN utilizing the PC Application

  • On your PC, launch the Oculus application.
  • Inside the left menu, choose Settings.
  • Select Oculus PIN underneath Account.
  • To validate the update, input a unique PIN and, afterward, your passcode.
  • Hit the Submit button.

Modify Oculus PIN utilizing the Smartphone Application

  • On your smartphone, launch the Oculus application.
  • In the upper left corner, select your profile photo.
  • Go to Account Settings and select it.
  • Input your old PIN, next, the updated PIN, and finally hit Submit.

Modify Oculus PIN utilizing the Website

  • In Oculus, navigate to your profile.
  • Inside the left menu, choose Security, then Edit next to PIN.
  • Type your existing PIN, and hit Save after entering your updated PIN.

How to Reset Oculus Quest 2 Pin


Oculus has sparked a fresh wave of interest in virtual reality gameplay among players all around the globe. You may use the Oculus Quest headset to explore VR games to enjoy real-time gaming. To do so, you’ll need to register an Oculus account and generate a PIN that you may use to make transactions via the application. You can forget your PIN or perhaps want to alter it. This is why the article provides a solution to the question, “How do I find my Oculus PIN?”

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