Oculus Quest Controller – Touch Controls, Replacement & Perks

Gamers all across the globe have benefited from the immersive nature of virtual reality gaming. New innovations have made it possible to enjoy video games nearly in real-time. Oculus and other VR headset manufacturers are constantly releasing new and improved headgear so that you may experience virtual reality gameplay or any other leisure in the comfort of your own home.

Oculus controllers may break if dropped while playing shooting or war games. As a result, you may require to substitute it, which is why this essay will first discuss Oculus touch controllers and then address Oculus Quest Controller Replacement.

About Oculus Touch Controls

About Oculus Touch Controls

You can observe a virtual representation of your hands using the Touch controllers, but your real hands are not replicated in any manner in the simulated environment.

Although your hands seem to have five fingers in the generated avatar, you can only utilize three of them: your thumbs, forefinger, and a mashup of your remaining three fingers. The only acceptable form of expression is raising your hand and offering a thumbs-up. No flipping a bird, for instance.

Each controller has a triggering button on the front that fits your forefinger perfectly and a button positioned on the grip that you activate whenever the controller is squeezed. Both the left and right controllers have A and B buttons (or X & Y, based on which controller you’re referring to). Some activities in gaming can be performed by pressing these buttons together in a specified order.

Perks of Touch Controllers

Among the most challenging components of building virtual reality, experience is figuring out how to go about it. There’s only so much area you can explore with the Vive’s 15×15-foot room-scale possibilities. You’ll need a cunning answer if you desire your character to go any farther. Many game developers rapidly realized that various means of mobility made their players queasy, therefore they came up with other means to go about.

Teleportation is the most prevalent of them. In general, you aim your hand controller towards a destination and press a switch to navigate. Each game developer does this uniquely, but the idea is the same.

You may also use the term “retrieval” to describe this process. While teleporting with a hand controller, several games allow you to “pick up” things by aiming the controller at them and hitting a key on the control stick. Not only does this work well for things like collecting ammunition or life, but however some videogames also allow you to bring items into your hand using a laser cannon of sorts.

Oculus Quest Controller

Both teleportation and retrieval have benefits and drawbacks. Because they are so out of character, these two mechanisms can detract from the overall experience. When it comes to capitulating, teleportation and retrieval are both ingenious alternatives, especially considering the existing limits of virtual reality (VR) technologies. Teleportation is considered a breach of actuality by some creators. They will likely remove power from a figure that utilizes it or restrict the amount of transfer you may do. A good illustration of this is needing a particular period of time to elapse before the item may be used anew.

The Touch controllers make transposition and recovery precise and straightforward in any case. For instance, using an Xbox controller, you’d have to stare at a specific location in the gameplay and hit a key to teleport.  Pointing and clicking have never been easier or more natural. To get an object in certain games, we had to apply the recovery method on something that was just 3 feet apart since we couldn’t walk a full two strides to get to it.

Oculus had to get the Touch controllers just right for two specific tasks: firing and gripping. Getting the shot was simple enough: aim, squeeze the gun, and have fun. But getting the item in my hands was a different story. It needs a high degree of accuracy and intuitiveness from your fingers.

Oculus received commendable grades in this area. It’s possible to improve accuracy, although we found ourselves “missing” things a few times. Almost every time, the virtual hand was precisely where it intended it to be in relation to the object that was intended to grab, and there was no latency when it was done. There’s nothing complicated about it; grasping things came naturally.

Regarding natural hand motions, some videogames demand you to utilize your pointer finger to indicate something or hit a key to complete the mission. Extending your real finger and seeing its generated representation do the same is, once again, utterly natural. Even though pressing a virtual key provides no physical sensation, we were nevertheless able to aim and push precisely.

Quest Controller Replacement

It is highly conceivable that you could lose your controllers when playing a particularly serious war or shooting match or gameplay where you will have to leap a lot, no matter how cautious you seem. Dropping the controllers may cause them to break or even cause the touch controls to malfunction. Consequently, if the device is not functional, you may have to restore it.

Based on how long you’ve been using the product and how long it’s been out of warranty, you may approach Oculus with your problem to see if you can receive a new product. The controller may be able to be fixed if the damage is not too severe, but this is not a guarantee. If the controller is not changeable, you may have to purchase a new one to restart your gaming sessions. Aside from that, you must keep your controllers in good condition to last a long time and do not get broken quickly.

Touch Controller Replacement


It is possible to have a great time and enjoy yourself when playing virtual reality games until you inadvertently slip your controllers, which may cause it to break or glitch. In any case, understanding how to deal with it effectively and finding an Oculus Quest Controller Replacement would be beneficial to you.

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