How to Connect Two Wire Speaker to 3.5mm Jack Port

Some years ago, it was a really tough situation to face when the jack didn’t match with the port. But in this era of advanced technology, you won’t have to face this difficulty as the gadgets are pretty versatile. Still, you may fall into challenging situations while trying to connect any two-wire speaker to a 3.5mm jack port.

You might thought there is no way of performing this task without a pro. But after knowing correctly about how to connect two-wire speaker to 3.5mm jack port, you will have to change your thoughts. Because you can do it yourself by simply following the correct solving methods with proper equipment.

What are the Ways of Connecting Two Wire Speaker to 3.5mm Jack Port

Connecting Two Wire Speaker to 3.5mm Jack Port

You may have spent your money by going to any pro to solve the matter of connecting a two-wire speaker to a 3.5 mm jack port. But not anymore, as we are here to show you the paths to follow in order to perform the task. There are two ways of completing this action, and those are:

  • Using an Adapter or a Converter
  • By Using the Soldering Technique

You need to acquire a better grip at any of those paths, considering your situation at first. Then, you can complete the connecting task all by yourself by following the correct steps of both these paths.

How to Connect Two Wire Speaker to 3.5mm Jack Port – In-depth Discussion with Step-by-Step Process

If you are looking for an answer to how to connect old speakers to pc, then these solving methods will help you as well. Now it is time to hop into the step-by-step process of both the solutions above one after another serially:

Wire Speaker

1. Using an Adapter or a Converter

The first solution to the problem we are facing is directly a blessing of technological advancement. By using either an adapter or a converter, you can simply connect the two-wire speaker to any 3.5mm jack port. At first, you have to find an adapter or a converter that is nicely compatible with both the speaker and port.

If the adapter only matches only one side, which can be either the speaker or the port, it won’t help you. That’s why finding the perfect adapter or converter is the most crucial matter in this situation. 

Connect it with the speaker first, and then again connect the other part of the adapter or converter to the jack port. But still, the sound quality can bother you if the speaker or microphone is low-quality or one from the entry-level. So then the suggestion for you will be to use an amplifier in between to improve the sound quality.

If you use an amplifier, you will have to plug it into the port first. On the other hand, you need to use a more traditional port to establish a connection between the amplifier and the speakers. As there will be a 3.5mm jack port in your PC, using an adapter or converter will do your job.

2. By Using the Soldering Technique

The method we now have is more of a solution from the applied technological sector. It is also a permanent solution as you won’t have to use any converter or adapter anymore for your job. But at first, you will have to arrange a soldering gun or a heat gun to perform the task yourself.

The discussion below is also the answer if you are having doubts on how to connect speaker wire to computer. Let’s take a deep look at the steps you will have to go through to apply this permanent solution:

Step-1: The Sleeve Unscrewing

You will have to manage a 3.5mm jack plug, and there will be a sleeve covering the starting point of it. At first, you will have to unscrew the sleeve, which will open up the two metal pins that contain holes in them. The pins that are exposed are there to make the wire connection more manageable.

Step-2: Check Whether It is a Mono Speaker or a Stereo Speaker

Finding out the speaker type is way crucial before starting the soldering task. But the question may arrive in your mind about how you can determine whether it is a mono speaker or a stereo speaker. If there are two black lines in there, the jack plug you have is a stereotype. Those two lines will separate three different wires.

On the other hand, it will surely be a mono-type speaker when you see only a black line. As there is only a black line, it will create a separation between two wires in there.

Step-3: Soldering the Wires

Now we are getting to the business end, where you will need to perform the soldering task. Here we will be talking about the soldering process of two-wire speaker; it indeed is a mono-type speaker. It will contain a red wire which symbolizes mono or positive, whichever you call it. 

At the same time, the black wire will indicate earth, ground, or negative, which one you are comfortable saying. If you have two speakers to connect, there will be one red wire each from the speakers. We have unscrewed the sleeves to expose two center pins from the 3.5mm jack plug in the first step.

Soldering the Wires

Now we will have to connect those two red wires with the two center pins differently. Then the two black wires need to be combined and wired to the outside portion of the edging pin. You must solder every connection properly in order to make sure that no loose connection will occur.

The bare wires need to keep as short as possible to avoid any type of contact with any pins or bare wires. It is also a must for you to make sure that the positive and negative wires aren’t crossing each other under any circumstances.

Speaker Wire Basics

Final Thoughts

Establishing a connection between two gadgets with different ports and jack plugs was impossible years ago. But things have changed, as you will have multiple solutions ready if you ask how to connect two-wire speaker to 3.5mm jack port. One is pretty simple by using an adapter or a converter which is a temporary solution.

At the same time, you can also go for the permanent solution by soldering the two-wire speaker with a 3.5mm jack plug. But you must have some extra equipment and the necessary knowledge to perform this action without any issues occurring.

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