Oculus Elite Strap With Battery Not Charging

Does the Oculus Elite strap have a battery that needs to be charged? Most people don’t know what to do when the Oculus elite strap with battery does not charge. So, how can you fix the Elite strap to Quest 2?

Oculus is one of the top brands in the virtual reality world market. But you need to fix the elite straps to quest 2 for charging, and it’s challenging if you don’t know the correct method. Also, the battery doesn’t charge for multiple reasons such as viruses, heated battery, faulty plug, etc. However, you must check whether the device is charging after attaching the wire to the gadget.

Therefore, we have mentioned the step-by-step guide to attach the Quest 2 to the Elite strap and the reasons the headset doesn’t charge. Keep reading till the end.

Oculus Elite Strap

Why Oculus Elite Strap With Battery Not Charging?

The Oculus Elite strap with battery is not charging adequately for ample reasons. It might be due to a connection problem, or your device has fallen prey to bugs. However, you must know why Oculus elite is not charging to resolve the charging issues. That’s why we have mentioned some common mistakes that you might be making.

Elite Strap Headset

The first reason your elite strap with battery is not charging is that it isn’t properly connected to the headset. There is a possibility that you might install the strap improperly onto the headset.

Mostly, it happens due to tripping over the cords. So, you must install the pluggings where there is zero tripping possibility, and you have installed the strap to charge it properly.

Heated Battery

Your Oculus won’t charge if the battery is overheated. You must use some gadgets in some limited hours. Using too much can cause heat or explosion. When the battery is overheated, it may lead to other severe issues, and such won’t charge temporarily or be entirely damaged from the inside.

Faulty plug or Headset

If your Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 Elite Strap doesn’t have any false port, plug, or charging cable, it won’t charge. The cable, plug, and port are vital to send the power to the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap to charge.

If they are damaged or false, how does the oculus elite strap have a battery that will charge? You need these parts in good condition to charge the gadget.

Glitch And Bugs

Vizio’s company has encountered many Bugs as Oculus is becoming a hot potato. The gadgets can not avoid the bugs as they are circulated through the technology systems.

And in that case, there is nothing much you can do about it. Unless you sit tight and wait for system developers to resolve the issue, you must contact Oculus and register your problem if you face this issue.

Using Laptops USB Port

People mostly try to charge their Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap battery using a laptop USB port. However, laptops are not designed to send the power that Oculus Quest needs to charge.

Laptop USB ports have limited charging facilities, so your gadget won’t charge until it connects to the appropriate port.

Connected to the Extension

Before connecting to the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap, you must check the extension. If the cord is dud, Unplugged, or the switch isn’t on, the gadget will not charge.

These little things get slipped from the mind to check after plugging into the extension. The extension might be the issue if your Oculus Quest 2 Elite is not charged.

Damaged Socket

This is the root cause of the Elite Quest not charging correctly. If you have connected other gadgets or overpowered the circuit, it may lead to faulty sockets.

As the socket or outlet is not working, how will the oculus quest 2 elite strap charge? If the socket is busy with heavy gadgets or devices, you must avoid plugging it into that switch.

How to Charge Elite Strap with Battery?

Elite Strap with Battery

There needs to be more clarity about how to charge the oculus quest 2 elite strap with battery. This problem can be solved if you have the proper long-term solution. So, here we have mentioned how to connect the elite strap and better charge it appropriately. And also we’ve also discussed how to charge elite straps with a battery.

Pull out the facial foam

You must briefly pull out the facial foam attached to a headset to make it easier to do other steps. Also, this foam works as a shield to protect the user’s face. 

Detach the strap

You need to unstrap the soft side straps from the head setters. Put the finger on the backside of the casing and gently pull out the headset with a little twist. Repeat the process on the other side.

Remove the top strap.

Remove the top strap and pull it out through the hole in front of the headset. The strap can be removed easily without any hassle as it is made from cloth.

Twist The Wheel

You must extend the Elite side straps by twisting the rear fit wheel to the left side. It will add length to the side straps that will aid in attaching them to the Elite straps.

Attach the Elite straps to Quest 2

You need to start by hooking the side straps to the head straps, and by gentle pressure, you will attach both clips to each side. After connecting, ensure that they are connected to the straps.

Connect the black strap and foam

Now, you must fasten the black strap in front of the device. You need to insert the face foam again so it’s ready to use when fully charged.

Elite strap to connect the battery

Plug the cable from the elite strap battery and connect the headsets to the USB C port for charging.

Connect the Elite port to the USB port

Take the small side of the charging cable port and connect it to the back of the elite strap and another one to the Quest 2 main power adapter for fast charging. 

Attach to the Power

You don’t need to charge the battery and quest individually. Attaching the USB port to the Headset and another to the back of the Elite Strap will ultimately charge the Quest 2 and batter together.

Just connect the adapter to the main power port and switch it on. However, the Oculus Quest battery drain when off; it’s a sign that your quest wasn’t correctly connected to the charger.

Moreover, if the quest battery is drained easily, this is another signal that there is damage or the connection is weak.

Bottom Line

The best oculus battery drain fix trick is turning your device off or in Sleeping Mode. If you want to fast charge your Elite strap, you can keep the headset in sleeping mode or turn it off.

However, if you feel the battery is overheated by using or charging, you must unplug it and wait until it cools.

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