Oculus Quest 2 Battery Not Holding Charge

“Why is my oculus (Meta) quest 2 not charging?” Well, it’s one of the most concerning questions among users. You might experience this due to ample technical issues; however, if your Oculus Quest 2 battery is not holding the charge, it might be your fault.

You must understand to use the original cable and USB-C port to charge the Quest 2, or the battery will drain swiftly. Mostly, these issues occur when the battery is overheated, not connected to WI-FI, Uses insufficient cable, and many more. However, these problems can be solved by troubleshooting accordingly.

So, we have mentioned why the battery isn’t holding the charge and how to resolve this step-by-step issue guide. Binge till the end.

Oculus Quest 2 Battery Not Holding Charge

Reasons Why Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 Battery Not Holding Charge

Oculus quest not charging or turning on is a sign that the battery cannot hold a charge for multiple reasons. And these reasons can lead to other severe battery issues. So, it’s better to address these problems. We have mentioned some techniques to save your Quest 2 Elite strap battery life.

Wifi Not Connected

If the wi-fi is not connected or has some linkage issue, it will take much power from Quest 2. However, most games might depend on WI-FI, or wi-fi can be used for downloading updates. Also, some multiplayer games need a WI-FI connection.

Alternatively, the headset battery is slightly stretched, making it lose charge. You must play single and offline gameplays on Quest to save battery life.

Battery Optimization

The manufacturers discourage using the Quest 2 while charging, which can lead to several battery problems. Plus, if you deny the fact and continue to do it, it may lead to the battery overheating or losing the charge. That’s why you must avoid charging batteries while playing games.

However, Meta has executed the battery life optimization method, assessing when you have used more than 25% battery. To prevent overheating and losing the charge from the battery.

Use Official Charger

You must use the original cable and charger for maximum performance and battery life. It might be why your battering isn’t holding the charging for long and dead quickly.

You must avoid the USB-C port and adapter to charge other devices, as it can damage the cables from inside and won’t charge the Quest 2 sufficiently.


Moreover, it requires adequate power to work uninterruptedly. If the cables are original, it will prevent the performance and more lacking battery life.

Or if you are charging the Quest 2 from other cables and adapters, this could be why the charge only holds for a while.

Accustomed Sufficient Cable

One of the biggest causes of Quest 2 couldn’t hold the charge was that the cable was insufficient. So, the battery gets weaker and starts to drain the power. It can be connected to the Other PC for games and other devices.

Moreover, the Oculus wire is exceptional as it can balance the battery drain. And eventually, it’ll prevent the cables from draining the power and stop it from slowing until the internal batteries have died.

How to Fix Quest 2 Battery Charging Issues Once and For All?

Suppose you are searching to resolve the problem by troubleshooting it but need to know how. Don’t worry! We got your back. We have mentioned some top-notch solutions that can resolve the battery charging issue once and for all. Ensure to follow the step-by-step- guide for not interrupted service from Quest 2.

Quest 2 Battery
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Connect the Cable

When you connect the device to charging, ensure that the Elite Strap is connected appropriately. The cable can only send power to the headset if you make the proper connection.

If you notice the Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 charging light is not on, your headset is not charging. So, you must attach the wire properly and check if the adapter is loose or if the rear back cable needs to be connected correctly.

Moreover, if you still need to solve the issue by doing this one, you must go through some severe troubleshoots that can aid you in charging it.  

Over Heated Battery

Mostly, people complain that they don’t notice any charging lights. The Oculus Quest 2 charging light doesn’t glow when plugged due to overheating. It can ruin the battery life. After playing a game, you must avoid plugging it into the charger as it has finished a task.

In the device, a sensor detects the temperature of the battery. You may feel the device’s overheating waves while touching or plugging it in. To prevent the overheated device from charging, you must follow these steps to troubleshoot.

  1. Turn off the headset, and press the power button for seconds. Hit the shutdown menu in the headset.
  2. Click on the power off button from the Menu.
  3. Pull out the charging wire from the device and keep it in a good atmosphere to cool it down for around fifteen to thirty minutes.
  4. When the Quest 2 cools down, plug it in to check whether it’s charging.

However, if this step doesn’t help you, That means an overheated battery isn’t the issue. You have to proceed with other troubleshoots.

Update the Headset

The outdated system may be a cause of not charging correctly. You must update the headset accordingly if the system is updated infrequently like other devices. So, you can follow these steps to try this trick to resolve the charging issue.

  • Wear your Oculus Quest 2
  • Press the right button to get the Menu from your mobile
  • Select the clock on the bottom left
  • From the quick setting options, Click on the right corner
  • Go to the system and software update option on the left side of the Menu
  • The download update will appear if the update is available for your device.
  • Wait until the system is downloaded. Then, you can change your Elite strap headset.

Reset the Strap and Headset

You can try if the updating option of the system doesn’t show on your device. This might be a solution that can make your elite strap and headset charged.

  • Select the Menu
  • Click on the devices to search for the headset
  • Go to the advance button
  • Press the factory reset option
  • You need to confirm the reset option by hitting reset again
  • This process will take time, but eventually, your device will start to charge.

Replacing the Elite Strap

Oculus Quest battery drain when off, and your elite strap might be damaged if you have applied each trick. You can replace the strap for a better charging experience, but where and how can you get it?

  • You can ask for the replacement of the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap.
  • Ample hardware shops contain these straps. You can take the older strap to make a better decision.

How to change Oculus Quest 2 Controller Batteries?


How long does the oculus quest 2 battery last?

It depends on your user capability. If you are watching movies and other stuff on low refresh rates, then the Oculus Quest 2 battery will last for three hours. However, gaming might drain the battery faster.

How long does the battery last on oculus quest 2?

Approximately two and a half hours. Indeed, it depends on your usage. If you use it for gaming, the battery lasts only two hours. You might utilize it for three hours if used appropriately.

What is the battery life of oculus quest 2

If you use the oculus quest 2 carefully and ensure that you have fixed the use boundaries for the day, the battery life may be approximately three years or more. But if you use it roughly, it might decrease, and it’ll be approximately two years maximum.

Bottom Line

If you have the issue of oculus quest 2 not charging while playing videogames, that means your battery is overheated., And now the software prevents connecting other devices such as batteries from protecting from damage.

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