Can You Use Oculus with PS5

The newest Oculus headgear from Meta Technologies seems like a fun addition to any gamer’s arsenal, and you may be wondering- can you use Oculus with PS5?

Unfortunately, the PS5 does not support the Oculus officially. You may get around this limitation in part by using PS Remote Play on your Computer to replicate the game to your headset or Virtual Desktop on your headgear.

What is Oculus Quest?

Use Oculus with PS5

In the same way that the Oculus Go (also available on Amazon) was able to operate games and applications remotely on an Android-based operating system, so too can the Oculus Quest (on Amazon) if you had an Android-based smartphone.

In order to achieve six degrees-of-freedom location tracking, it makes use of both onboard sensors and a pair of cameras mounted on the face of the headset.

The cameras are utilized in the creation of the simulated environment and the completion of the video pass-through when required. The Oculus Link was a new addition to the Quest in later software upgrades that enables it to be linked to a pc through USB, is one example.

Due to its USB port, it may be utilized with software and hardware designed for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

When compared to other virtual reality headsets, the Oculus Quest is both more affordable & portable than the Oculus Go, and it offers higher-quality graphics and more precise tracking.

In spite of this, it was panned because of its front-heavy layout and lower-quality visuals in comparison to PC-based VR games.

Fewer applications are available outside of the Oculus Store, and there’s no way to use older versions of Oculus Go with the headgear, both of which are seen as drawbacks.

Reviewers were impressed by Oculus Link’s expanded functionality after its introduction and predicted it would ultimately replace Rift headsets, which were previously exclusively compatible with PCs.

How to Connect PS5 to Oculus?

Neither Oculus or Sony has confirmed that the Oculus Quest will work with the PS5, hence the two systems cannot be used together in an official capacity. However, there are workarounds that may be utilized to get some connection.

This cutting-edge headset has robust controls, and with the alternative, you can utilize them to great use for an immersive gaming experience. Considering how effortless it is to adapt this headset for usage with the PS5, Sony’s recommendation that consumers utilize their existing headsets is a little puzzling.

In other words, there is no canonical method to link the two gadgets together. You won’t be able to use the Oculus Quest 2 with the PS5 for a virtual reality experience.

Furthermore, we really shouldn’t have expected anything otherwise. In any case, Sony already has its native PlayStation VR system and is working on a successor, therefore it wouldn’t make much logic for them to advertise a rival brand. The PSVR is the preferred virtual reality system.

In addition, the Quest 2 is designed to be utilized with a computer, not a game console, therefore connecting it to the latter will not improve its performance. There are a couple of different methods to link up your Quest 2 headset to your PS5. The quickest and easiest method is setting up PS Remote Play on your computer and Oculus Virtual Desktop. To run PS5 games with your VR headset, just duplicate your computer’s screen onto the Oculus Quest.

  • Install PS Remote Play on your system.
  • Install Virtual Desktop
  • Use Virtual Desktop to mirror the game on your Oculus Quest.

However, you are really developing a two-stage process, which has its own challenges. If you go from PS5 to PC and then from PC to Quest 2, you may experience increased lag. Regardless of the fact that this could be irrelevant in slower-paced games, it might be a hindrance in the former.

You may also try installing SideQuest on your Computer and subsequently using an APK to transfer PS Remote Play to your Quest 2 console. Some individuals who have attempted this method have complained that it doesn’t function very effectively and that it’s too complicated.

How to Connect Quest 2 to PC?

Utilizing either the included Oculus Link connector or any other high-quality USB cord, or wirelessly with the included Air Link, you may link your PC to your Oculus Quest 2. This will allow you to access VR content exclusive to PC and take use of your computer’s processing capacity for improved graphics.

Connecting your Oculus Quest 2 to a computer wirelessly is convenient, but if you desire a direct connection, you may do it with the help of Oculus Link. The Oculus Quest & Quest 2 may both use this technique. A high-quality USB-C 3.0 cable, or the certified Oculus Link cable, will work. While many third-party cables claim to be VR-ready, not all of them really are.

You should check the system and software prerequisites to verify that your computer and headset are compatible.

  • Launch the Oculus software on your PC and strap on the VR glasses.
  • The USB or Oculus Link connector should have one end plugged into a USB 3.0 port on your computer. The cable’s free end must be linked to your headphones.
  • An “Allow Access to Data” window will pop up in VR. Click the “Deny” option.
  • Select Enable from the Enable Oculus Link popup.

Complete the instructions underneath to attach your Quest 2 headset to your computer using Air Link if you would rather utilize a wireless connection but only have a Quest 2 headset. This approach is only valid for use with Quest 2 headsets. You will need to verify that both your Quest 2 as well as the Oculus program installed on your personal computer have at least version 28 (v28) of the latest available update installed.


On your own computer, open the Oculus application, and then pick Settings from the menu that appears. Under the Beta menu, select the button that is located next to Air Link.

To access the panel, you will need to put on your headset and hit the Oculus key. Click the cog symbol under Settings, then choose Experimental Features from the drop-down list.

Choose the option that’s located next to Air Link. Pick Continue.

Click your personal computer from the list of Available PCs that opens, then pick Pair. Choose Launch after it’s finished connecting with your device.


Will Oculus Quest 2 run on a PlayStation 5?

Answer- We regret to inform you that, like the Rift, the Quest 2 is not compatible with the PS5. Also, the Quest 2 cannot be made to export from the PS5, at least not in any official capacity; however, a partial workaround does exist. The Quest 2 Virtual Desktop software, in conjunction with PS Remote Play for PC, is now available to buy.

Is there a compatible VR system for the PS5?

Answer- PlayStation VR2 is compatible exclusively with PS5 systems. With the help of a free adapter, users of the classic PlayStation VR may utilize it with PS4 & PS5 systems.

Is Oculus compatible with PlayStation games?

Answer- You can get the PlayStation Remote Play software for Android on your Oculus via utilizing SideQuest. You can then link your PS4 or PS5 to the application and play games via the headgear in the same way you would on your smartphone.


In case you were wondering, the answer to your question about whether can you use Oculus with PS5 is a resounding “no.” Direct access is not possible, but you may utilize it by connecting it to a PC. The Link Cable provides the most reliable connection available. You won’t have to worry about the speed of your wireless network while using a cable connection.

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