How to Add Bots to Discord Server on Mobile

 Discord is popular texting, calling, and streaming platform and its popularity is increasing day by day throughout the globe. You should have heard the term “Bots” somewhere, but you may not be clear about it. Bots are a computer program that interacts with human beings and works under any particular website. The bot provides the needed information to the user about its parent website.

You may wonder to know that it is possible to add bots to your Discord server. Adding bots will be helpful in many ways, like playing music or offering amusing memes on the user’s request. Knowing how to add bots to Discord server on mobile will make the processes of customizing your server effortless.

How to Add Bots to Discord Server on Mobile

What are the Discord Bots and Why You Should Add Bots to Your Discord Server?

At first, you need to know what Discord bots are and what they do. Bots are generally computer programs that contact humans or other types of bots through a platform. On any website, you can set bots to provide website-related information to the people who are browsing.

There can be some basic questions about your website that the users can ask. You can set the bots in the way when those questions will be asked; bots will answer. That’s one type of bots known as chatbots, and there are various types of bots available.

In your Discord server, you can put the bots for playing music or for blowing horn as well. You can also add a Discord music bot with volume control to your Discord server. Their work area depends on their computer program, as there are many varieties of bots for Discord.

Groovy Bot Discord add can give you a better experience while using Discord bots if you love music. Bots will do many necessary jobs regarding your Discord server. The reasons why you should add bots on your Discord server are:

  • You can add bots to play music on your Discord server
  • Some bots even offer amusing memes based on your request or program
  • When you play a game, the bots can fetch you game-related stats for your assistance in this regard
  • You can also record the clips from the screen using bots
  • There is an option for you to use a customizable fun bot on the Discord server

How to Add Bots to Discord Server on Mobile – A step-by-step Process

Adding Bots to your Discord server on mobile is never a challenging task. Adding bots on Discord server through mobile requires three basic steps to follow, and those are:

  • Installing a Bot
  • Assigning Role for the Bot
  • Adding the Bot in the Server

Installing a Bot

Step-1: Search for a Bot

At first, go to any browser from your phone, type discord bots, and press the search icon. Go on any trusted website to find suitable bots to add to your mobile.

Step-2: Choosing the Bot

On every website, you will see a list full of bots from different sectors of work. Select one of the best-rated Bot from your needed sector, and you will see two options of “View” and “Invite” in there. Click the “View” option to see the Bot’s detailed information and inspect those if necessary.

Choosing the Bot

Step-3: Inviting the Bot for Installation and login

After your inspection is completed, there will be an “Invite” option at the right-below corner. Press that option, and it will direct you to the log-in page of the Discord. Provide your email id and password to make a safe and secure log-in to your Discord account.

Inviting the Bot for Installation and login

Step-4: Turn on Administration

When your log-in is completed, you will reach a page where you will have to turn on Administration. You will see a dropdown menu containing all the server’s names from your account, and click that menu. The server’s list will be in front of you, select the server you want to add that bot.

Turn on Administration

After selecting, there will be an option named “Administration,” with having a small blank space at the left side of that option. Press on that blank space, a tick sign will appear there, and you will turn on the Administration.

Step-5: Authorization

All the tasks that you completed will require proper authorization. After turning the Administration option “On,” scroll down that page. At the bottom of that page, there will be two options popping up on the screen named “Cancel” and “Authorize.” Press the second option to complete the process of Authorization of installing a bot to your Discord server.


Assigning Role for the Bot

The next thing you need to do after installing the Bot is assigning a role for it. And the step-by-step process for that are:

Step-1: Open Discord and Selected Server

When assigning any role for the bot, first, open Discord again on your mobile. Then, you will see all the servers of your account, or you currently use on the left side of the phone screen. From the server’s list, find that server you selected for the bot installation process.

Open Discord and Selected Server

Step-2: Access to Server Settings

When you find the icon of that selected server, click on that icon. By doing so, a menu bar will appear having the server’s name at the top, and there will be an icon beside the name. You will find the “three-dotted” icon on the right side of the server’s name that you have chosen. Press there and some options will pop up with having “Server Settings” at the top.

Access to Server Settings

Step-3: Locate the Installed Bot

Clicking on that option will bring a new page having some other options. You will find the “Members” section in the middle, and press there to enter that section. After entering, hopefully, you will find the Bot you installed just a while ago.

Locate the Installed Bot

Step-4: Assigning the Role

You will see the name of the installed Bot somewhere on that new page. Click on the bot’s title to access it and then assign a role for it. After clicking, a new page will appear containing the role’s name, and select any of those roles to assign it to the bot.

Assigning the Role

Step-5: Save the Role

After assigning the role, the Discord will request your confirmation against it. Press the “Save” button to fulfill the Bot’s role assigning and saving process.

Save the Role

Adding the Bot in the Server

The third and last thing you need to do is add that installed and role-assigned Bot to your server. The adding processes of that Bot in your server are:

Step-1: Enter to the Server

When you open the Discord app on your phone, the server list will be on the screen’s left side. Select the server that you want you to add that installed bot, and click on its icon to enter to that server.

Enter to the Server

Step-2: Open the Permission Page

After clicking on the server’s name, the server page will appear with a dropdown icon beside its name. Press that dropdown icon, and a new page will go up on your phone’s screen. That page will contain some sections related to the server and “Permissions” at the last portion.

Open the Permission Page

Step-3: Allow the Permissions

Click on that “Permission part for allowing permissions to the installed Bot. When you do so, some permissions option will pop up with blank space at the right side of each permission. Select the permissions per your necessities, and a purple tick will appear on that blank space after selecting.


Step-4: Authorization

Like the installation process, the Bot adding procedure will also require your authorization. After permitting, scroll down that page, and at the bottom part, you will see two options. Select “Authorize” from there to thoroughly add that Bot to your Discord Server.



How do I add bots to my channel?

Open Discord on your mobile, and click on the channel name from the list on the left side of the screen. Then press on “Admin” from the settings, and choose the option named “Add Admin.” After doing so, search for the bot you want to add, install it, and add it to your channel.

How do you put Rythm Bot in discord mobile?

Search on your browser, and install the rhythm bot on your phone. Access your settings option first and press “Add New Roles” to create the bot’s necessary role. Then, enter into the “Members” section, where you will see the “Rhythm Bot” and click on it. After that, assign the bot the role you created just a while ago.


Adding bots to your Discord server or channel is now possible by following the correct path. If you are using a mobile, don’s worry; you can add bots to the Discord server on your mobile. You can add bots to your server for various works, starting from playing music to collecting funny jokes and memes.

But all of these actions will require you to get better at how to add bots to Discord server on mobile. While playing games, you can set the bot’s role to collect game stats and play loud horns. The bots’ whole working processes depend on the computer program and the role you assign to them.

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