Discord Search Broken – 4 Incredible Fixing Methods

Discord is a very trendy application among gamers worldwide for providing secure and easy communicating, a fascinating game-playing experience, and many other things. It is becoming more popular day by day, and many people are joining discord every second. The rise of users sometimes causes several server problems, such as discord search broken issues.

Mainly search not working issue occurs due to some problem on the server of the discord. Other than that, there still can be some other reasons, and the solutions for these are different from others. This is not a new problem and not happening for the first time. Many users report discord search not working problems now and then. So if you are facing this problem, stay in tune with us, and surely you’ll be able to fix it in very little time.

Discord Search Broken

Possible Reasons for Discord Search Broken

Serval of things but server down can malfunction discord search option. Though the main reason for discord can’t search user is the server down, some small things can sometimes cause this massive problem. These are-

  1. Poor internet connection- Something discord search option does not work properly if you do not have a stable internet connection.
  2. Outdated Discord app- If you are using the same version of the discord app for many years, you might face difficulty searching for a user on discord.

Solutions of Discord Search Broken Problem

Here is some proven solution that can fix all discord search-related problems.

Solution-1: Restart Discord and PC

In the tech world, Restarting the app and the computer can solve most of the problems. So before trying any of the complicated and time-consuming methods, just try the simplest one. First, quit the discord app and then restart your PC. Then, relaunch the app and see if the problem is fixed or not. If not, then move on to the next solution.

Solution-2: Check Discord Server

Most of the time, people face search, not working issues because there is a problem from the discord’s end. Discord relies on its server for all its functionalities, and if something happens wrong with those servers, then many problems can occur. Among these problems, discord search is one of them. There is a way to check if there is any problem with the server. Here is how-

Step-1: Visit the status page of discord from Here.

Step-2: On the status page, you can see the server status, and if they are facing any issues with the server, it will affect the API and Gateway. If there is any significant issue, then that will be shown in Red color, and yellow color represents minor issues.

server status

Scroll down, and you can see the fixes of such a problem. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to solve the problem. So check the server status, and if there is any problem, wait for some time. It will be fixed automatically, and the search will work again properly.

Solution-3: Update Discord App

If solution-1 and solution-2 did no good for you, then it is time you should check for an update of the discord app.

Process of Updating Discord App on Windows and MAC

For updating the app on Windows or MAC, you need to close and then launch the app again. Closing the app on MAC will close it and does not keep it running in the background. But Windows requires manually closing the app, or else it will run in the background. Follow these steps to do so.

Step-1: On the bottom right of your computer’s taskbar, there is the discord icon. Navigate there and right-click on the icon.

Step-2: it will show a menu. From that menu, click on Quit.

click on Quit

Step-3: Now, launch the Discord app by clicking on the discord app icon. After opening the app, it will automatically upgrade to the latest version. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before launching the app. Following this solution, you can solve the search-related issue on Windows and Mac.

Discord Search not Working on Windows 10 – EASY FIX

Process of Updating Discord App on IOS

Discord search not working mobile problem can also be solved by updating the app.

Step-1: Open your IOS App store.

Step-2: Go to Your Account.

Step-3: Here, you’ll see Discord under Available Update. Click the Update button, which is next to the Discord app.

Discord app

It will just take a few moments to update after that relaunch discord app, and the search option should work now.

Process of Updating Discord App on Android

To update your android Discord app, follow these steps, which will fix Discord search from a user, not working issues.

Step-1: Go to the Play store.

Step-2: Now, open the menu and to do so, click on the three dash line.

Step-3: From the menu, click on the Your apps and Games option.

Step-4: Under the Pending Update section, you can see discord; click the update button right next to it for updating the app.

This update will fix the bugs and malfunctions, making the app run more smoothly than the previous without causing any trouble.

Solution-4: Seek Help from the Discord Support team

If any of the above solutions do not work for you, then the only thing that is left to do seeking help from the support team. Discord search is related to discord service, so the people who are associated with discord are known better how to fix it. You can submit your problem to the support team, and they will see if there really is a problem. If they find any problem, they will fix it as soon as possible, and it is one of the most effective ways to solve any type of problem-related to discord.

Step-1: Visit 

Step-2: You’ll see a page asking for some information from you. On there, put help and support to What can we help you with. Then give your email address, Other Technical Issue on Type of questions, provide the subject and description and then send the request.



If the discord server goes down, users can face many problems, and the discord search broken is one of them. There is nothing to do but wait if the problem is on the discord’s end. But if that is not the case and something minor is happening, you can follow the solutions to fix the problem.

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