Discord Stuck on Checking for Updates- 5 Effective Solution

If you are a regular Discord user, you need to check routine-wise for the new updates. Because when the Discord software is not updated, you may face many problems while using it. When the new update is available, you should download it as early as possible. But while checking for updates, your device may get stuck all of a sudden.

If you are facing the problem of Discord stuck on checking for updates, don’t feel unlucky, mate! Because you are the only one who will be dealing with this headache. No matter which device you run Discord, you might need to face this problem once in a while.

Discord Stuck on Checking for Updates

The Reasons Why Discord Can Stuck on Checking for Updates

The saddest thing about using Discord is, it can get stuck all of a sudden while checking for the updates. This problematic situation can occur because of many reasons. The possible reasons behind getting Discord stuck while checking for updates are:

  • The disturbance in the server can cause Discord to get stuck at the time of checking for updates
  • An unstable and slower internet connection can also be a major reason behind this problem
  • Many users complain about Discord lacks administrator-level privileges in the sector of updating the software, and that can be responsible as well
  • The Corrupted/Outdated Cache of your device can also make Discord get stuck while checking for updates
  • Errors in the network can also cause this headache

Discord Stuck on Checking for Updates – How to Solve this Problem

Not to worry if you are having problems with Discord getting stuck while looking for updates. Getting stuck during updates checking can even cause Discord update failed. So, you must have to take proper steps against that problem to keep running Discord on your PC. The steps that you can take to solve this problem are:

Solution-1: Restart the Router and Computer

Whenever you face the Discord getting stuck problem, the first thing you need to do is restart your PC. The problem might get solved if you are fortunate. You can also try restarting your router because it may hang and cause an internet glitch. If the router is responsible, then restarting it should solve the problem instantly.

Solution-2: Discord Server Status Check

The central Discord server can face problems sometimes, or there can be something wrong with maintenance. These situations can cause the Discord software in your device to get stuck while checking for updates. So, you need to check whether that’s causing the problem or not.

To look for the root of the problem, visit and check whether any partial outage is happening or not. If there is an error in the server, the Discord authority will solve that, and you need to wait.

Discord Server Status Check

Solution-3: Launch Discord as Administrator

You can also apply to solve the Discord getting stuck problem by launching it as admin. Before doing other heavy things, you can try this solution. For this, you need to follow some steps, and those are:

Step-1: Minimize all the work you are doing, and go to the home screen of your laptop or desktop.

Step-2: Locate the Discord software from your computer’s home screen through its logo. Then take your mouse cursor on the Discord logo, and click the right button. As you click, a small new tab will appear with a bunch of options. At the third position of that list, you will see an option named “Run as Administrator.”

Step-3: Click here, and the computer system will require your confirmation regard to that. Then press “Yes” to finally open the Discord software with the administrator. As a result, Discord will launch, and all the getting stuck-related problems will be solved.

run as administrator

Solution-4: End the Discord Process

When you use Discord on your computer, it keeps running in the background and looks for new updates. But this process can cause sudden stuck of Discord out of nowhere. To get rid of this problem, you need to access the task manager and end the Discord process from there, and the steps you should follow are:

Step-1: Go to the search bar of your computer, which is also known as the taskbar. After taking your mouse cursor there, right-click on the mouse, and a new window will come up. Click on “Task Manager” from there.

taskbar setting

Step-2: As you enter the task manager, you will see the processes of every file there. Find the processes of Discord among them, and right-click on that option. As you do so, you will see an option named “End Process Tree,” and click there to end the Discord processes.

end the Discord processes

Step-3: Then relaunch the Discord software, and hopefully, the getting stuck problem will be solved.

Solution-5: Re-Installing Discord

The final step that you can take to solve the problem is re-install the Discord software. At first, uninstall and delete it from your computer. Then, download the Discord software again from its website, and install it by following all the processes correctly. Hopefully, this will solve the Discord stuck on checking for updates Mac problem as well.


Is Discord getting stuck on checking for updates harmful for my computer?

If Discord gets stuck while checking for updates, it’s not directly harmful to your computer. But, when Discord gets stuck, the update process also stops. If you continue using the older version of Discord, you will face many problems while using Discord. So, you need to solve the Discord getting stuck problem as fast as you can.

What can be responsible for Discord getting stuck while checking for updates?

There can be various reasons behind this problem, but the major one is a problem in the central Discord server. Apart from that, an unstable internet and corrupted/outdated Cache of your device can also be responsible. Some users even complained about Discord lacks administrator-level privileges in updating the software.

Discord Stuck on Checking for Updates


Discord getting stuck while checking for updates is a universal issue faced by many Discord users. It can happen for various reasons, whether for your lack of awareness or server and network problems. If that’s happening because of the Discord server issue, it will be solved by the authority within a short period.

If not so, check closely why is Discord stuck on checking for updates and identify the reason behind it. Then apply all the solutions provided above in a sequence of simple to complex one after another.

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