Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working- Quick Fix

In recent times, discord has gained much popularity and become one of the best VoIP applications. Using discord screen share audio, a game player can communicate with other players. A player can share text or voice messages through discord. But many users reported discord screen share audio not working and we’re looking for solutions in Google.

Out of the many features introduced by discord, the sharing screen is the most popular. A discord user can share his/her screen with other users with the help of discord. The screen can be a game or any other application like Google Chrome.

However, solving any problem will become easy if we know the reason behind the problem. In this article, firstly, we will look for the reason for discord audio share no audio. Then we will discuss the solution to the problem.

discord stream no sound

Why Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Problem Occur?

The configuration system of every computer is different. Similarly, the reason behind the discord screen share audio quite varies from computer to computer. We have analyzed and enlisted the possible reason behind this problem.

Audio Drivers Problem

Our computer system has audio drivers installed in it, and discord uses it being a sound-based application. Audio drivers can become corrupted or may perform inappropriately. At this point, you will experience a discord screen share audio not working problem.

The problem in Audio Feature

The instability of audio with screen share mechanism is another reason for discord screen share audio not working problem. This may be due to it being in the early stages. Thus, an audio problem during the sharing screen occurs.

Incompatibility of Applications

The truth is, there are many applications available in our computer system, which are incompatible with working with discord. Discord audio gets affected due to these applications. You will need to find alternatives for these applications to run discord properly.

Permission of Administration

When you enable a screen share option in discord, it shares the whole computer screen with other users remotely. So to do this action, administrative permission is mandatory. Generally, if you ensure relevant access, this problem will get solved.

Stream Incompatibility

Do you make videos for Youtube and stream videos? If the answer is YES, then discord is not an ideal option for you.

You will face discord screen share audio not working problems if you try to do streaming using discord. Using alternative applications will help to fix the problem.

Problems with Antivirus

Discord files can get damaged severely by Antivirus. If you log in to chrome and try to use discord, you will find that the discord share screen no sound on chrome. This problem can be solved by disabling your antivirus.

discord stream no sound

9 Effective Techniques to Try

Following all the techniques may not require it. Just follow the tails until you find the best solution that works for you.

Technique 01> Restarting Computer

As I stated earlier, there will always be some applications on your computer that may create conflict with discord. And thus you will face a sound problem. If it is a significant problem, simply restart your computer. This way, you are sweeping away the present status of the application.

After restarting, relaunch discord, if you are still facing the same problem, jump to the next technique.

Technique 02> Updating Discord

To fix any kind of bugs, discord takes regular updates. If you experience no sound while sharing a screen, it may happen that discord is working improperly because of the update. And then, a new update is required to fix the problem.

Find the below instructions to check for a new discord update.

  • Press “Windows Logo + R” to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type %localappdata% and hit Ok.
  • Check for the Discord folder and double-click on it.
discord folder
  • Now you will find Update.exe and again double-click on it. The update process will start, and you will need to wait until the update process finishes.
  • Relaunch discord and check if the issue persists or not.
Technique 02> Updating Discord

Technique 03> Cleaning Roaming data of Discord

Do you use an inappropriate discord account setting? Or, your discord application contains temporary files? Both can be a reason for discord screen share with no audio problem. Read the below option to solve the problem.

  1. Close Discord fully. Press Windows logo key > type %appdata% > hit Enter.
  2. Hover the cursor over the Discord folder, right-click on it, and select Delete.
  3. Discord needs to be relaunched to test the issue.

Are you still experiencing the sound problem? Well, no worries, move to the next technique.

Top 7 Ways to Fix Screen Share Not Working on Discord

Technique 04> Temporary Disabling of Antivirus

When streaming in Discord and not getting any sound, your antivirus doesn’t seem to be the main problem, but you must blow away the possibility. Disable your computer antivirus temporarily and check if the problem gets solved or not. To disable your computer antivirus, it is significantly essential to read antivirus documentation instructions.

If you start experiencing sound after disabling your computer system antivirus, it is advisable to contact the antivirus software vendor. Ask for advice, or you can install a different antivirus at this point.

WARNING: Once you disable antivirus, be careful of visiting websites, sending emails, or opening any files that you received through the mail or other contact options.

Technique 05> Resetting Discord Voice Settings

A sound error may happen due to the wrong vice settings in Discord. Changing the discord voice settings can cause an audio problem while streaming in discord. Set the discord voice setting to Default to check if the issue gets fixed or not. Here’s how

  • Run discord, you will find the Settings icon at the right bottom side of the, click on it.
run discord
  • Select Voice and Video option and then Reset Voice Settings.
vice and video
  • Ensure to hit the Okay button.
ensure hit and ok button
  • Share your screen again with another user to test the issue.

If you are still facing the same problem, go for the next fix.

Technique 06> Adding the Program That You Want to Share to Discord

To properly share your screen, the program needs to be added to the discord. If adding the program is inappropriate, the below instruction will be helpful.

  • Launch discord and run the program as well.
  • Right-click on the Settings Icon.
  • Select the Game Activity option and then right-click on Add it.
  • By clicking, a drop-down menu will appear and pick the program you want to run through discord.
  • Now select Add Game.
  • Don’t forget to keep the toggle text to Overplay.
  • So, does the problem solve? If not, below is another fixation process.

Technique 07> Discord Re-installing

If no improvement happens in the sound system while discord screen sharing, then it may happen that the discord file has been corrupted. Re-installing discord will more likely solve the problem.

  1. Press the Windows logo key on the keyboard and type Control to go to the Control Panel.
  2. At the View by the option, select Category, where you will need to select Uninstall a Program option.
  3. Hover the cursor on Discord, right-click on it, and select Uninstall.
  4. If Discord is already available on your computer, install it from there. Or if not, download it from a trusted software downloading website.

Ensure that you followed all on-screen instructions meticulously.

Now, relaunch Discord and check if the sound is back or not.

Technique 08> Use Push to Talk

Discord has a built-in option to detect any audio activity automatically and transmit it to the internet accordingly. However, the “beta” feature of sharing the screen with audio, may cause many different problems.

If you want to stop this automatic detection feature in discord, you have to take assistance from the Push to Talk feature.

Following this technique, you have to manually press a specific key (specified in the application’s setting) to capture and transmit audio to avoid any sort of trouble. Once the disc has become stable enough, you can always undo the operation.

Technique 09> Computer Audio Settings Checking

After trying all the above fixation processes, if you are unable to transmit sound while sharing the screen in discord, your computer may have a problem with your audio device. Audio settings might be unselected or misconfigured.

At this point, you will need to check 2 things. The right recording input device needs to be selected, and then checking discord is allowing proper access to the microphone settings or not.

Configuring the microphone set will be our first step.

  • Hit Windows + S in the dialogue box type “Microphone privacy settings.” In return, you will come to the Windows Settings option.
Microphone privacy setting
  • You will appear in a window where the “Allow apps to access your microphone” option is there. Turn it ON if it is turned OFF.
Microphone on and off

Underneath this option, you will see a list of applications with access to your computer microphone system. Make sure access to the application you are trying to run is Turned ON.

  • Once the changes are Saved, exit the Window. Relaunch the discord and check if the problem still happens or not.

Secondly, another process is to enable the right recording device.

  • Hover the cursor on the Sound icon and right-click on it. Then select a Sound option.
  • Go to the Recording tab and don’t make a mistake choosing the right recording device.
  • Changes need to be Saved and exit the window. Restart your computer, relaunch Discord, and check how much sound you are hearing.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is the procedure for sharing sound on discord?

Answer: Generally, sharing sound through discord is not sharable. Voice call is the only option if you would like to talk on discord

Question: Does discord share a screen containing audio?

Answer: Well, the discord share screen doesn’t have a built-in audio system. Transferring sound through a discord share screen is only possible with a voice call

Question: What can be the main reason for discord screen share audio not working problems?

Answer: Many different reasons are responsible for discord screen share audio quiet problems. In this article, we discussed the reasons in detail. Read out the “Why Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Problem Occurs?” section.

Question: Why can’t I share a screen on discord?

Answer: If you are using the older version of discord or the discord screen share option is disabled, you will be unable to share it on discord.

Question: I need to restart discord on my computer, how can I do that?

Answer: Go to Task Manager, and the Discord app needs to be closed completely. Then restart your computer, and once your computer system starts working after restarting, relaunch the discord app.

Question: What is the process of playing computer audio using discord?

Answer: The process is pretty simple. You have to start by enabling the voice settings option to talk and play with another user using discord.

Question: Is it possible to stream Google chrome on discord?

Answer: The discord screen share feature is the best option to stream Google chrome on discord.

Question: How can I share audio on the discord share screen?

Answer: Below is the process of sharing audio on the discord share screen.

Firstly, turn off the share screen.
Go to the application window where you will need to enable sound mode.
Click the share now button.

Audio on the discord share screen will be shared during this process.

Last Words

Fixing discord screen share audio not working is simple. Don’t get frustrated if the sound is not working while sharing a screen through discord because all the above-discussed techniques are much more effective and fruitful.

Follow the techniques meticulously to solve the problem.

Discord share screen is a revolutionized feature, and showing different errors is common. But that doesn’t mean solutions are not there. Every problem has solutions, and you can easily fix all issues related to discord.

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