Discord App Not Working- 5 Easy Solution

Discord is a convenient platform for audio calls, video calls, text messages, and screen sharing. Some months ago, it was only possible to use all these facilities on a computer. There was some feature missing in the mobile version. With the last update from February 2021, Discord provided all these facilities in the mobile version.

Like the PC version of Discord, you may face some complications in the mobile version as well. Sometimes, the problem of the Discord app not working can suddenly pop up. Seeing this can give you a severe headache. But not to worry, there are solutions available to get you out of this mix-up.

The Reasons Why Discord App Can Stop Working

The mobile interface of Discord is the same for both Android and iOS devices. If the Discord app from your phone is rejecting to open and work, there must have been an error somewhere. When this problem appears, the Discord app will suddenly stop working. Even if you try to reopen the app, it might not work in your favor.

This mix-up can occur because of various reasons. But before looking for the solutions, you need to find out the exact reason behind this mess. The reasons which can be responsible for the stopping of Discord on your Android or iOS devices are:

  • If the internet connection is unstable, Discord might stop working and even shut down while you are using it
  • This situation can appear when somehow the Discord file gets deleted or damaged from your phone
  • When the Internal and External storage runs out, Discord may refuse to open and run
  • Having not enough space on Random Access Memory (RAM) can bring this headache as well
  • Older version of the Operating System (OS) can also be responsible
Discord App not Working

If the Discord app is not updated to the latest version, the Discord app may stop working.

Discord App not Working – The Solutions You Can Apply

Discord App not Working

When the mobile version of Discord not opening on startup, it might push you into a panic zone. But not to get worried as the solutions are available which you can apply easily. The solutions are:

Solution-1: Check Internet Connection and Re-start the Router

An unstable network can bring up this severe mix-up. So, you need to check your internet connection first to make sure whether it’s causing the problem or not. While checking, restart the router to be entirely sure, and repair or change the connection if necessary.

Solution-2: Update the Operating System Version

In both Android and iOS devices, an Operating System is a must to run that device. It gets update notifications regularly, and the user needs to update it to keep the device compatible with different apps. Your device’s Operating System can become outdated for the latest Discord app version. It can make the Discord app stop working as well.

The steps you need to follow for updating your phone’s Operating System are:

Step-1: Go to the “Settings” option of your phone, and scroll down. Look for the “System” section, which you can find at the bottom of that list. When you see a red-circled notification beside the “System” section, there is an update.

updating your phone Operating System

Step-2: Tap on that option to enter, and you will see a new page appearing. It will contain various “System” options. You will see the “System Update” option with a red-circled notification at the top portion of that page. Click on it to enter, and then download and install the new update on your phone.

download and install the new update on your phone

Solution-3: Keep your Phone’s Storage Free Enough

The RAM and phone’s internal storage may run out with time. You need to free up the storage to keep Discord working. To do so, go to your phone’s “File Manager” option, and delete the unnecessary apps, images, videos, and other files.

Then open Discord again, and it should start working like before. This solution is applicable for both Android devices and iPhones.

Solution-4: Update Discord App

If you are an Android device user, you will find the Discord app in “Google Play Store. If you use Discord on your phone, you must have downloaded it from there. On the other hand, if you are an iPhone user, your Discord downloading place will be the “App Store” from Apple.

The Discord update processes for both Android and iPhone users are:

Step-1: The Discord app must need to be installed on your mobile. Go to “Google Play Store” or “App Store” from your device. Click on the search bar and type “Discord, and tap on the app name.

Step-2: When you tap on it, you will see two options right below the app name. One of those options will contain “Update, and press on it to download the updated version of Discord. After downloading the latest version, the Discord will be updated automatically.

updated automatically

Hopefully, through this way, you can solve the Discord app not working iPhone issue as well.

Solution-5: Uninstall and Re-Install

If the Discord is still not working, uninstall the app from your phone. Then, go to Play Store or “App Store” and download the Discord app again from there. After downloading, re-install the app properly, and hopefully, Discord will run and work nicely on your mobile.

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Why can’t I launch the Discord app on my Android mobile?

Discord mobile apps may face “Not prepare to launch” or “Stop working” type issues. It may occur for various reasons, like an outdated OS version of the phone or an older Discord mobile version. Unstable internet connection and lack of RAM and ROM of your mobile can also be responsible.

Why can’t I listen to the audio on my Discord mobile app?

A faulty earphone or earphone connection can bring this problem. To solve it, you need to check the connection and then re-connect the earphone into the port. If the earphone has some issues, replace it with a new earphone. If the audio port is faulty, you need to repair or replace that as well.


People’s attention is growing day by day towards the Discord mobile app. You don’t need to have a computer anymore to use Discord. Now, you can use Discord anywhere through the mobile app without any tension. Discord isn’t faultless, as you may face the problem of the Discord app not working on your mobile at some point.

It is not the kind of problem that will damage or hamper your phone. Still, you need to deal with this problem patiently with a proper solution. This problem appears because of simple software, device, or internet glitch. Following the necessary steps will help you get saved from this problem.

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