Top 9 Virtual Reality Stocks – Need to Know Everything

Virtual reality stocks are one of the most praiseworthy sectors in the technology era. This popular sector makes us enjoy 3D applications. The utility of VR is comprehensive.

However, it made a significant change in our life, leaving a positive impact on education, health, etc. If you wish to invest in it, learning the players is essential.

In this article, we are going to discuss some best virtual reality stocks. It has made its footprint on the gaming domain recently. Apart from it, this industry is being segmented with software, hardware, PC, or smartphones.

Virtual Reality Stocks

1.Facebook Oculus:

Virtual reality

Facebook is the most popular VR hardware leading in the market. More than 2 billion users widely used it. Facebook Oculus has achieved the top-class market.

However, it has introduced us to a new version of Oculus Go that is reasonable to buy. This company has immense brand recognition, impressive social interaction, and valuable consumer force in the VR industry.

2.Vuzix Corp(VUZI):

Another popular hardware is Vuzix Corp at the Virtual reality stocks. This section is adjustable with the day trading stocks. The price of this company has been dropped around 65% since 2018.

However, the devices create a deep level of social interaction in the VR industry. Besides, the excellent portfolio of Vuzix has 66 patents and 43 pending patents.

Do you want to know why Vuzix is so successful nowadays?

“Well, it extensively creates AR and VR products for the convenience of the consumer. Also, it strives to make potential display devices too.

3.Microsoft Corporation (MSFT):

Microsoft Corporation

This company has made a remarkable improvement in recent years. It has become one of the most significant market leaders nowadays.

There are two VR product lines associated with Microsoft Corporation. One is the HoloLens, and the other is a mixed reality product.

HoloLens is widely used for commercial purposes with virtual reality applications. This sector is comparatively more massive than the consumer base. Moreover, it leaves a high impact on the VR solution compared to others.

On the other hand, the mixed reality product has another name. And that is augmented reality. This one has introduced us to the particular physical area of digital products.



Another category of virtual reality stocks is smartphones. Apple has taken over the leading role in the VR market, and Most people might agree with it. From December 2018, this stock is likely to grab about 44.8% market share.

However, there are no clear public announcements from the Apple Company to plan with VR. But the Apple Playgrounds, one of the crucial parts of Apple, has made an indication to fence with the newer technology.

Meaningfully, this stock company is renowned for the best performance from the last 8 years successfully. If we analyze the stocks, we will get statistics. From the year 2009-2019, the stocks arise from $17-$200.

4.Google (NASDAQ: GOOGLE):

Google has already been considered as the most essential virtual reality stock worldwide. So if it tends to be associated with virtual reality, it won’t be surprised at all. However, this company is improving the required tools to augment its developing experience.

Google photo

Again, you will be surprised to know about the kinds of stuff of this renowned company. Tons of efficient workers work on it. About 75% android phone market share is eventually comprised by the Google smartphone OS. Also, it manages about a 28% share of the tablet market.

However, Google is the leading innovator and takes the best position in the Virtual reality market. This company filed a patent, and that makes it easier for users to function in the virtual world.

6. Sony (NYSE: SNE):

Sony (NYSE: SNE)

Sony (NYSE: SNE) is another leading virtual reality stock, sold about 4.2 million headsets until March 2019. The PSVR headset of this company is an excellent addition that is widely connected to the installed PS4 console.

Despite this device is not so powerful, it plays a vital role in its successful journey. This platform is user-friendly and successfully connects with consumers.

Besides, the VR platform is another complicated platform to run the downloaded files of the stream. The stream is a platform to be reached directly to the users.


QUALCOMM has achieved popularity as telecom and is largely exposed to the virtual reality space. This is not yet combined with AR stocks. One thing is mandatory for the AR. Massive data is essential to be delivered by it.

However, it promotes visual sounds, an intuitive technology solution that makes an immense VR experience for the consumers.

QUALCOMM would be appreciated for the last announcement for the improved chipset of AR and VR hardware. That makes it an easy convenience for developers to bring massive success.

By the way, the developers make a complicated virtual system by using VR SDK.

8.Microvision (MVIS):

First, you should know that Microvision and Microsoft are entirely different companies. Microsoft established the HoloLens. The goal of Microvision is a real movement. It widely supports the technologies and especially creates laser, project images, etc.

Another important use of the PicoP (r) technology is the projection of the info. In general, it is extensively figured out on the car’s dashboard that permits a driver to focus eyes on roads while driving cars.



NVIDIA is renowned for the visual data loads management of VR. Likewise, Microvision, this company follows technology such as melding AR, including artificial intelligence, to make the driving experience more comfortable than before.

However, it strives to get improved technologies for the next generation. There are already two remarkable improvements for NVIDIA. They are varifocal displays and integrated tactile.

Virtual Reality Stocks -Target Real Gains


Virtual reality stocks have contributed a lot to the ultimate growth of technology. It widely captures the VR market share with massive applications.

However, if you are likely to invest in the VR industry, keep a close eye on it with the latest updates of the stock.

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