How to Make VR Lenses without Lens?

Purchasing VR lenses is a prohibitively expensive one for many of us. Even making a VR lens is not a straightforward task, and sometimes, you can’t get your desired result. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give try regarding how to make VR lenses without the lens.

The cost of a VR headset depends on the lenses. So, if you learn to make a VR headset without a lens, undoubtedly, you can earn an experience of full-scale virtual reality without any costly equipment. Even except for an expensive lens, you can use a pair of magnifying glasses or suitable eyeglasses that suit you.

DIY projects are highly affordable as well as they provide fun and reward. These types of projects enhance one person’s confidence. In this article, I am going to assist you in how to make VR lenses without the lens. Following the steps, you will have a great experience, and an impressive result is waiting for you.

Required Material to Make a VR Lens?

Firstly, you need to know what materials will play a vital role. Accordingly, make a list as per below and start arranging. Materials are

  1. Water.
  2. Foam.
  3. Cardboard.
  4. Glue.
  5. Clear plastic 2-liter water bottle.

What to do with the Water & Plastic Bottle?

Water & Plastic Bottle

While making a VR lens without a lens, water and plastic bottle is the topmost essential materials. Because they play the role of the lens, and these lenses will give the experience of virtual reality. Note that if you make a short focal length, you will get less tunnel vision. So, remember to keep the focal length as short as possible with a wide field of view to have the best viewing experience through a handmade VR lens.

How to Improve Quality?

Don’t expect that your handmade VR lens quality will be similar to the purchasable VR lens. But you can get a better-improved quality VR lens. For this, all you need to do is adjust the virtual reality scene and use a viewer parameter form.

You can accomplish this by visiting the Google Cardboard website and you will find a shared link there. To open the link, utilize your smartphone. Or else, scanning the QR code at the bottom of the webpage will also be helpful. Your smartphone needs to be placed at the viewing position of your headset. And follow the shared instruction. Until you get a better view, continue to adjust the parameter.

While Google Cardboard recommends using a 35 mm lens, even a 25 mm lens will be more than good enough for your purpose.

Will there be any Effect due to the Absence of VR Lens?

Didn’t any question raise in your mind about the quality of the VR lens that we are making? We are not using any VR lens in this project, and the quality will vary for sure. Through stereoscopic rendering is the only way to enjoy a quality 3D experience without the lens. However, to accomplish this, you should place your phone from the viewing point at least 18 – 27 feet away. Isn’t it an impractical statement?

It would be better if you ask: if I follow reliable instructions to make a VR headset without a lens, will I have a better and more enjoyable VR experience? Then you would come up with a few crucial variables. If the focal distance is accurate, you will have a good VR experience. To make it accurate you need to use an extended scale. Then your homemade lens will work nearly similarly to the purchasable one.

VR Headset without Lens

How to Make a VR Headset without Lens?

Are you thinking that making a VR headset without a lens will be a hard project? However, it is pretty simple if you are handy. A simple 5 steps are there that you need to follow to make your DIY project successful. So, let’s start. Maybe you are looking for The Benefits of Virtual Reality Technology.

Step 01: Gather all materials

I believe the materials which have been stated in the “Required Material” portion; you can find those materials at your nearest store. They are available in your home too, I think. However, let me tell you again the material list: water, a clear 2L plastic bottle, glue, cardboard, and foam.

Step 02: Cut the New Lenses

Using the full plastic bottle is unnecessary in this project. So, cut it from its top part next to the neck. Now, you need to draw four circles using cork and then cut it off too using a scissor. Undoubtedly, you need to get the best shape for your handmade lenses. To do this, you should choose the plastic that is placed at the bottle’s neck.

Step 03: Prepare the Lenses

In this step, we will prepare the lens. To do this, attach two of the circles with the help of glue, and you will find free space between them. Use a glue gun to glue the edges carefully. Don’t forget to keep a small hole so that you can fill the lens with water.

Once you fill it up with water, again use the glue gun to seal the hole. Confirm that no leakage is there, and the lens should be submerged in water. Do you know how to identify an ideal lens that is fully sealed and well-submerged? If you don’t find any bubbles in the water, remember that the lens is now perfect to use for the next step. But if there is any bubble, identify the leak first and seal it again.

The primary focus is, there should be any presence of bubbles inside the lens.

Step 04: Making the Box

In this step, we will learn to make the box that will be used to create a virtual reality headset without a lens. The box has to be a bit bigger than your smartphone and nearly 2 inches deeper. This is the allowed distance between your phone and the lenses.

You need to cut out a rectangular and 2 circles hole in the box for your smartphone and the lenses, respectively. Use the glue gun to set the lenses into the circle correctly.

Step 05: Making the soft mask

We are at the last stage of the project, and the project is about to finish. This step is, making the soft mask for your VR headset. It would be best if you had a lid at the box to hold the smartphone into place accurately.

If there is no lid, prepare one. And then use the glue gun to affix it into the place. To lock the lid into place, use magnets so that your smartphone doesn’t move from its place.

Then, take the foam material and cut it like a mask so that it can place on your face. Ensure, it covers your forehead without any hassle. Cut out 2 holes for your eyes and an opening for the nose. Use the glue gun to attach it to your virtual reality headset.

Congratulations! You have accomplished the DIY project. Now, enjoy the economic VR experience!

How to make VR Lens? -VR Box


Didn’t you find it so simple? All materials are within your hand distance, and instruction is also straightforward. Even going to the nearest store is also unnecessary to gather the materials. I believe you have enjoyed the DIY session.


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