Windows 7 Update Stuck – In-depth Discussion

Getting stuck in the middle of something is really annoying. During the windows updating, the anxious level reaches the highest peak if the process gets stuck all of a sudden. It is a horrible experience to face when the windows 7 update stuck out of nowhere. Many people throughout the world face this problem while updating windows 7.

Several reasons can be responsible for this annoying problem. But no need to worry anymore because there are various ways of fixing this issue. All you need to do is appropriately apply those solutions, and one of those methods of solution will be the cure of this problem.

The Reasons Why Windows 7 Update Gets Stuck

Getting stuck while updating Windows seven on your computer may be the worst nightmare you would ever want to have. When it gets stuck, all your important works that can only be done via your computer gets stopped as well. The windows seven update can get stuck at any stage of the process.

Right before starting, the Windows 7 update stuck at 0 can happen. Things can go even worse when Windows 7 update stuck at 100, just before the ending. Apart from those, between 0 to 100, the update can get stuck at any stage. Some even have faced windows 7 update stuck at 35 as well.

The reasons which this problem can pop to ruin the day are:

  • Due to a software conflict or a preexisting issue, the update process can get stuck at any point
  • Some glitches or faults in the system of your computer
  • When the network is unstable or facing some errors, the windows seven update can get stuck suddenly
  • If there is any corrupted file on your computer, this problem can show up
  • RAM failing and outdated BIOS

Windows 7 Update Stuck – The Solutions to Apply for Fixing the Problem

It can give you the worst experience when the windows 7 update is stuck at any stage. But wait, there are solutions for this nightmare of yours. All you need to do is follow the solution methods one after another, and hopefully, one of those will work. The Fixing Solutions that will help are:

Fix-1: Restart Your Computer

The first fixing method to try for all of the computer-related problems is restarting the PC. When you are facing the update-related problem of windows seven, you should try it first. Use the restart option from the power option, and your PC will automatically shut down and then start again. 

You can also manually restart your computer by using the physical power button beside the keyboard. Press the power button and hold onto it until the computer shuts down. Then again, just press that power button to “ON” your computer. Start the update process from the beginning. 

Hopefully, there won’t be any further interruption unless the reason for the problem is more complicated.

Fix-2: Check the Memory of Your Computer and BIOS

RAM failure during windows 7 update can interrupt the whole procedure and leads to getting stuck. Restarting your PC will solve this problem, but you need to check the memory first and then take action against it.

If the BIOS is outdated, it can also freeze the updating process of your Windows 7. To solve this issue, all you need to do is update the BIOS and restart your PC. Hopefully, you won’t face any windows 7 update stuck checking issue, and there won’t be any interruption.

Fix-3: Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

There is a built-in Windows Update troubleshooter available on all the computers. Running it may solve the update getting stuck-related problems within the shortest period. There are some steps to follow correctly to run the windows update troubleshooter, and those are:

Step-1: To run the windows update troubleshooter, press the “Windows” key from the keyboard. Or you can directly go to the search bar at the below portion of the computer screen. Type “Troubleshooting,” and some related results will arrive in there, regard to your search. You need to click on the “Troubleshooting” option to enter that section.

Step-2: After entering that section, there will be some sections of the “Control Panel.” At the bottom of the list, you will see “System and Security.” Right under that section, there will be a sub-section as “Fix problems with Windows Update,” and you need to click on that. 


Step-3: As you press there, a small window will pop up with having “Windows Update” title and an “Advanced” option below. 


As you do so, on that window, a blank box with the “Apply Repairs Automatically” option will appear. Select the option by ticking on the box and press “Next” from below. By doing so, Windows will detect and fix the errors that are causing the interruption in Windows seven update.

Apply Repairs Automatically

Fix-4: Run the System File Checker

The “System File Checker” option is for finding out whether any file is corrupted and causing the update process to get stuck or not. After scanning, it finds out the corrupted files of your computer and restores those files. The steps to follow for running the “System File Checker” are: 

Step-1: Locate the search bar of your computer situated at the below portion of your PC screen. Write “cmd” in that bar, press enter, and some search results will be shown there. The desired result of your search will be Command Prompt, which will be situated at the starting of the result panel.


Step-2: You need to press on the “Command Prompt” app, and by doing so, you will run the program as the administrator. Your action will bring a black window where you need to write the command line, which is “sfc/ scan now.” Then press “Enter” from the keyboard to start the proceedings.


The operation will take several minutes to complete, and when completed, close the “Command Prompt.” It should fix the update freezing issue of windows seven, but if not, you need to follow the next solution.

Fix-5: Start Windows in Safe Mode

The Safe Mode in the computer is for keeping the PC free from any unwanted tasks. It is a special diagnostic mode of Windows that is available in every version of Windows. When this mode is enabled, your computer will only load and use the drivers and services that are absolutely necessary for the programs ongoing. 

You can apply this fix when your PC’s checking for updates stuck on windows 7. Now, let’s take a look at how to start windows seven in safe mode:

Step-1: Turn your computer off manually from the “Power” section or by pressing and holding the “Power Button.” Then start the PC, and while starting, continuously keep pressing on the “F8” key. This action will bring up the “Windows Advanced Options Menu” with various mode options on the blue display.

Step-2: From those mode options, find out the “Enable Safe Mode” option, which will most probably be at the fourth position on the list. Then start the updating process of your Windows seven, and hopefully, there won’t be any interruption again. When the update will be completed, to disable the safe mode, restart your PC.

Start Windows in Safe Mode

Fix-6: Restart the Windows Update Service Manually

When all the fixing methods above fail you, you can try restarting the windows seven update service manually. The steps you need to follow for fulfilling this task are:

Step-1: In the search bar, type “Run,” and press “Enter.” A small command window will appear, and you need to write “services.msc” in the dialogue box and press “Enter” again. This action will bring up the “Service Window” on your computer screen.


From the services, locate the “Windows Update” section and right-click on it. If it is running, after your click, the “Stop” option will be visible. When it is not running, the “Start” option will be visible.


Step-2: Then go to the “Files” section of your computer and access the “C Drive.” From there, at first, locate the “Software Distribution” section and enter there. Then, locate the “Data Store” folder, and delete all the available files.

Software Distribution

After deleting files of “Data Store,” you need to find the “Downloads” folder from the same “Software Distribution” section. Enter the “Downloads” folder and all the available files from there as well. Make sure both the “Data Store” and “Downloads” folders are empty.

Data Store

Step-3: Go back to the “Service Window,” and locate the “Windows Update” section once again. Then right-click on it, and you will see the “Start” option visible in the opening. Click on it to start the update process again, and hopefully, it will be clean, and there won’t be any interruption. 

Service Window

Final Thoughts

Updating the Windows Operating System is essential to keep your computer stable and fluent. But if the update gets stuck suddenly, it is really a horrible experience to face. The newcomers can get panicked by seeing this problem occurring. But there are solutions to fix the Windows 7 Update Stuck issue.

Keep your head calm and find out the reason behind this interruption of the Windows 7 update. Then keep applying the fixing methods discussed above carefully by following the correct path. Hopefully, one of these solutions will be the savior in this matter of solving the Windows 7 update getting freeze problem.

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