Windows Update Stuck at 99% – Ways to Fix It

The windows version of your computer will require an update once in a while. So, you need to update it as you will get the notification popping up on your screen. But when you are updating it, it is disgusting to see the update getting stuck. An awful thing is seeing the windows update of your computer or laptop getting stuck at 99%.

There may be various reasons why this incident can happen, but you should not get anxious about it. The situation of getting your windows update stuck at 99% should be dealt with wisely and carefully. You need to follow the proper path and steps to complete the full update without letting it stop at 99%.

¬¬¬Windows Update Stuck at 99%

The Reasons Why Your Windows Update Can Get Stuck at 99%

There may be various reasons behind the windows update of your laptop or computer can get stuck at 99%. It can occur because of a fault in the laptop or PC, and even of your unconsciousness. The valid reasons for occurring this unpleasant situation are:

  • If the space of the local disk becomes fully occupied, the updating progress will pause instantly. Even it is on the verge of completion with 99%.
  • The loss of internet connection is another reason for stopping the update process at 99%.
  • Unavailability of electricity can also make the windows update stuck at 99%. It can shut down your computer or detach your Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Because of the Windows update utility problem, the other Windows version and the windows 10 update stuck at 99% can occur.

What Should I do If My Windows Update Stuck at 99%?

If you face this kind of unpleasant situation, you will have to follow the correct path to get out of there. Some advice and steps that you can follow to deal with this odd situation are:

What Should I do If My Windows Update Stuck at 99%?

Step-1: Keep Patience

The first thing you should do is keep the faith and wait for a bit if the update process is paused. Give some time, and hopefully, the update will resume within a short time. If not so, you can take further steps and try to solve the problem.

Step-2: Shutting Down the Third-Party Antiviruses

You may use any third-party anti-virus to keep your computer safe alongside the Windows Defender. On many occasions, the anti-viruses can stop the progress or happening of any work, installation, or upgrade. It may even cause your windows update to stuck at 99%.

So, if you face this stuck problem, you should shut down the third-party anti-virus software first. When the update is completed, then you can again use the anti-virus software.

Step-3: Outlying Devices Unplugging

You may have older and outdated outlying devices connected to your laptop or computer. These things may also be why the pausing of the updating process and stuck it at 99%. These outdated things may also cause other types of severe damage to your laptop or computer.

Before the updating process starts again, you should disconnect the faulty and outdated outlying devices, but don’t disconnect the mouse and keyboard.

Step-4: Check the Internet Connection

After all the things, you should have a look at your internet connection whether that is properly connected or not. If you find any fault, then you will have to fix it regarding the problem or problems. Disconnect the connector and then again reconnect it for safety even if there is no fault in there.

Step-5: Re-updating

When all these outer things are completed, you will have to start the updating process again. This time the updating process should be highly-clean to have a smooth experience. The step-by-step procedures for re-updating are:

  • After restarting the update work, there will be a notification pop-up named “Get important updates.”
  • There you will choose the option “not now,” and to go further, click on the option “next” situated beside.
  • Then there will be some instructions written in there along with the terms and conditions.
  • It will require your opinion, and you will need to select “I agree.”
  • Again, you will find some instructions on the next page.
  • There will be an option named “Update Now” at the bottom of the page. Click in there to start the updating process.

Step-6: Installation

Once the updating process completes, you will have to install the updated version of Windows, and the process is:

  • Select which will be your installation method from the three USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file options.
updating process
  • Then you will have to select the language, architecture, and edition according to your location and preferences, and then click on the “Next” button.
windows setting
  • As you click “Next,” two options will appear named “USB Flash Drive” and “ISO File,” and you will have to click on the first option.
USB Flash Drive
  • Then again, click “Next,” and the “Install Now” option will appear. Click on that option, and the installation process will begin.

After installation, you will see a line named “Getting Windows Ready” with loading, and your computer will restart. Thus, you will be able to solve the problem of getting the Windows 10 update assistant stuck at 99% or any other version.


Why does my Windows update process get stuck at 99%?

There may be various reasons for it as your internet and electric connection problem can make this happen. Windows update utility problems may be another reason for this unpleasant situation.

What should I do if my Windows update process gets stuck at 99%?

At first, you will have to check all the necessary software and hardware things attached to the computer. Then restart the updating process, and install the updated version.


If you are a regular computer user, you may have faced the problem of getting your windows update process stuck at 99%. It may happen because of a minor disconnection or even because of significant errors. Regarding the situation, you will have to take proper steps to deal with that problematic situation. Once all the connections are cleared, you will have to restart the Windows version’s updating process. You should install the latest version when the update is done and then restart your PC to run the new Windows version.

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