What Font Does Discord Use

Discord is a popular video game social platform. It is widely regarded as one of the most compelling messages, voice, and visual communication platforms for video games. Discord does not employ a specific typeface for any purpose. Discord uses a variety of fonts, and this article will address What Font Does Discord Use.

Discord Font

The typeface used in the Discord logo is called Uni Sans Heavy. In 2009, the Discord typeface made its debut. The font looks like this.

Discord Font

The Uni sans typeface is the default font on Discord, and it’s utilized across the platform. It comes in a variety of weights that may be used in a variety of ways. It’s quite adaptable; there are 14 various weights to choose from, so you can make it just as you want it.

It comprises seven uprights and italics, as well as weights, so it’s a fun typeface to play with. The best part of this Discord font is that it is very legible and performs well in all degrees.

Uni sans has its own distinct design, but it also has specific characteristics with other strong typefaces like DIN and Dax-Uni sans. This font collection is suitable for various applications, including logos, headings, and phrase blocks that require a robust font. It may be used for multiple reasons, including website design, visual effects, and branding, including t-shirt design and related usage.

The Discord server utilizes two different sorts of fonts. These fonts are called Unicode fonts, and they are what most internet users refer to when they ask about what font Discord uses.

Unicode is a text format that is now utilized on a lot of systems. Because this is the sort of font that people read, it is the font style that most websites are generated with. Now that we understand Unicode, we can investigate how different typefaces are generated and what they do. Each typeface utilizes a different set of characters from Unicode.

How to change Font or Font Size in Discord

You could be upset to learn that there’s no option to modify the basic fonts if you don’t find them comprehensible. There are, nonetheless, a couple of things you can do to alter it. The approaches outlined here will assist you in making changes that are suitable for you.

  • Navigate to User Settings in Discord after launching it.
  • Select the Appearance option beneath the App Settings on the left side of your screen.
  • This will provide several options for customizing the app’s look. There are three distinct sliders under Chat Font Scaling, as you can see below.
How to change Font or Font Size in Discord
  • Chat Font Scaling is a Discord feature that allows you to change the font size. Remember that this only applies to text in channels, conversations, and messages. This slider is set at 16px by default, which is perfect for most users, but you may change it to meet your specific requirements.
  • You may use the Space Between Message Groups slider to minimize the distance between various message groups. You may customize it to your preference.
  • Not only the texts but the entire look of Discord is affected by Zoom Level. The default value is 100; however, you may adjust it if you’d like to improve your usability.


The typeface used on a platform may pique an individual’s interest enough to utilize it in other areas, such as papers or websites. What Font Does Discord Use is one such topic of interest. If you have a similar question, hopefully, this post has enabled you to find a solution.

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