Safe Mode with Command Prompt not Working

Safe Mode serves as a troubleshooting mode that lets you run Windows with only the most essential drivers installed. If you run into issues with Windows, rebooting in Safe Mode enables you to keep operating while troubleshooting the issue. No program has been installed when you use Safe Mode.

Although Safe Mood employs a poor visuals mode for computer screens, Windows may appear foreign in Safe Mode. Also visible at the four corners of the display is the text “Safe Mode.” Safe mode runs Windows under a minimal form, installing simply minimal files and drivers.

Whenever there isn’t any trouble that happens in safe mode, it’s really improbable that the default settings are to blame for the issue. or essential device drivers. Monitoring Windows in safe mode enables you to locate the source of the problem of issue and assists in repairing computer difficulties. We’ll look at the reasons why safe mode with command prompt not working in this article.

How to boot into Safe Mode on Windows 10

If you have started operating Windows 10 for some time being, you’ve probably observed that launching Safe Mode with the F8 or SHIFT + F8 buttons on the keypad no longer functions. Although the Windows 10 starting method is now quicker than before, a certain strategy no longer works anymore.

This isn’t the moment to inform you that Windows 10 may not have a Safe Mode. The users need to go through some extra steps to get into Windows 10’s Safe Mode if the safe mode with command prompt not working. Below are a few options for launching Windows 10 in Safe Mode:

1. Activate Safe Mode on the sign-in screen pressing “Shift + Restart”

Tap as well as hold the SHIFT button on the keypad while you can’t enter into Windows 10. However, still access to the sign-in display. While keeping the button pressed, push or touch the Power icon then select Restart from the option that appears.

Activate Safe Mode on the sign-in screen

When Windows 10 restarts, it allows you to choose an alternative. Select Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu.

Select Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu

A second feature will display once you select troubleshoot. Select the Advanced options.

display once you select troubleshoot - Advance options

Select Startup Settings from the advanced options menu. This feature may not appear initially based on the Windows 10 PC. Whenever you don’t see the option which reads “See more recovery options,” click or press it.

Select Startup Settings from the advanced options

Finally, select the Startup Settings option by clicking or tapping it.

select the Startup Settings option

Anyone can modify advanced boot features, especially activating Safe Mode, by restarting the device, according to Windows 10. Lastly, hit the Restart button.

hit the Restart button

Once Windows 10 has restarted, you may select whatever boot options you would like to activate. There are three alternative possibilities to get in Safe Mode:

  • Standard Safe Mode is activated by pressing the 4 or F4 button on the keypad
  • Hit 5 or F5 to enter Safe Mode using Networking.
  • Push either 6 or F6 to launch Safe Mode using Command Prompt.

Choose a regular account with administrative credentials to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode and make the modifications you desire.

administrative credentials to enter Windows 10

2. Go into Windows 10’s Safe Mode by disrupting the standard boot procedure

Once Windows 10 is unable to boot properly three times, it defaults to an Automatic Repair mode on the fourth attempt. You have the option of starting your gadget in Safe Mode via this method. You need to disrupt the usual booting procedure three times in a row to activate the Automatic Repair mode.

Prevent the Windows 10 Desktop from booting up by pressing the Restart or Power switches until it is complete launching Windows 10. Once you press the Power option to turn off the computer, you may need to hold it down for nearly 4 seconds. The first window users will notice before Windows 10 starts Automatic Repair mode would be a message that says the system software is “Preparing Automatic Repair.”

Windows 10 starts Automatic Repair mode

You will next be required to select an account to proceed. Select an account with administrative privileges.

Select an account with administrative privileges.

After that, insert the administrative user account’s password to log in. Jump towards the following step unless you are not requested for the data.

administrative user account's password to log in

Allow Windows 10 to attempt an automatic examination on your computer.

Select the Advanced options - Diagonosing your PC

Select the “Advanced options” feature here on the “Automatic Repair” window.

Select the Advanced options feature here on the Automatic Repair window.

Then select Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu.

select Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu

The actions you must do from now are much identical to the first technique in the instruction. Next, on the keypad, click the 4 or F4 key for boot into minimum Safe Mode, click 5 or F5 for booting with “Safe Mode with Networking,” or you can click 6 or F6 to boot using “Safe Mode with Command Prompt.”

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What happens when safe mode isn’t available?

Whenever Safe Mode might not operate, you’ll need to utilize the System Recovery Features from the Windows 7 Disk or perhaps the recovery partition on your hard disk. Startup Repair and System Restore are two important techniques to employ once Windows won’t launch.

Is Safe Mode capable of erasing data?

It will not destroy any of the sensitive information or files. Furthermore, it deletes all temporary files, useless data, and recently used apps, resulting in a clean device. This approach for switching off Android’s Safe Mode is highly effective. To achieve this, push and hold the power option for several seconds.


The quickest approach to resolve Windows difficulties for regular users is to uninstall Windows and replace it with a faster, more dependable, more protected, simpler to operate, and less expensive operating system.

Windows is an operating system something that has existed for a relatively long period. Windows 10 is a newer operating system even though it’s the newest version of a half a century old operating system created for a different age.

Once Windows starts from one or several with the Safe Mode features but that’s all it performs. Proceed with the troubleshooting instructions which would be a little simpler to finish due to the Safe Mode accessibility. To keep Windows running smoothly as possible adopt some of the suggested solutions for fixing safe mode with command prompt not working.

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