Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On No Lights

The Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On No Lights situation is becoming increasingly frequent among Lenovo laptop owners. Customers have reported that their Lenovo laptops would not power on and will remain in sleep or standby mode. It may even not turn on in certain occasions.

When this is the scenario, we can merely employ external diagnostics and repairs to solve the issue of the Lenovo laptop not switching on lights, such as replacing and withdrawing batteries, switching adaptors, and replacing other external components.

Frequent Issues

Some of the most frequent and associated concerns with Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On are listed below. The procedure for resolving these situations is the same.

Lenovo Laptop Power Button Is Blinking but Won’t Turn On: Whenever a user taps the power switch, the power led flashes and blinks, but the Laptop does not switch on in this case. 

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn on No Lights: Whenever a user attempts to switch on the Laptop, the power indicator does not flash, indicating that it did not switch on.

No Removable Battery Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn OnIf your Lenovo laptop contains a non-removable pack, replacing it is a little more complicated since you’ll need to get your grips on the Laptop’s internal design. If you are tech-savvy, it will be simple; otherwise, consulting a professional is recommended.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn on and Has a Black Screen: Whenever a user presses the power switch, the laptop display remains black, with no motion or indication of a BIOS warning. The Laptop appears to be frozen, yet it is not responsive to commands.

Internal Battery on Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On: Considering you possess an integrated battery, you will require to operate on the internal core of your Laptop to overcome this matter. You may either get advice from a professional or use a YouTube guide to assist you.

If your Lenovo Laptop isn’t Plugged in, it won’t Turn onIn such case, the Laptop will not switch on with the batteries installed, but it will switch on if the battery is detached and the charging adaptor is put in. In this instance, your battery is compromised and has to be changed so that your laptop can function properly.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn on Following Bios Update: After you execute a BIOS upgrade on your Lenovo laptop, it goes off. After then, if the user touches the power button again, the Lenovo laptop will not start up. So, in this scenario, the problem is with the system, and it is at the fundamental level. Head to a Lenovo service center or a laptop service shop to resolve the issue.

General Troubleshooting

Perform basic troubleshooting before proceeding to the actual repairs since this may resolve the situation. Examine your equipment and any other factors that might be causing the issue.

General Troubleshooting

Hardware Error:

Malfunctioning hardware is the most typical cause of your Lenovo laptop not powering on. If you push the power switch and hear a weird sound, but the laptop does not turn on, the hardware is most likely to blame. To repair it, you’ll require to consult a technician.

Another typical reason for the laptop not turning is the installation of upgraded hardware on the system, such as SSD or RAM. As a result, it is recommended that you replace the RAM and do a system inspection.

Laptop Charge:

Another common cause is that your Lenovo laptop isn’t completely charged. Charge the Lenovo laptop entirely by connecting it to a suitable charger. After that, we’ll proceed onto repairs. A collection of fixes is provided below. Ensure to execute the procedures in the exact manner so that the Lenovo laptop won’t power on problem is handled quickly.

Process of fixing Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn on No Lights

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn on

Investigate the Issue of Overheating

While you operate your laptop on a bed, the ventilation is obstructed, and the laptop heats up in the aftermath. It is advised that you use your laptop on a table, or if you must use it on your bed, make sure it does not interfere with the airflow.

To resolve this, turn off the computer for a couple of hours to allow it to cool enough. Disconnect the battery as well if it’s detachable. When the laptop has cooled for an hour, restore the battery and set it on. If the Lenovo laptop won’t power on problem has been resolved, great; if not, try the alternative approach mentioned below.

Inspect the Batteries and the Power Connection

The problem might be with the battery pack or the AC adapter power cable, which is inherently broken and supplies incorrect voltage.

  • The laptop’s battery should be removed.
  • Attach the AC connector to the laptop and push the power switch to start it on.
  • If the laptop turns on, it suggests the battery is malfunctioning.
  • The issue will be resolved by replacing the battery with a fresh one.
  • You may still charge your Laptop with the AC connector until you acquire a fresh battery.

Discharge the Laptop’s Remaining Power

The power remaining in the laptop after switching it off, primarily preserved in a capacitor, is known as residual power. Leftover power can lead the laptop not to switch on or create a voltage malfunction, therefore empty the residual power from your Lenovo laptop using the procedures below.

  • A laptop’s battery should be removed.
  • Disconnect any external hardware, such as the AC connector.
  • Disconnect the replaceable battery from the system if it is available.
  • Then continuously push the power switch ten times.
  • Push the power switch down for 30 seconds after tapping it eleven times.
  • Just the AC connector, not the battery, must be connected at this point.
  • If the device turns on, push the power switch.
  • Allow it to fully charge before properly shutting it off.
  • Replace the battery in the Lenovo laptop and hold the start button to turn it on.

Activate the Emergency Reset Hole

The emergency reset hole normally resets and refreshes the laptop so that any difficulties may be resolved immediately.

  • Detach both the AC connector and the battery.
  • Detach any peripheral hardware devices you may have, such as a mouse or printer.
  • On your Lenovo laptop, locate the emergency reset hole.
  • After you’ve located it, apply a sim extractor or pin to push it. To switch on your laptop, hit the power switch.

Restoration of the CMOS Battery

Almost any laptop has a CMOS battery, which is required to keep track of the date and time. It also saves BIOS settings to the motherboard. A malfunctioning CMOS is another possibility your Lenovo laptop won’t switch on, and changing it will resolve the situation. It is not expensive and readily accessible at any nearby laptop repairing facility.


There could very well be several possibilities for Lenovo laptop Won’t Turn on No lights suggesting the laptop is not powering on. Hopefully, this post has been useful in informing you about the difficulties that may emerge and all of the potential solutions to the Lenovo laptop not starting up situation.

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