Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter Driver is Unavailable

It is not uncommon for consumers of Bluetooth to have trouble with their device drivers occasionally. A driver is a software component of a computer’s operating system, and the various Windows operating systems require distinct drivers. Essentially, this implies that if your device has an unsuitable driver, you might not be able to transmit and acquire material as quickly as you would want. The topic of this post is how to solve the Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter Driver is Unavailable error message.

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Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter

Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter

Using the Insignia Bluetooth USB converter, you can eliminate the need for a wire. Using this adapter, users may link up to 7 Bluetooth-enabled peripherals to a Bluetooth-enabled computer. Windows 10 computers and laptops are compatible with this software. The Bluetooth USB adapter from Insignia retains interactions with gadgets up to a distance of 20 meters.

Outline of the Issue

Generally, faults are more likely to happen if the Bluetooth driver is faulty or absent. If you attempt to use Bluetooth on your system and encounter this issue, the most likely culprits are defective or missing disks.

Solutions for Insignia USB Bluetooth Driver Unavailable

This problem can be fixed by attempting any of the methods indicated below.

Solutions for Insignia USB Bluetooth Driver Unavailable

Update Insignia Bluetooth Driver

Your Insignia Bluetooth adapter’s driver may be updated through Windows’s regular driver updates.

Plug your Bluetooth dongle into your PC. To open the Run dialog box, hit Windows logo + R on the keypad simultaneously. Once you’ve typed devmgt.msc, press Enter.

To install the updated version, right-click on your Bluetooth adapter and pick Update driver from the menu that appears. Use the Search button to find the latest driver for your device. In order to complete the upgrade, just complete the on-screen directions. A more recent version of the Insignia Bluetooth driver should have corrected this issue.

Inspect your Product Details

You should verify the device’s parameters if your Bluetooth suddenly disappears to be assured it was built with the proper Bluetooth functionality. Checking for Bluetooth devices is critical since some desktops and devices do not come equipped with them.

Verify Bluetooth is Active

Your system won’t recognize it if your Bluetooth isn’t switched on. Perform the basic procedures to verify it is switched on.

To access the Settings menu, first hit the Start option. Take a look at all of your Bluetooth and other gadgets in the list of devices. Ensure the power is on. It must be switched on if not. Keep in mind that the Bluetooth connection on your device is turned on.

Examine your Bluetooth Equipment

It’s critical to ensure that the batteries in your Bluetooth are properly recharged or that you change them with new ones. The batteries should also be inspected to verify they are the proper ones.

Power off your Bluetooth device and then reactivate it after a matter of seconds. Verify to find whether the equipment is within reach. You don’t want to place it too near your computer or any other USB-connected device if the transmission is weak. Bluetooth efficiency might be negatively impacted by USB devices that are open.

Inspect your Computer

Disable any active aircraft mode. To verify whether your device is in airplane mode, press the Start option, next launch Settings, and choose Network and Internet. Switch on and off your Bluetooth. Head over to Start, Settings, Devices, and then Bluetooth and other devices to begin. Restart Bluetooth once it has been turned off.

Erase and then re-add the Bluetooth. Hit Start, choose Settings, and then Bluetooth and other devices to add it again. Delete the Bluetooth connection from the device you’re working on by clicking Yes. Once more, add it and turn it up to full power.

Troubleshoot your Insignia Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth Troubleshooter may be used if everything else fails. Begin by clicking on the Start option. Tap on Settings. Tap on “Update & Security.” Afterward, click on Troubleshoot. Inside the “Find and Fix Problems” menu, choose “Bluetooth.” Choose Run Troubleshooter and apply the on-screen directions.


Why can’t my PC connect to my Bluetooth device?

Answer- If the Bluetooth assistance program doesn’t run in the background, it’s a recurring issue with Bluetooth. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled. Occasionally, a disrupted Bluetooth connectivity is caused by a lack of support.

How Should I Utilize a Bluetooth Device on A Computer?

Answer- In order to link to a Bluetooth system, you must have Bluetooth activated on your computer. Switch on your Bluetooth peripheral to make it findable. Check the manufacturer’s webpage to know further about the product. Choosing a device from the lists and hitting Connect will get you started.

What exactly is a universal Bluetooth dongle?

Answer- DLink Bluetooth dongle is a generic Bluetooth adapter that may be found in almost every laptop and desktop computer. A high baud rate is required to transmit big and tiny data when using Bluetooth.


There are various factors why your Bluetooth may be unable to transmit or accept data, but this does not always imply that the product is defective. Even bad connectivity or absent drivers might be to blame. Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter Driver is Unavailable may be fixed using the information provided in this post.

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