Oculus Software Restart Required – (Why & Situations)

Oculus is a brand known worldwide for producing virtual reality devices. There are many devices included in the oculus setup. After setting up all the equipment related to the whole oculus device, you need to download the oculus software. It is required for running the entire setup correctly and controlling it.

But this setup and software can hang after years of usage and can get into other troubles. That’s when you need to fix the setup, and the Oculus software restart required as well. For various reasons, many problems can show up on your oculus setup and software. But before fixing it, finding the problem is mandatory.

Why You Need to Restart the Oculus Software

A problem or error can pop up suddenly on your Oculus software and Oculus setup. To fix those errors, you will need to restart the software when the error is software-related. You will see some signs when these kinds of problems break out. Now, let’s talk about the reasons why you need to restart the Oculus software from your computer:

  • When the software suddenly stops working during your usage
  • If you see the oculus software page is blank and showing nothing on the screen
  • Some parts or any particular area stops working correctly or entirely get stopped
  • You may be able to open the Oculus software, but it may continuously stop after sometimes
  • If you are not getting the audio from the screen and your sound is not reaching others

The Situations When Oculus Software Restart Required

It is an unfortunate matter to face problems with the Oculus software. You can get anxiety when any part of the oculus setup or the oculus software can get stuck continuously. The anxiety can even increase when the software suddenly stops working. To fix those issues, the first step is restarting the Oculus software.

If the problem is comparatively minor and software-related, restarting the Oculus software will get the job done. The situations when you need to restart your oculus software are:

Situation-1: Audio Not Working

When playing any games or watching something with the VR in oculus, the audio may stop working. You won’t get any sound then, which can give bad headaches. At that time, you need to reconnect your audio jack first. If that doesn’t work, you should consider restarting the Oculus software, and it should do the work.

Situation-2: Antivirus Software Blocking

The antivirus software in your computer may prevent Oculus from operating correctly. If you face this problem, you need to go to that antivirus software and add Oculus as the trusted program. Then restart the Oculus software. If that doesn’t work, you need to disable or turn off the antivirus software before using oculus. 

After doing so, you need to restart the oculus software, and most probably, you won’t face any issues related to that.

Situation-3: When Oculus Not Detecting the Graphics Card

This problem can prevent oculus from starting and run properly. When the graphics card gets disconnected, oculus may stop working. Then you need to reconnect it and check from your “Control Panel” whether it is connected properly or not. After getting confirmation, restart the oculus software, and hopefully, it will start and run properly.

Situation-4: Lack of Storage on your Computer

Lack of storage in your computer hard drive is also responsible for preventing Oculus from working correctly. Then you need to free up the storage and make sure it has enough space to let the Oculus operate properly. After doing so, restart the software, and the getting stuck or stopped problem will be solved.

Solution of Can’t reach Oculus service or Fix for Oculus software restart required loop

How to Restart Oculus Software When Required

You will need to download some Oculus software to operate the whole setup. But the mother Oculus software is mandatory at the beginning. If you are facing any Oculus software not installing issue, you need to restart the mother software. It is also the solution when you face installing Oculus software stuck at some point. 

The steps you need to follow for restarting the oculus software are:

Step-1: Log into the Oculus Account from Your Computer

At first, you need to open the Oculus software on your computer and then log into your account. Provide the email account you used for creating your account and the correct password to log in without any issue.

Step-2: Access to the Settings Section

After logging into the Oculus software, you will view the whole page on your computer screen. At the left side of the oculus tab, you will find a “Menu Bar” containing some options. Among those options, locate “Settings,” and click on it to enter that section.

Access to the Settings Section

Step-3: Enter Beta Section

As you will access the “Settings” menu, a new tab will appear on your screen. There will be five more sections in the upper portion of the “Settings” tab. The last one of those options will be “Beta,” and you need to enter that section by clicking on that.


Step-4: Restart Oculus Software

On the “Beta” section, there will be three more options appearing on your screen. The first one of those options will be “Restart Oculus.” Clicking on it will reboot all your oculus software related to the Oculus setup.


As you do so, a new small tab will appear requiring your confirmation on “Restart All Oculus Software?” At the bottom of that tab, there will be two options named “Cancel” and “Restart Oculus.” Click on the latter option to restart oculus on your computer, and most possibly, the restarting procedure will take some time.



It is a matter of disappointment when any Oculus software refuses to start. The situation becomes even worse when suddenly the software stops or gets stuck. It can create severe headaches and tension, but you should stay calm and try to fix the problem. 

In that situation, Oculus software restart required, and you need to perform that task as quickly as possible. Hopefully, that will solve the problem of Oculus getting stuck or stopped if that is a software-related issue. 

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