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The Oculus Quest is a virtual reality set developed by Oculus. It will allow you to cast the Oculus Quest on your Chromecast or a smartphone easily.  If you don’t know the process of Oculus Quest cast to FireStick, then this article is for you. Just read carefully and follow the steps given below. These will help you enough to start your quest cast to FireStick or other devices. 

So, we are starting the process of using a quest cast to FireStick. Gradually, you will know how to do this on other devices. Let’s start the discussion. 

Oculus Quest Cast to FireStick

How to Use Oculus Quest Cast to FireStick

It is much more accessible to cast the Oculus Quest to the FireStick directly. You can do this directly to connect it to the TV. And, you won’t have to use your smartphone in this process. Here are the steps of this process. 

Step-1: Download the Latest Version

You need the latest version of the VR (Oculus Quest)

Step-2: Download the Latest App

Now, download and install the “AirScreen” app on the FireStick 

Step-3: Open the App

Open the AirScreen, then click on Start

Step-4: Wait for The Dialogue

Wait until the “Wait for a connection” appears on the screen

Step-5: Follow The Steps

Now, take the Quest, then follow these steps in the menu

a. Click on Sharing

b. Choose “Cast”

c. Select Chromecast

d. Start casting

Your casting will start soon. Make sure to hit the back button of your FireTV controller located on the AirScreen app after you have finished casting. It will take you to back out from the casting. 

It should be casting! When done casting, ensure you hit the back button on the FireTV controller within the AirScreen app to back out of it.

Streaming Oculus Quest to TV

Streaming Oculus Quest to TV

It’s not so tough or tricky to cast the Quest to TV. You can do this in several ways. Follow the below-mentioned steps; these will help to complete the task easily from your phone. Let’s see the process.

Step-1: Connect the phone and the Oculus Quest set to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step-2: Turn on the headset and your TV.

Step-3: Now, open the Oculus app installed on your phone

Step-4: You will see the Cast icon located on the top right side of your screen. Tap on that.

Step-5: You have to allow permission to use the network if casting for the very first time. 

Step-6: Now, select your headset by tapping on the “Cast From” option. You will find this on the top side.

Step-7: You have to tap on the “Cast To” option and choose your device. As you will cast it on your TV, you should choose that and tap on “Start”. If you don’t see your  device on the screen, tap on the “Search for devices” option.  

Many people ask about the process of the Oculus Quest cast on Samsung TV. You cannot cast the Quest to your Samsung TV without using your phone. This process is a little bit different from the one mentioned above, but we are showing the process for you here. 

Step-1: Connect Both Devices

Use your same Wi-Fi network to connect the TV and VR set.

Step-2: Download the App

On your phone, download and install the “Samsung Smart View” app.

Step-3: Mirror Your Phone

Now, mirror the smartphone to the Samsung TV 

Step-4: Open Quest

Now, open your Quest app

Step-5: Connect App

Connect the app to your phone

You are done. Here, your phone will start the Quest mirroring to your TV. 

Casting Oculus Quest 2 to FireStick

Casting Oculus Quest 2 to FireStick

After knowing the process of casting Oculus Quest on the TV, you might be interested to know about casting Oculus Quest 2 to FireStick. This process is also very much easier than the previous one. In this part, you will take the steps about this in brief. So, let’s start.

Step-1: Install AirScreen

Find out the “AirScreen” app from your FireStick, then download and install it.

Step-2: Open and Start The App

Open the app. Once it is installed, click on “Start.”

Step-3: Follow These Steps

Go to the “Settings” option. Here,

a. Click on hardware acceleration, then put a tick on the box.

b. Click on “Screen Resolution” and set this at 1920X1080 pixels.

Step-4: Get Back To Homepage

Click on the back option to go to the Homepage, then click on “Start.”

Step-5: Choose Quest 2

Press cast on the Quest 2 set.

Step-6: Select the Device

You will see the device names on your screen. Now choose your desired one.

Wait for a while until your Quest starts casting on your TV through the FireStick. 

How to Cast Quest 2 to a TV, WITHOUT Chromecast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On which devices can I cast Oculus Quest?  

Oculus doesn’t support all the devices to cast. This device is supporting very few devices currently like Chromecast, Google Home Hub, and NVIDIA Shield. Chromecast is a typical HDMI dongle. You can cast video and music services using this.

Can I Cast My Oculus Quest to an old model TV?

We are sorry. You cannot do this. If you want an Oculus quest cast, then you should have the Chromecast or other similar devices. Amazon FireStick can be your best purchasing solution in this case. 

Is it possible to cast on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, it is very much possible. You can easily stream your smartphone or Oculus Quest 2 to FireStick using the Wi-Service. Just follow these steps to do this.

Step-1: Connect FireStick
You have to connect the FireStick using the phone hotspot
Step-2: Choose Display and Sound
From the FireStick settings, you have to go to the “Display and Sounds” option.
Step-3: Start Casting
Now enable the Display Mirroring to start the cast. 

Final Words

Oculus Quest is a great VR device to cast a screen onto a TV or other displays. It is very much easy to cast the phone on the TV using this. The virtual reality head can provide you with the ultimate feel of watching videos or playing games.

We have discussed several ways of Oculus Quest cast to FireStick and other devices here in this article. It doesn’t matter that you will cast on FireStick or Samsung TV; we hope these instructions will help you enjoy the stream. 

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