How to Use DS4 on Windows & Ds4windows Ps5 Controller

DS4Windows is a portable software that enables you to get the most out of your Dual Shock 4 while playing on your PC. A wide range of games can be played with the Xbox 360 controller emulated on your PC.

It offers incredible features, including a simple and intuitive user interface, profile systems, automated profile creation, and other configuration choices to elevate your gaming experience to the next level. Without knowing how to use DS4 on windows it is not possible to enjoy your gaming on PC with the controllers. The use of DS4Windows will be explored in this article.

How to Use DS4 on Windows

What is DS4Windows and its Features

DS4Windows is software that makes connecting the Controller to a Windows PC convenient. It comes with amazing features that help you completely maximize your gaming experience, as well as a simple and clean user interface that takes you through the setup process pretty fast and has you prepared to play in moments.

You may make whatever modifications you like before you start playing with the many features DS4Windows has to offer. The main features of the program are enlisted below.

  • Obtain access to even more fantastic games by using your PlayStation DS4 controller to emulate an Xbox 360 controller.
  • The touchpad may be used as a mouse and for many other operations.
  • Sixaxis motion can be used for as many activities as feasible.
  • With full control, you may switch off the light bar, change the colors based on battery level, and optimize it as you like.
  • To quickly recognize Xbox 360 controllers and keyboard combinations, map the sticks and buttons.
  • To quickly swap between setups, store controller settings as various profiles.
  • When a certain game or software is opened, swap profiles seamlessly.
  • Complete a whole new set of controls with an action button.
  • Analyze the functional reading of sixaxis and sticks.
  •  Analog sticks, triggers, and sixaxis can be allocated a deadzone.
  • Receive new updates

How to Connect PS5 Dualsense Controller to PC with DS4 Windows

Connecting PS4 Controller Using DS4Windows

Connecting PS4 Controller Using DS4Windows

With some basic computer knowledge, setting up PS4 Controller to Windows using DS4Windows is very easy. Before the setup process, make sure to download DS4Windows from the link below.


The PS4 controller connection instructions are listed below.

  • Use the link above to download the DS4Windows software.
  • Unzip file to your PC by double-clicking it.
  • Double-click on exe to open the setup window from the unzipped files.
  • Select Step 1 from the setup window.
  • Wait for the driver to finish installing before moving on.
  • For the time being, minimize DS4Windows.
  • Activate the Bluetooth option on your PC.
  • To open the Run program, use the Windows logo key + R.
  • Type Control in the dialogue box to open Control Panel.
  • Then modify the View by to Large Icons, and select Devices and Printers.
  • Hold down the PS and Share buttons on your PS4 Controller until the lights on the Controller start to blink.
  • Click “Add a device” in the top right corner.
  • Allow your computer to recognize your Controller before proceeding. Select your Controller when it has been found, and then click Next to continue.
  • When prompted, choose Pair and provide the code 0000.
  • Restart DS4Windows; your Controller should now be completely connected.

You may now dismiss the application and use the PS4 Controller to enjoy gaming on your PC. If you want to securely unplug the Controller after playing, simply maximize DS4Windows and select Stop. Also, disable your PC’s Bluetooth.

How to Fix DS4Windows Unable to Detect Controller

How to Fix DS4Windows Unable to Detect Controller

One of the issues that gamers encounter while using DS4Windows to play games is the inability to recognize the Controller. The problem might be caused by recent Windows 10 upgrades, device driver errors, or DS4Windows disabling the Controller. Below are some potential solutions to the issue.

Method-1: DS4 Controller Device Uninstalling and Resetting

The DS4Windows program must be shut off and unplugged. It is necessary to remove the device selected during the first installation. The controller device must then be reconnected by running DS4Windows.

Method-2: Disabling the DS4 Controller and Re-enabling Again

During gaming, the DS4 Controller may get automatically deactivated. It may be fixed by going into Device Manager and re-enabling the controller device. 

Method-3: Uninstall Windows Update

Some peripherals linked to your PC’s functionality may be obstructed by the latest versions of Windows. Uninstalling the updates may assist in resolving the problem. You may simply eliminate them by heading to Settings > Windows Update. View installed update history, is where you’ll discover the option to choose and remove updates. Restart your computer after the operation is finished.

Method-4: Scan Hardware Changes

When any driver or device has been recently removed, scanning for hardware changes might get the Controller operating again. From Device Manager, you may check for hardware changes.

If the preceding procedures are performed correctly, the problem of DS4Windows not being able to identify Controller should be resolved.

How to Use DS4Windows PS5 Controller

PS5 controllers can be linked to the PC in the same way as PS4 controllers may, and any game can be played on DS4Windows. The PS5 Controller must first be linked to the PC before utilizing DS4Windows to play games using the PS5 Controller. The many methods for connecting a PS5 controller are listed below.

  • Connect PS5 DualSense Controller through Steam.
  • Connect PS5 through Bluetooth.
  • Connect PS5 Controller via USB.

Follow the instructions below to utilize DS4Windows to use a PS5 Controller after the PS5 Controller has been successfully connected.

Step-1. Create a new DS4Windows profile after the PS5 controller connection.

Step-2. Locate and choose the “Other” tab on the right side.

Step-3. Select DualShock 4 controller from the “Emulated Controller” menu.

Step-4. Change the output mode to “Passthru” under the “Touchpad” tab.

Step-5. When you save or apply, the Controller should be identified.

By connecting the PS5 Controller to your PC and following the above instructions, you may now play games and enhance your gaming experience. 


Hopefully, you have learned how to use DS4 on Windows in extensive detail. DS4Windows is the best application for players who want to play games on their PC with PS4/5 controllers. The software is simple to download, connect via USB or Bluetooth, and install. The wide set of features will completely transform the way you play.

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