VR Xbox 360- Need to know Everything

Virtual Reality is the pinnacle of escape into the imaginary world for modern time. Virtual reality, mostly known as VR has been getting more and more popular for gaining or working, or therapy, and many more! But for gamers, it is the perfect getaway to enter the unknown and to experience the games like never before.

Console gaming on VR is an emerging thing among gamers, and there are lots of VR modules that offer a VR experience to consoles like Xbox 360, and others. We are going to discuss the ups, downs, and popular options for VR Xbox 360.

VR Xbox 360

Why People Are Crazy about VR Xbox 360?

While there is still no official Xbox 360 VR headset from Microsoft, the hype for the VR Xbox 360 is still increasing day by day. A key part of this is the modern game titles, and the rival, PS4, and many more aspects.

VR Xbox 360 is A New Experience

By now, we know that VR is a completely different experience and a pathway to the imagination. The experience of VR is like participating in things in the real world, and it has a great attraction to the gamers.

The Huge Number of Xbox 360 Gamers

Xbox 360 was one of the most sold gaming consoles of its time, and still, now it is high in demand. The sheet number of gamers who own an Xbox 360 is huge. With VR being the latest technology and so many games coming in VR, the users of Xbox 360 are eager to get a VR Xbox 360 so they can have a taste of virtual reality in their existing console.

The Launch of Playstation VR

Playstation launched their own VR module, which enabled the PS gamers to experience VR experience without any hassle or tweaking, in just plug and plays fashion. But, there is still no official VR module for Xbox

Even though Microsoft had announced to launch their VR device which will pair up directly with Xbox consoles, they are yet to launch them or give any update. This long wait for an official Microsoft or Xbox VR module is making the users more eager.

New and Latest VR Games

Technology is moving forward every day, and game companies are releasing new VR games which range vastly from another. Any gamer can find and play a modern VR game based on his or her preference in game genres. But, the lack of an official VR module for Xbox is making the Xbox gamers impatient, or in other words, crazy about this VR Xbox 360.

VR Headsets – The Benefits and The Cons

A VR headset works with zoomed lenses, sensors, and connector ports. It sits on the head and generates an image in front of the eyes, isolating the user from reality. VR headsets create a whole new world for the user and give an immersive experience.


  • A brand new reality
  • Can be used in various fields like gaming, training, etc
  • Have more details than traditional gaming
  • Helps to connect with the game world
  • Give sound as per the perspective of the user
  • Increases head and arm movement for gamers


  • Have high price tags
  • Disconnects the gamer or user from reality

Can You Play VR Games on Xbox?

Xbox can play VR games – but not in a simple plug-and-play manner. While the PS VR is really easy to connect and use, the Xbox requires a bit more work to play games in VR.

There are some VR modules like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive which pairs best with an Xbox. To play VR games, you need to enable game streaming from your Xbox to other devices from the settings. Then you need to Install the Xbox One Streaming app and then you can connect the VR to your Xbox.

What VR Games Are on Xbox?

There is a long list of games that are designed to be run on VR. Among them, many are developed to play on Xbox.

Minecraft VR

Minecraft VR is essentially the same game, but now it has a VR variant that is compatible with Xbox. With the new VR feature, players can enjoy their old, favorite game in a completely new form and method.

Tetris Effect

Tetris is a game probably everyone who has access to technology has played at least once in their life. The new Tetris Effect comes in a VR form to provide the gamer with a brand new experience. It takes the gamer into the game and a completely redesigned world – with the basic rules of the game still the same.

No Man’s Sky

This is one of those games that was launched with a high amount of hype but couldn’t live up to that. But, after updates and the newly added VR feature, it is now a really enjoyable VR game for Xbox users.

Superhot VR

While this game is really simple and lacks the latest technology and detail, it is still a really enjoyable game in VR. Xbox gamers can experience a completely new world for shooting and time-bending, and enjoy the game.

Is VR Bad for Your Eyes?

While VR is enjoyable, attractive, and interesting, it does hurt our eyes and brain. VR shows the image to the eyes differently than normal, and the brain is forced to process this data. This causes eye strain and also the eyesight gets affected. There are so many records of people’s eyesight getting affected and damaged by the use of VR. Even doctors suggest against using VR for games.

Also, using a VR headset for a long period will seriously affect the eyes and cause nausea, dizziness, twitching of the eye, and many problems.

VR 360


Can I play VR games on Xbox 360?

Answer: Some games are playable, but lack a lot of realism and features than modern consoles and VR headsets.

What is the best VR headset for Xbox 360?

Answer: Oculus Go can be paired up with Xbox 360.

Is there any official Microsoft VR headset?

Answer: Microsoft has not yet released their official VR headset for gaming with Xbox consoles.


VR gaming is a growing thing, and probably the future of gaming. While the technology is still improving, it has come far from where it was when Xbox 360 was launched. Xbox 360 is a good console even by today’s standard, but VR Xbox 360 does not provide suitable performance for gamers. Even with the latest Xbox One X, there is no official VR headset from Microsoft, and from the looks of things, we need to wait for it to happen.

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