How do I Fix the Oculus Quest Controller Drift

If you’re playing a fantastic game on Oculus, the last thing you want is for something terrible to happen: Oculus Quest Controller Drift. Having to reorient the controller is a common occurrence while playing games with characters that walk off on their own or lenses that seem to take on a mind of their own.

Some of the potential causes of controller drift are bugs in the program or the gradual buildup of dust and debris inside the controller. The purpose of this article is to introduce the concept of controller drifts and its prevention.

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Controller Drift

When a controller behaves as though it has its independent consciousness, this is referred to as controller drift. In a gameplay, a character may continually wander to the left or right, or your viewpoint may continuously change.

Controller drift may be caused by a variety of factors, including software faults and the accumulation of dirt and particles within a controller. Drift in the Oculus Quest controllers is frequently induced by depreciation and damage at the point where the manual stick reaches its connection inside the controller.

Causes of Drift

There are a variety of causes why the controller may start to drift and create unwanted complications during gaming.

Abrasion & Damage

The most prevalent source of controller drift is the fact that they are susceptible to damage and tear. As an example, let’s look into DualSense. The stick element, which is in charge of extending the lifespan of your controller and minimizing drift, has an operational span of approximately 2 million input rounds. This equates to around 400 hours of Call of Duty gaming.

Specific games might be somewhat stressful based on how their system operates, resulting in a lengthier or shorter drift-free lifetime for your controller. Regrettably, most consoles, such as the DualSense or Switch Pro Controller, are constructed in this manner these times.

Sluggish Design of Joystick

In the end, controllers are just not designed to survive forever, and no one expects them to withstand a nuclear explosion. It’s terrible that many consumers experience Joy-Con and DualSense drift on a regular basis, particularly given that both the PS5 and Nintendo Switch are comparatively recent systems.

For instance, when it comes to Nintendo’s Joy-Cons, there are several explanations why drift might occur. A tiny strip of soft plastic shields the joystick element from external contaminants such as dirt particles or filth. If the cover is raised, all kinds of things may slip inside your controller and provide Link a reason to jump off a cliff while you’re playing.

Peripheral Chemicals

Drift is induced not just by poor gaming or a terrible general layout but also by your practices and the surroundings of the controller. Is your bedroom really filthy? Is your cat stroking its back on your control stick? How many fries do you consume when enjoying Warzone’s Plunder? Sludge and dirt, like it or not, can sneak inside your controller and impair your gaming experience.

This may readily occur without your knowledge. Maybe you’re packing your controller and video games for a vacation, and you cram everything into an abandoned backpack. Or perhaps you neglected to clean your hands for a time and touched your controller, causing it to get sticky. External factors, in any event, may readily induce even the best-designed devices to drift.

Preventive Actions

The easiest technique to avoid drift is to nurture your controller as if it were a fresh new automobile each time you operate. In order to preserve it in good working order, you don’t need to clean it or apply any polish to it.

The controller should never be thrown on the floor once a game of Rocket League is over, and the sticks should always be handled with delicacy. In certain circumstances, handling your controller in this manner may avoid drift from occurring at all.

 Oculus Quest Controller

To avoid drifting, you may also recalibrate your controller. Calibrating will assist you in getting your controller to find out exactly where the stick’s neutral position is. Basically, the stick’s neutral point means nothing further than that it’s at balance. Drift enables your controller to assume that the neutral point is wandering about in the air. Your lens or avatar will move when you don’t hold the stick. Calibration adjustments in specific games may be available for controllers that lack such a feature. Drift-related inputs will no longer be recorded and performed as a result of this.

Preventing stick drift is as simple as not letting your controller come into contact with anything that’s just hovering in the air. Place it in a cabinet that has been well-cleaned on the inside. To prevent ruining your sticks, you must also refrain from drinking or snacking while playing. It’s challenging to resist munching on peanuts while taking in the vastness of the unknown, but it’s vital.

Hand hygiene is an obvious need, but you don’t require to apply a hand cleanser every time you touch your joystick. Even if you aren’t using your controller, keeping it in good condition is a good idea.

Finally, if no action is taken to rectify the drifting, you may want to try changing the controller or, if it is brand new, contact Oculus service experts with your problem for a repair.

Resolve Oculus Controller Drift

Try recalibrating your console if it begins to drift while being used in VR. Launch the Oculus application and adjust your controller’s settings. Once you’ve done that, choose More and select Controller. To switch between your controllers, go to the Paired Controllers section and press the button on your preferred controller. After that, press the Recalibrate button at the upper right of the screen. Your controller’s calibration may be done in accordance with on-screen directions.

How to fix oculus quest controller drift

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stick drift?

Answer- Playing brings about a natural decay. Drift issues can arise in controllers because of their susceptibility to degradation, which occurs naturally with usage. The problem has worsened in recent years as the average lifespan of technological products has been drastically lowered in an effort to encourage more sales.

How do I fix the oculus quest controller on the thumbstick drift?

Answer- You may cleanse the joystick by using a tiny quantity of contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol (90 percent or higher), moving it around, and letting it dry. Do not assemble until the contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol has dried.

How do I fix the oculus controller vibration?

Answer- If the Oculus Controller is vibrating, you can try restarting your headset. Furthermore, you may re-install the Oculus software into your smartphone or change batteries.


A significant concern for players is Oculus Quest Controller Drift, which may cause substantial disruptions to gameplay and even lead to game over for certain users. You need to be aware of the reasons for drifting as well as all the preventative actions you can undertake to ensure your controller is in top condition for smooth gaming every time.


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