Oculus Quest 2 Left Controller Not Working

As the Oculus Quest 2 has only been out for a few days, there are some problems reported with the design and build quality. One such problem is that the left controller is not working fully. This guide will discuss what users can do if their left controller becomes unresponsive or stops working at all. The information in this article can help you troubleshoot any issue your left controller may be having and put you back on track to enjoying your new virtual reality headset.

There are issues that may prevent your controller from working. First of all, the headset and controller are not connected properly. This can happen if you have already used this controller or if you just purchased it and are having issues. A second problem might be the battery compartment. It is possible that the compartment has been damaged or broken due to previous use or neglect of maintenance. We will discuss both of these problems in detail and how they can be fixed accordingly to get your left controller working again as it should.

Four Solutions for Oculus Quest Left Controller

Oculus Quest Left Controller
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Solution 1:

If your left controller just stops working, you will want to contact Oculus support and let them know. They are available via email at [email protected] or by calling 611 from within the United States. Your left controller will need to be described specifically.

If you try to use your Oculus Quest 2 but the left controller is not working, it may be because the battery may have run out. In order for the battery compartment to work properly, it must be inserted correctly through both the front and back of the controller. If either of these areas has been damaged, then this will cause a problem as well as a bad connection between both parts. Therefore, this will require the player to replace the battery. This can be done by contacting Oculus support and requesting a replacement controller. The cost to have this done will be $20 plus the shipping and handling fee at the time of order.

Solution 2:

If you already have your Oculus Quest controller, but just bought a new one and are having issues, then you will want to check the battery that came with your new controller for good connection as well as charge it properly before putting it into the controller. Sometimes the battery is put in incorrectly which can cause problems.

In order for you to properly put the battery into your controller, you will want to first disconnect it from the headset. Then, counterclockwise turn the entire compartment until it is completely off. Then, pull out the old battery and insert a new one before turning it back clockwise in order to snap into place. Once this is done, then you can attach your controller to your headset and begin using it again if previously unresponsive or not working at all.

It is recommended to also have your headset plugged into the wall to charge this way as it will charge faster. Your headset should be charged for at least 3 hours before using it again. Please note, even with the new left controller, you will still have to deal with the fact that your right controller is not working as well.

Solution 3:

There has been reporting that the battery compartment may have a bad connection with the headset. Regardless of whether or not it came this way, if you are experiencing issues you will want to contact Oculus support and tell them about this problem. You will want to be sure that the headset can hold onto both touch controllers and has no scratches on their screens as well. If this is the case, then you will need to send it to them for repair at the cost of $19.95 plus the shipment and handling fee at the time of order. You will have to have proof of purchase as well as a tracking number that can be provided when requesting this service.

Solution 4:

When trying to troubleshoot your left controller, you will want to charge that controller as well as both controllers completely first before starting it up again. If you have tried this but are still having issues, then you will need to update your controller.

From your computer’s Oculus app, select Settings. Then, go down to General and select Device. Once this is done, select the Update Controllers option and continue updating your controllers through that process which should take a few minutes.

FIX Left/Right Quest 2 Controller Not Working or Connecting Issue

Oculus Quest 2 Right Controller Not Working

When you try to use the Oculus Quest 2 right controller, it doesn’t work. So you’re wondering what you can do. Well, don’t worry; there is no need to worry as it’s an easy fix.

There are a few simple steps that will help you get your Oculus Quest 2 right Controller working again and allow you to have an immersive gaming experience.

First, make sure your Oculus Quest 2 right controller is charged and connected to a power source. If it has insufficient charge, it will not work.

After that, turn on and verify that the right controller of your Oculus Quest 2 is working as it should. Be sure you are in a game when you try to use the Oculus Quest 2 right Controller If the problem persists and your Oculus Quest 2 right Controller still does not work, you may need to hard reset the controller using these instructions:

  • Power off your headset
  • Unscrew and remove the back panel from your headset
  • Press the blue button and hold it, release the switch until it turns red
  • Remove the battery from your controller with your fingers after pressing and holding the blue button release switch. Now you can plug in for charging your controller. Please note that video games that use motion controls may not work properly until you have re-synced the controller with the headset. This may take 15 minutes for a standard-sized controller.

(If you are using an Xbox One controller, or other controllers supported by Xbox, you will need to use the Xbox app to sync it with your headset)

*Finally, make sure that you have located the user guide for your Oculus Quest 2 right Controller. If you do not have one, cover it up with something so that it does not get damaged.

I hope this fixes your problem. If it doesn’t then you may want to visit an authorized Oculus store to see if they have a new or used unit available for you. If not, then you can try re-flashing the firmware on your Oculus Quest 2 right Controller

Final word

One of the most frustrating things about owning a virtual reality headset is when you get out and then notice that one of your controllers isn’t working. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to happen. Here is what you need to do if your Oculus Quest 2 controller suddenly stops working.

If you are having this problem, your Oculus Quest 2 controller will suddenly stop working in about 1-2 hours after it’s been used for the first time. It could also randomly stop working at any time.

Even if you have no other problems with your controller, you can still try to do something simple to try and fix it. Try the discussed things before contacting Oculus support.

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