How to Add Sub Bullets in Word

In a paragraph, there are some key points that deserve more focus than the other sections. To make those key points quickly catch the audience’s eye, bullet points are used in MS Word. Sometimes, within those bullet points, there may be some sub-sections or points requiring the attention of the audience as well.

In that case, sub-bullets come into the game to make those sub-sections or points catch the audience’s attention after the bullet points. But you may remain in confusion about how to add sub-bullets in word to make your article more interesting. After the discussion below, hopefully, you will be clear about it without any doubts remaining.

Benefits of Using Sub Bullets in Word

You may remain in doubt about why you should use sub-bullets along with the bullets. As you know, bullets are for making any key point more focused than the other parts of the article. But that bullet point may have some sub-points or sub-sections that also require the audience’s attention.

But at the same time, it is also crucial to make sure that the sub-points are not getting more attention than the main points. That’s why we should use the sub-bullets to define those sub-points and sub-sections as part of the main points. Now the benefits of using sub-bullets in MS word are:

  • Proper attention of the audience to the desired sub-points or sub-sections of the article
  • By using sub-bullets, it is easier to define the sub-points as part of the main point
  • The audience’s attention will be at its peak while reading the article with bullets and sub-bullets

How to Add Sub Bullets in Word – The Step-by-Step Process that You Need to Perform

Adding sub-bullet points in your article that you are writing in MS word is not a tough task to perform. But if you are unaware of the proper process, things can turn into a real mess to deal with. That’s why completing the task in the appropriate way matters the most.

If you are confused about how to add sub-bullets in word mac, then the method is quite the same as we are going to describe below:

Step-1: Access to the Bullets Section

To add sub-bullets, first, you need to access the bullet section from MS word. Next, you need to go to the “Home” tab as you intend to apply a bullet. The “Home” tab is available on the tab list in the upper portion of the MS word window, and you need to click on it to access this part.

Once you are in that desired tab, you will see various sections of features right below the tab list. The first section will be about the fonts, and at the right of it, there will be the sections of paragraph and alignment. In this part, the first sign will be about the bullet points with a dropdown icon on the right.

Bullets Section

Step-2: Choose and Add a Bullet

As you see the dropdown icon beside the bullet sign, you need to click on that icon. Your action will reveal the hidden “Bullet Library,” where you will find various types of bullets. Choose one from there randomly, or if you have any favorite one, you can choose that as well.

Bullet Library

As you click on it or press “Enter,” the bullet will be added to the key point you wanted. 

Step-3: Change List Level to Add Sub Bullets

In this phase, you will have to click on the bullet button again, as you did just a while ago. By doing so, you will find some options just below the “Bullet Library.” One of those options will be named “Change list level” with an “Arrow” icon just at the right of that option you located. 

Hover your icon over that “Arrow” icon to reveal the options hidden inside of it. As you do so, some bullet options will appear labeled as the level type for that bullet you used. From that list, you need to select “Level 2,” which will be the second one from that list.

Right after doing so, the level two sub-bullet will be added to your desired sub-section or sub-option. You can also do the same for the other lines or sub-options by adding the sub-bullets of different levels. There will be as many levels as you require for properly describing your article.

As you can see, the bullets of each level are different from the bullets of other levels. Therefore, these bullet levels are known as the sub-bullets for using to highlight the sub-sections or sub-points. 

Step-4: Increase and Decrease List Level

You may need to increase or decrease the list level to make the sub-bullets suit your article properly. In the paragraph section, same as the bullets, search for the ellipsis () icon to perform these tasks. It is situated right beside the bullet and list buttons.

As you find the icon, you need to click on it to find out the options hidden inside it. A small window will appear because of your action, and it consists of some options. The top two options from that newly appeared window will be “Decrease List Level” and “Increase List Level.”

You can also perform this increasing and decreasing shortcut for sub-bullets in word. There are different shortcuts for these two tasks as these two are opposite of each other. If you want to use keyboard shortcuts to increase the list level, just press the “Tab” button on the keyboard.

Keep pressing the button as much as you want to increase the list level of the sub-bullets. On the other hand, when you want to decrease the list level quickly by using the shortcut method, just press “Shift + Tab.” Then, in the same way as the other one, keep pressing it until you are happy with the decreased size of the list level.

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Final Thoughts

Adding bullets is quite crucial for an article to make the readers focused on the key points. In the same way, the sub-bullets are also important to grab the audience’s attention on the sub-sections and sub-points. But you have doubts about the proper process of how to add sub-bullets in word. 

Performing the task is not tough, but without proper instruction, you will face huge difficulties. That’s why we are here with guidance about you can use it to make the key points and sub-points of your article catchier. Thus, it will grab more attention from the desired audiences.

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