New Login Location Detected Discord

Discord is a messaging software that allows you to communicate with your friends or meet new people from all over the world. It’s made specifically for video gamers, with tools to help them find one another, organize their games, and interact while they’re gaming. Users may interact in a variety of methods, involving video chatting, voice calls, as well as text messages.

Discord has many great features that help you interact with others and make your experience more enjoyable, but it also has bugs and other issues. New login location detected Discord is one such problem that appears when you try to connect to Discord even if you previously signed in with the identical device. This post will aid in the path of tackling the condition.

New Login Location Detected Discord

New Login Location Detected Error

Many users have complained that they receive the error text “New login location detected, please check your email” while attempting to login to Discord, even when entering the same email and password from the same device. This message may appear if you log into Discord from a different location or through a different network connection. To resolve this issue, you just need to validate your Discord account.

Verify Discord Account

You do not need to be concerned if you see the warning “New login location detected, please check your email” while logging into your discord account. All you have to do now is authenticate your account by implementing the easy steps explained below.

  • To begin, head to your email inbox and view the mail from Discord email.
  • Your IP address and location will be displayed when you view the email.
  • Click “Verify Login” to authenticate your Discord account.
  • The notice “IP authorization link has expired, please login to resend the link” will appear. When this message appears, hit login.
  • You’ll be dispatched to the Discord webpage, where you will notice that you’ve logged in successfully. You’ll be able to sign in successfully through the discord application as well.

This is a Discord functionality that ensures the security of your account.

Customize Your Discord Location

If you’re experiencing trouble communicating with others on Discord, adjusting your area or location may help. As you initially establish your Discord profile, Discord may autonomously select the voice server nearest to you for optimal efficiency; nevertheless, Discord might not always select the best network for you.

Fortunately, customers have the freedom to switch servers whenever they want by fiddling with the various parameters until they discover the best-performing alternatives. Users may modify their configurations by adjusting their location, allowing them to get the most out of their program experience.

Customize your Discord Country

It’s critical to change your voice server since the closer you are to the server geographically, the less delay you’ll experience. Your connection will be better if you have less jitter. Everything, from reaction times to speech quality, is improved as a result of this. If you’re having problems in one of these domains or simply want to try something new, the procedure is simple.

Launch Discord and sign in. Next, in the left side column, select the server on which you wish to modify the voice server. Understand that to update the server, you must either be the server administrator or have a position on the server with management server rights granted. If either of these statements is correct, you can modify the geolocation of the voice server.

  • To get started, use the down button to view your server choices.
  • After that, select Server Settings from the drop-down options.
  • Select ‘Change’. Tap the Change option beneath the Server Region tab. This should be moved nearer to the computer window’s right column.
  • Finally, select a place that you believe is the most convenient to your geographic space. This would be ‘US East’ in this instance. If you reside in any other country, you can choose any region of your preference closest to your location from the given options.

Simply choose what you believe is the nearest to you. If one seems to be sluggish than the other, you may always go back into the settings and alter the server region to see if your lag reduces. To save your choices, select one of the voice server regions. One of the coolest features of Discord is that switching servers causes less than a second of speech disturbance. Switching your server, on the other hand, will not disrupt any ongoing discussions.

Repairing Discord Audio

The majority of users claim that changing the location in Discord improves audio quality by reducing delay. As a result, even minor latency might dramatically degrade your game experience. Discord provides the highest quality for gamers, which is why users appreciate it so much.

If modifying your location doesn’t work and you’re still having audio problems, consider the following. You may do a Mic Test in your server configuration, in addition to rebooting Discord and verifying your hardware connectivity. You can help determine your issue by selecting the ‘Voice & Video’ button on the left column of Discord’s configurations.

When running Windows 7, several individuals have discovered that switching to compatibility mode is beneficial. Many users have reported that their audio has a latency as a result of recent upgrades, and it appears that these flaws are generally fixed with fresh updates.


Is my Discord location visible?

Answer- Discord does not reveal your geolocation to others. Several people have claimed that another user knows their exact position, therefore it’s worth noting that although Discord doesn’t reveal your whereabouts, there are a few means to find out.

Is it possible to verify Discord logins?

Answer- No, this functionality has not yet been enabled to Discord, where you may examine your account’s Login History to authenticate any previous logins.


Receiving a message that a new login location detected Discord might be disturbing, prompting you to wonder if someone else has signed into your account. However, it is only a Discord security feature that ensures the protection of your account. Hopefully, this post will assist you in tackling the matter.

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