Discord Desktop Mode- Need to Know Everything

Discord is a freemium software that blends the voice chat features of Skype and TeamSpeak with the text chat features of IRC and instant communication services. Downloading the Discord software is free, as does creating a Discord account, and anybody may start a Discord server for free. A desktop application, a smartphone app, or an internet browser may all be used to access it. The topic of Discord Desktop Mode will be discussed in this post.

Use of Discord

Discord was developed as a potential substitute to voice chat systems such as TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo for online players. Voice over IP (VoIP) interaction between gameplay groups, leagues, and other teams is made easier using these services. Gamers utilize these programs to play collectively instead of utilizing the voice connection facilities integrated into video games, which are typically of poor quality and lack functionality.

The disadvantage is that most VoIP services need the use of a server, which is typically not free. When a standard gaming server is leased, several hosting firms include a complimentary VoIP server. Operating a TeamSpeak, Mumble, or Ventrilo server, on the other hand, generally comes with a fee. Discord provides a nearly equivalent service for free.

Discord Desktop Mode vs. Web Version

Discord is an online application that works for many browsers. There’s also a desktop version for Windows, mac, Linux, iOS, & Android. Discord’s desktop and browser versions are nearly similar in terms of functionality and appearance.

Discord’s web and desktop models vary in a few ways. Push-to-talk is always activated on the desktop version. Push-to-talk only operates on the web service while the browser pane is focused, thus it’s not accessible when gaming. You may inform your buddies which game you’re running on the desktop mode. The online version has the main advantage of not requiring an installation. It may be viewed from any PC without the requirement of any downloads or installations.

The desktop application is worth downloading if you use Discord frequently. Still, the web service is fantastic since it reduces access barriers, such as when you’re playing a videogame with your buddies and would like to welcome an external gamer into voice communication. They must install the program, make an account, and input their server credentials using a platform like TeamSpeak or Mumble. They just hit your Discord invite URL, input a momentary login if they don’t already have one, and they will be good to go.

Discord Mobile Application

Discord is accessible as an iOS and Android application in conjunction with the PC and online applications. The Discord phone application resembles the desktop program in appearance, although it has been tweaked to operate on smaller displays. Swipe right whenever you are on a server to view several text and voice channels, and slide left to view a rundown of the server’s participants.

On-the-go voice communication on the mobile Discord application functions similarly to the desktop version. When you’re gaming on a console that doesn’t endorse Discord, you may utilize it to chat with your buddies or fellow players. You can control the intensity of other users, mute individuals, so you do not have to listen to what they’re saying, and silence yourself if you don’t want your pals to overhear what’s happening in your residence.

Opening Discord Desktop Mode on Mobile

To access Discord’s desktop mode on your smartphone, please execute the instructions below. The mobile version is seen in the image below. To launch or access the desktop mode of the Discord website, you simply need to make a few adjustments.

Opening Discord Desktop Mode on Mobile

Secondly, in the top right part of your display, press the three-point or dot. After pressing the three dots, you should observe something like the picture below. If “Request desktop site” isn’t visible, slide up to get it to appear.

Request desktop site

Then touch or pick “Request desktop site” from the menu.

Request desktop

The desktop mode of the webpage will appear immediately once you touch “Request desktop site.” You can notice the distinction between the picture below and the first one.

Discord Desktop Mode on Mobile

Requesting Desktop mode on iPhone

The procedures for viewing the desktop mode of the Discord webpage in Safari on an iPhone are provided below.   

  • Go to the Discord webpage using the Safari browser.
  • After the Discord webpage has loaded, click the “aA” symbol at the upper right corner, just before the URL bar. It brings up the website’s viewing option.
  • Select the “Request Desktop Website” choice from the lineup of alternatives.

How to Turn On Desktop Mode on iPhone


Is it preferable to use Discord in a web browser?

Answer- The desktop applications are worth downloading if you utilize Discord frequently; however, the web service is fantastic since it eliminates access barriers; for instance, when you are enjoying a videogame with your mates and wish to welcome a stranger into voice communication.

Can you use Discord without downloading it?

Answer- Discord is cross-platform and can be accessed from anywhere. It may be downloaded and installed for free across Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. It may also be used directly on an internet page without having to install it.


Individuals all across the globe use Discord as one of the most adaptable and widely used networking programs. As a result, it’s critical to understand Discord and its functionality in all of its versions. This article delves into Discord Desktop Mode and how to access it on your mobile device.

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