Discord Profile Customization- (User & Server name and Avatar)

Discord is among the greatest platforms for communicating with acquaintances and finding others who share your interests. It enables you to represent yourself by customizing your profile, such as adding an image and a description. Although some of those functions are only available to Nitro members, anybody with a standard account may now enjoy their benefits. This post will go through Discord Profile Customization to assist you in customizing your account in whatever manner you desire.

Discord Username and Server Name Customization

You’ll be asked to generate a username when you first sign up for Discord. After registering, you can modify your username at any moment. To edit your username, go over to the Settings menu by clicking the settings symbol next to your username and user image.


After that, head to User Settings, next to My Account, and from there to Edit. You will be requested to develop a new username.


You may also change your pseudonym on any server you’re a member of. Proceed to any of your servers and hit the down arrow beside the server name in the upper left corner. To customize your screen name, go to “Change Nickname.”For just that specific server, this name is how other users will view you.

Customize Profile Colour on Discord

The profile color functionality is now in beta and exclusively available to a handful of individuals, but it will ultimately be made accessible to everyone. It’s completely free to select a profile color, which will show as a strip atop your picture on your account. It’ll only work on the Discord desktop application, but it’ll show up on other platforms.


Launch Discord on your PC and hit the cog symbol in the lower left to change your profile color. After that, select Edit profile. A preset color is chosen underneath Profile Color. Your avatar’s colors decide this programmatically. Select Custom to make changes. To modify the color, utilize the color picker. Alternately, you may type in a hex code. Last but not least, select Save Changes.

Customize Avatar on Discord

Proceed over to “User Profile” and select the circle with your current profile image to change your Discord avatar. After that, you’ll be requested to choose a file from your computer. Then, you’ll trim it with a preview to check how it appears within the frame. Animated GIFs could be used as avatars rather than static pictures for Discord Nitro subscribers.

Customize Avatar on Discord

You may connect your Discord account to other profiles you possess on sites and apps. On your profile, each application will provide you with unique connections. If you connect your Steam, Xbox, or Battle.net accounts, for instance, you may demonstrate which game you’re playing anytime someone checks your profile out. 

Users could also connect their accounts on broadcasting sites such as Twitch and YouTube so that others know whenever they’re live-streaming on Twitch or even on their Spotify profile to display which song they are presently listening to.

Integrate other Social Links on Discord

Navigate to User Settings and choose Connections to establish integrations. Then select the application you wish to link by clicking its logo. After that, you may personalize each integration.

Create a Discord Profile Banner

The profile color is replaced with a picture in profile banners. Subscribers of Discord Nitro have access to this functionality. Instead of Nitro Classic, the full Nitro is used. A minimum of 600 x 240 pixels is suggested for your profile banner. It must be in the following formats: PNG, JPG, or GIF. The profile banner, much like profile color, can solely be customized on the desktop application of Discord, although it will appear on all gadgets.


Launch Discord on your computer and select the User Settings button in the bottom left to customize your profile banner. After that, select Edit profile. Select Unlock with Nitro below the Profile Banner to sign up. Note that it is a reoccurring subscription fee that you must discontinue manually. Afterward, select a picture from your computer by clicking Change Banner. To accommodate the banner measurements, reposition and adjust the image. Choose Save Changes after clicking Apply. You will get a banner posted to your profile after this is completed.

Discord Interface Customization

Discord’s user interface may be customized in a few ways. For checking them, proceed to App Settings and select Appearance.

Discord Interface Customization

You may choose among two themes here: dark and light. You may also modify the appearance of texts. Compact brings all the text packed together and conceals the images, whereas cozy spread out the words.

You could additionally change the font size scalability and the length of the gaps between texts, as well as other accessibility features. Any modifications you apply to the UI will be updated to any applications in which you’re signed in, whether they’re on a smartphone, a desktop computer, or a web browser.


What hex color is Discord?

Answer- For the majority of its branding materials, Discord utilizes the hues blurple, completely white, greyple, dark yet not black, and not exactly black. Their blurple’s hex number is now #5865F2. That identical blurple has 88 red, 101 green, and 242 blue in the RGB color model, or 88, 101, 242.

Can the Discord banner be a GIF?

Answer- On a smartphone, the resolution drops dramatically, and much of the banner fades into the discord backdrop. Many users prefer to include words and logos in their banners; however, the quality is poor, making it difficult to understand. It’s worth noting that it’s only accessible to full Nitro subscribers.

Discord is Adding Profile Customisations


Discord is one of the many platforms available for communicating with others, sharing amazing entertaining content, and customizing your profile. This post has addressed all of the alternatives for your Discord Profile Customization. By applying the means listed above, you may exhibit your creativity and customize your profile to your preference.

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