Discord Voice Not Working – Everyone Needs To Know

In Discord, there’s a microphone malfunction where the user can listen to the other server members, but they don’t pick up on their microphone sounds. The problem appears to be related to the Windows desktop of Discord since several users have claimed that their microphones operate properly while accessing the web service.

The Discord development team is generally quick to address reported problems, but this one appears to have escaped them for months. However, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution that will let your Discord app miraculously pick up your mic properly. You may need to try a few different alternatives before discovering one that appears to work for you since the issue arises to emanate from a variety of sources. This article will lead you through all of the options for resolving the issue of Discord Voice not working.

Discord Voice Not Working Solutions

Discord Voice Not Working may be frustrating since it disrupts efficient communication. Carefully go over all of the possibilities until you identify one that best suits you. However, before proceeding with the fixes, consider restarting your computer and Discord. Additionally, try disabling Discord overlay; you may want to leave it off for the remainder of the troubleshooting procedure.

Method-1: Sign Out of Discord

Logging out and back in generally works if you need a quick workaround to let your friends listen to you. Remember that this is a momentary measure. If you want a long-term remedy, stick to the procedures listed below.

Method-2: Run Discord App as an Administrator

As Discord utilizes UDP to deliver data to your peers, your Discord software may not have the necessary permissions to broadcast your speech across the internet. To be sure this isn’t the case, try launching Discord as administrator. Discord’s customer service recommends this option as one of the first.

Method-3: Configuring Automatic Input Sensitivity

Whenever a user disables Automatic Input Sensitivity in Discord’s settings, it usually stops your microphone from functioning optimally. If you’ve ever fiddled with your voice settings, you’ve probably unchecked the checkbox beside Automatically determine input sensitivity.

The manual sensitivity bar attempts to move the slider to the left when that feature is turned off. As a result, sounds from your mic will not be picked up by your Discord app. Although automated input sensitivity is notorious for being problematic, switching to manual could be worth a go if you’re on automatic and the signal bar isn’t lighting up when you speak. Here’s a brief rundown of everything you’ll need to know:

  • In the Discord app, head to User settings.
User settings
  • After that, go to App Settings and select Voice & Video.
  • Go to Input Sensitivity and switch on the toggle next to Automatically determine input sensitivity if it’s not already enabled. Check whether the bar underneath turns bright green when speaking through your headphones. If it illuminates green when you talk, move on to the next stage.
  • Finally, turn off the toggle and place the manual slider somewhere in the center. You’re ready to proceed if the manual bar glows brightly when you speak.

Method-4: Beneath Input Device, choose your headset microphone

If a voice reset doesn’t work, check whether Discord is using the correct microphone, to begin with. Discord has a propensity of making odd decisions, such as leaving the Input Device at Default. This issue is most familiar with gaming laptops or PCs with an integrated microphone.

If you do not select which microphone Discord should utilize, the app will most likely pick the internal one even if your headset is attached. Frequently, the built-in mic lacks the necessary drivers to work with a VoIP system like Discord. Here’s how to check that Discord is using the right mic:

  • In the Discord app, head to User settings.
  • After that, go to App Settings and select Voice & Video.
  • Pick the mic from your headset from the menu under Input Device.
  • Lastly, ensure your headphone mic Input Volume slider is all the way up.

Method-5: Disabling Windows’ Exclusive Mode

Certain Windows applications are configured to have full access over audio device drivers. Enabling them to do so might lead to issues with Discord. With certain headphones, the mic in Discord will entirely shut down if specified Exclusive Mode settings are activated. Here’s a short guide to turning them off:

  • To begin, go to Windows Settings and choose System. Then select Sound from the left-hand menu. It will bring up the sound settings.
  • On the right side, you’ll view the Sound Control Panel. Go to Recording by clicking on it. Choose your headset’s mic and select Properties.
  • Deselect the boxes below Exclusive Mode on the Advanced tab. Remember to press Apply to conclude the operation.
Exclusive Mode
  • Upon restarting your PC, verify if your mic is functioning in Discord.

Method-6: Modifying Voice Settings

The next solution appears to have the best success rate. If you’re only having trouble with the Discord desktop application, it will probably restore Discord’s usual operation. If the issue persists after you’ve switched your old headphone with a fresh set, try the instructions below. This is how to change your Discord voice configurations:

  • In the Discord app, head to User settings.
  • After that, go to App Settings and select Voice & Video.
  • Reset Voice Settings may be found at the bottom of the screen.
  • Finally hit Okay to confirm your decision and allow for Discord to resume. Reconnect your headphones to see whether the issue has been rectified.


Why is my voice not working on Discord?

Answer- If the ‘Automatic Input Sensitivity’ is deactivated in Discord, the mic may cease functioning. This prevents Discord from autonomously recognizing mic input, and it’s extremely easy to change. Method-3 discusses the approach to this issue.

How do I fix my Discord voice?

Answer- Discord Voice may be repaired in several methods, all of which are discussed in this article. The most effective method is to reset your Discord Desktop program’s voice settings. You will find a Reset Voice Settings option under Voice and Video settings tab. Click on it, confirm by pressing OK, and restart the app.

Why my mic is not working?

Answer- The volume of the microphone is too minimal or does not seem to operate. Check whether your mic or headphone is properly linked to your pc. You can verify if your microphone is working by going to sound settings and testing the sound. If a problem arises, you may troubleshoot it, and it should resolve your issue. If your mic isn’t working, it’s possible that it doesn’t operate at all. Try utilizing your headset or microphone with other devices in such a scenario.If the mic does not function with other devices, it may be time to replace it.

Discord Audio Settings


Voice not functioning on your phone or PC when using Discord is a very unpleasant problem since it hinders you from effectively speaking with your peers or members of your beloved Discord channel. The solutions outlined above should assist you in resolving any lingering difficulties with your Discord Voice Not Working.

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